Feel the Rage in the Mode

Abby Grayson,mostly known as Rage,just joined the Justice League,but on her first meeting,she meets some annoying guy:Bart Allen. Why was he on his way


5. Preparation


While Abby continued walking throughout the deadly halls..nah.

She was just walking when she passed by a sneaky Bart. "Bart?,"she asked,partially clueless. "What are you doing here?"

"Just thinking about you and Becca--,"he stopped and quickly turned to Abby. "Oh hey hey hey Abby! What's going?"

"You heard me?,"Abby asked him,partially glaring and partially begging.

"Maybe..,"he popped the "b".

"And did you hear the last part?,"she asked cautiously.

"Maybe...,"he said more nervously.

Abby giggled. It was obvious he heard what she had said. "Well what do you think?,"she asked.

"I,"Bart said. "I think the same."

Abby blushed as Nightwing and Burn came in with their costumes on. Nightwing was glaring and Mira was giggling happily.

"You guys didn't just--,"Bart began,but Nightwing held up his hand.

"Save it,"he said. "Mira and I heard EVERYTHING.

Awkward silence,just like every chapter in this story.

"Oooh,"Abby backed him up. "You heard the part where we were hiding all the broken plates and cupcakes. We're busted!"

"Yes,you are,"Nightwing said. "But we also heard the other part.."

"Dick,"Mira stopped him. "They HAVE to keep a long relationship! don't worry about it!"

"Besides,"Canary said. "It's not even official"

"What's official?,"Bart and Abby began to act clueless.

"You two,"Noghtwing scoffed. "Anyways,we're going to send you two and Red plus Tim on a mission. She's on her way right now and you'd better be ready.

"Sure,Dad,"Abby grumbled,walking to her room and changing.

After she changed,Impulse knocked. "Come in!,"she yelled,fixing a sleeve,

"Good,"Impulse said,opening the door. "You're not changing still"

Abby,now Rage, rolled her eyes playfully. "Is Red here yet?,"she asked.

"Yup,"he piped. "We're going to a hideout for the Injustice League. Were gonna stop them once and for all."

"Sweet!,"Rage piped. "Which squad?"

"Gamma,"he muttered.

Rage looked hurt. "Gamma? Isn't that...the lowest ranking?"

"Hey,"Impulse smiled. "If you hear what L'gaan says about it,you'll love it!"

"Okay,"Rage smiled.

"Let's go,"his smile became cheesy as he held out his hand for her to take.

"Al-Alright,"she stuttered,at first not sure,then confident,taking his soft hand.


"ABBY!,"Red ran to her and hugged her. "I haven't seen you in so long!"

"Oh gosh,"Rage hugged back,smelling her strawberry hair. "I miss you too,Red!"

Red pulled away,looking at her friend. "You..,"she held up her hands camera-style,aiming it at Rage,"Look different"

Rage rolled her eyes playfully. "It's the costume,silly!,"she giggles.

"Oh,"Red says,laughing. Then,she looks at Impulse.

"Bart's here?,"she stops,pointing at the brunette. Rage nods slowly. "Uhm..,"Red says cautiously. "I know this is a little intrusive...but aren't you two.."

"NO!,"they both say quickly.

Red giggles. "I'll take that as a yes,"she winks.

Bart shakes his head. "Red,"he grumbles.

"Hey guys!,"someone comes in through the Zeta-Tubes. It's Tim,also known as Robin.

"Oh oh oh hey..Tim,"Red waves awkwardly. "Nice to see ya here."

He smiles even brighter. "Hi Rei,"he says. "And of course you do. You love my fabulous face!" The four laugh together as Nightwing comes in.

"You guys ready for the mission?,"he asks. They all nod as he gives directions for each of them.

"Robin,"he says. "You lead with Rage."

"Yes!,"the two brofist and laugh. From the corner of her blue eye,she sees Bart grumbling something.

"You guys stay alive,"Nightwing says,walking to his daughter and kissing her cheek. "Especially you,sugar."

"Alright,Daddy,"she laughs and then just smiles.

"C'mon Abby,"Impulse takes her hand and she refuses to refuse (A/N:gotcha there,didn't i ;)). She didn't notice Impulse sticking his tongue at Robin as he rolls his eyes,smiling.

"If you need,"Bart whispers to her. "Call Prince Bossome for help."

"Bart,"she laughs lightly. "You're the one who'd be calling ANYONE."

They laugh and walk into the Zeta Tubes together,not knowing if they'd even survive

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