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I will be posting reviews of books. Let me warn you they may contain spoilers. I just post opinion and I hope no one gets offended by it. Feel free to discuss the same-just comment below.


2. Xenoland by Hardik Desai


My thoughts on Xenoland by Hardik Desai

The ancient world of Xenoland is under threat of annihilation as an age old prophecy almost forgotten or otherwise misinterpreted has come true. The fate of Xenoland and its inhabitants hangs in the balance as the war of pride and power slowly engulfs the entire world. Now only those at the helm of affairs can steer the world away from extinction by making the right choices. Or can they? Read about the saviors and the satans of Xenoland as they embark on a journey of pride and honor, right and wrong, love and hatred, war and peace, and finally-existence or extinction!

First of all, I would like to thank both-Goodreads and the author for the free copy of the book.

I’m going to be brutally honest in this review:

*Warning: Spoiler zone*

I’m actually new to the whole mystical Adventure genre but I was really fascinated by the plot. A planet many light years away from earth brought to war with itself as the cursed one emerges to fulfil the forgotten prophecy of destruction. It’s cool because the protagonist is actually the antagonist.


The characterisation is impeccable. Although I got confused in the beginning keeping track of all of them, each one of them is different having their own distinct traits, follies and features i.e. no character is like the other.  The Dark Monarch is malicious and cold nevertheless strong and DÖI is his perfect counterpart in terms of brain and brawn. Sarvin, Mongor, Celina, Sofia, Narina, Nirina, Adam, Advin, the dragons-Esotho and Diagor and all the other characters play their parts truthfully till the end. Even Raaman the Fool is shrewd and critical but to admit it my favourites were- Ceoektol and Wes Wigdur.

The writing is a bit disappointing. It’s simple, easy to understand but slackens at times. It could have been crispier and more refined. But the conflict scenes are intense and riveting.

Despite the scattered writing, it’s a powerful novel with each character holding their fort till the end. It sets the appropriate mood and urges you to become a part of the war- as a spectator or at least take sides with them.

The ending was sort of given away in the beginning but twists, turns, betrayals and friendships kept me on tenterhooks. The addition of magical creatures such as manticores, dragons, elves and treehoppers in the battle added an innovative touch to the story.

To sum it up-it’s a great read for those who like adventure novels.


¾ stars

It kicks off from the birth of the Dark Monarch heading towards annihilation. It unfolds slowly but nicely.


3.5/4 stars

Each character is vital. The decision they make, the way they carry themselves –all define the story.


2/4 stars

As I said before, the writing is callow and unformed when it could have been sophisticated. Also, there were too many exclamatory marks which were unnecessary. It works when one is narrating it aloud but while reading it becomes superfluous and implausible.


Not a bad job. New talent needs to be encouraged and I say everyone take a break from your busy lives and give it a go.

I really look forward to reading more of Hardik Desai’s works and reviewing them if likely.

So, um, when’s the next novel coming up?

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