Feel the Rage in the Mode

Abby Grayson,mostly known as Rage,just joined the Justice League,but on her first meeting,she meets some annoying guy:Bart Allen. Why was he on his way


1. They Meet,She Almost Kills Him

Ok,so since I labeled this story "love",you'd think that the guy or the girl automatically develops a crush on the other person. WRONG! Then you'd think that this was one where they're already dating. Wrong again! It's hard to describe...I guess I'll just have to tell you the story.

Abby skipped along as she held her basket. It was for her new friend:Red. Technically,Red was Little Red Riding Hood,except for the fact that she kept bombs in her basket and that she was a superhero. The short redhead thought that she herself felt like red riding hood except for the fact that she hadn't run into the big bad wolf. She,like always,got lost in thought...until.....

"Hi!,"someone jumped out of the bushes. "Eek!,"Abby screamed,launching a fireball at the thing. They dodged it,but barely. "Oh *beep*!,"Abby cried,running to the figure. It was a boy in a red and white suit and yellow tinted goggles that pushed his brown hair up. On the sides of his head were metal yellow circles with lightning bolts.

"Did I hurt him?,"the worried girl asked herself. She tried to shake him, even did CPR on him (no mouth-to-mouth)! Nothing worked. She cried,leaning on his chest..but there was a thumping motion. It was his heart. This time,Abby slapped him,which made him wide awake. "Hey!,"he shot himself up. "Watcha do that for?!" Abby glared at him. "You wouldn't get up! I thought you were dead!,"she explained briefly,and complaining. The boy seemed to notice that her eyes were red and hugged her. "Sorry,"he apologized. Abby nodded. The hug felt nice to her,though she still felt mad. She then thanked him for his kindness and went off.

She walked far off,out of the national park (Yes,this story started there. How did you NOT know?),and into the city at a bus stop. She walked into the gas station connected to the restaurant and asked the person who takes orders where the bus was. Apparently,the bus stopped once a day and it just left.

The poor girl sat on the bench,helpless. She felt like crying,but she remembered that she'd only cry once a day because crying showed weakness. She laid down on the bench and mumbled all her thoughts to herself. While she was mumbling about her parents not picking her up, she felt a breeze behind her. She turned quickly to see if it was an enemy,but it was the boy she almost killed. "Don blast me!,"he backed up. "I just wanna say hi!" Abby sighed. "It's just you..,"she said. Then, she jolted up. "Who are you anyways? And how did you get here so fast?,"she asked. He laughed, then ran somewhere and name back with a bouquet of roses. "Just call me your Superman,"he winked. Abby blushed. Roses were always her favorite...but she can't accept an offering from some guy. One,she just met him. Two,she was kind of like a DC Hunter ((based off Percy Jackson book 3)). She turned around and closed her eyes. "No thanks,"she simply said. As one of her many powers, Abby read his emotions,thinking reading his mind might be trespassing too much. It was a little sad,but hopeful. She turned around and saw him smiling.

"So what do you want from me?," Abby glared at him. It was crystal clear that he wasn't gonna leave her alone until he got what he wanted. "You do know I know you're lost,right?,"he smirked. She nodded. "But that doesn't mean you know where to take me,"Abby replied,flipping her hair. She felt a hand touch her shoulder and it was the guy. "Your parents are friends with my cousin,"he smiled. "Id probably at least know what the Watchtower was." Abby blinked,then shook her head. "Who are you,really?,"she asked him. "Bart Allen,"he smiled. "But most peeps call me by my crasher name:Impulse."

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