When Alexa a normal girl living a normal life sees a video she falls over a boy bands spell. Not knowing why but thinks she's met one. Does she run into him again or not, find out!


2. He Remembers?

--------ONE MONTH LATER--------

Alexa's P.O.V

Me and steph have been texting Louis and Niall more often. I will never forget that day we met. But as each day passes the text us less and less. I really hope they don't forget. Cause that day was the best day of my life, being able to meet them and get new friends.

Today I tried calling Louis and then he said something crazy! (L: Louis A: Alexa)

L: Umm, is this some fan that got my number? Cause if it isn't I don't have a contact for you.

A: uhh Louis don't you remember? Me, Alexa!? We met at KFC?

L: You didn't answer my question, and no I don't remember.

A: Oh well I am a fan but we met at KFC... Soo I guess I'm gonna have to go…bye.

And with that the call ended. I can't believe he doesn't remember. But these meet and greet passes can't go to waste. I have to tell steph what happened!

Stephanie's P.O.V

I got a call from Alexa. She never calls unless it's something important, she usually texts. I picked up the call.

A: You will never believe what Louis did when I called him!

S: No what?!?!

A: he thought I was a fan cause I wasn't one of his contacts and I told him the story and he still didn't remember!

S: Wow! How could he! Maybe he just got a new phone?

A: Maybe but I don't know. I'll ask him.

S: Bye!


Hopefully Niall didn't forget about what we had!

Tomorrow we have a signing to go to and maybe the way she looked will refresh his mind.


Louis P.O.V

I'm still a bit confused about that girl that called me yesterday. Some one hacked into my phone and deleted all my contacts. She tried to bring up a girl that I met at KFC. How am I supposed to believe her, that story went viral and every girl says that they are Alexa. I don't know who to believe any more!

Any way, today I have a signing and it's around were Alexa lives so I hope she comes! We were getting it set up and there were girls waiting outside singing wmyb. I love it when they sing our songs! There was three minutes left until the doors open. Me and the lads sat down and we started chatting. About some thing. Then Niall whispered to me," You think steph and Alexa came?" I replied," I don't know but I hope so!" Then the doors open and girls were getting there passes scanned.

Alexa's P.O.V

Me and steph were running late. I was curling my hair while steph was straightening hers. We applied a little bit of make up,and headed out. We were stuck in traffic, I mean that would be usual but today was major! We were 15 minutes late when we walked in.

There was about 30 girls left. I let steph step in front of me so she got to see them first. After about ten minutes we were in the front. As soon as I saw Louis he smiled and asked," Alexa? Is that you?" I nodded rapidly.he reached over the table and hugged me. He pulled away and I told him," I thought you forgot? Yesterday I called you and you said you didn't remember me!" He thought for a minute then said," that was actually you? I thought it was just a fan that got your number and was pretending to be you, cause trust me! That has happened a lot this year!"

Once we finished they were closing up and we were about to walk out the doors I heard Niall yell,"WAIT!" We turned around and Niall cleared his throat," what I meant to sayid would you guys like to stay?" We nodded at the same time and ran back over there.

I jumped on Louis back and he brought us to the back. We sat down on some chairs. Louis sat next to me and asked," Hey Alexa I have a question for you, it might seem a little crazy and you can say no if you want, so here it goes. Will you go on a date with me?" I hesitated, I can't date a superstar they are players! Wait he just asked if I wanted do go on a date not if I would date him! I responded," Of coarse I would!" I smiled at him. He smiled at me. Then slowly leaned in. I'm not gonna reject him so why not?! Then his lips met mine. Fireworks were going of inside of me! I kissed him back. Can I just say that this is the best day ever!

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