Feel the Rage in the Mode

Abby Grayson,mostly known as Rage,just joined the Justice League,but on her first meeting,she meets some annoying guy:Bart Allen. Why was he on his way


2. Sleep Watching

"Impulse,"Abby repeated. He nodded quickly. "I know! It's crash,right? One word,really crash and intense...like your name!,"he ranted. She only paid attention when he mentioned the last part. "You know what hero I am?,"Abby asked,turning to him. He nodded. "You're Rage:daughter of Nightwing and Burn,which are really crash parents. Ah,yes. VERY crash! Your mum has superpowers and you dad has pure talent! Although,I heard stories of your mum being annoying...,"his voice trailed off as Abby's hand turned red. "Sorry...,"he rubbed the back of his neck. Abby mumbled,"It's fine."

"Time to take youuuu home!,"the speedster said cheerfully. The lost girl brightened up. "Y-you can take me home?,"she asked excitedly. He nodded. "At least...,"he said. "I can take you to the Watchtower." Abby grabbed his hands and pleaded with him. "Please take me! I wanna see my parents!,"her eyes shined as she stared into his soul. "I'll take you..but I've gotta carry you,"he explained. Abby gulped,and hopped on.

The ride was only ten minutes,but it was both the best and the worst experiences she ever experienced. It was the best because riding on someone riding so fast was just...thrilling. Why was it the worst? Bart's continuous ranting gave her a headache.

"You know,your name kinda like mine:crashed and catchy! And your parents are like me! Your mum is that kind of cheerful type and your Dad's smart and handsome! I know, I got the good looks mostly from Gramps,"and he kept ranting and ranting andranting. Abby couldn't take it anymore. "PLEASE be quiet for two seconds!,"Abby pleaded. "PLEASE!" Bart nodded,waited for two seconds and talked once again. "See?,"he asked. "Just did it!" Abbysighed as she gave up and let him rant.

The thrill was over and she began to grow a bit tired,so she closed her eyes,but kept her grip on Bart's head. In reality,there were only five minutes left of the ride,but nonetheless,she felt like it wads nice,long trip to have a nice ,long nap. She went to sleep but didn't dream; her dreams were what really happened. She saw everything when she was asleep,and it was clearer because the moon was up. She saw Bart stop,then try to talk to her. He realized she was asleep, so he just picked her up bridal style and ran inside the Hall of Justice. In her sleep,it was so comfortable,she didn't want to wake up.

Once he got inside,he saw the Wests((Becca West is married to Wally)) and the Grayson's ((Mira is married to Dick )). Abby really wanted to get up,but comfort got the best of her again. "Thanks,"she saw Nightwing whisper to Bart. "No prob,"Bart smiled. "She's adorable when she's asleep anyways." Nightwing smirked at him,then carried Abby to her room. Abby smiled and thought of how much she loved/hated ((hoved)) the ride when she heard a voice in her mind. 'So how was the ride?,'her mom's voice asked her,telepathically. 'It was good,mum,'Abby replied. 'Except for his ranting.' Mira's voice chuckled and Abby read her emotions. She was hiding something. 'Mum,'Abby said. 'I know you're hiding something.' 'Awww,'she replied. 'You were always the better emotion reader..BYE!' Abby wanted to mentally about 'WAIT!' But she knew her mother had broken the link between their minds. So Abby just drifted off to sleep.

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