Feel the Rage in the Mode

Abby Grayson,mostly known as Rage,just joined the Justice League,but on her first meeting,she meets some annoying guy:Bart Allen. Why was he on his way


6. Out of Safety

Ch.6:Out of Safety

Now they were in a dark isle,which they knew very well. In fact,they ALWAYS came into the Watchtower using this route! 'Weird..,'Rage thought as they began walking to their destination. 'We always pass by here,yet never know the Injustice League is here'

Rage held onto Impulse's hand tighter. What if they knew where the Zeta-Tubes were? What if they found out where Abby lived and they did something wrong to her home?

Impulse chuckled and rubbed her hand. "It's okay,"he said as if reading her thoughts. "They won't find us. And besides,I'll be here."

Abby smiled. "Thanks,"she said. He smiled back at her and wrapped his arm around her,bringing Abby closer as they walked.

When they got there,they found L'gaan and Blue Beetle. Impulse and Blue did their handshake that had a brofist,but was too complicated for Abby,as L'gaan talked to Tim about their mission with the aliens a while ago. The four laughed about it as Abby began to talk to Rei (Red).

"They seem to really love hanging out,"Abby said,nodding towards the groups.

Rei chuckled. "They say that's how it was back then,"she explained. "When the group was first founded."

"You mean,"Abby's eyes widened. "As in with M'gann,Artemis,Becca,Dad,Mom,Auntie Wally,and Uncle Zatanna?!"

Rei's soft chuckle changed into a huger laugh. "If that's what you call them,"she said. "But yeah,they had their friends and best friends...wait...they WERE best friends."

"Some were more than best friends than others,"Abby mumbled,smirking.

"I know right?,'Rei said. "Just like us!"

"Don't you like Tim?,"Abby asked.

"Shaddup!,"Rei hit Abby's arm. "Don't be so loud!"

"What's up?,"Tim came in,obviously hiding a smirk.

"Oh nothing,"Abby said. "Just remembering the stories that the original members told us."

"M'gann tells me ALL the time!,"L'gaan said.

"'Cause she's your girlfriend,"Blue pointed out,making the five laugh.

"Well,c'mon!,"Bart gestured to the front door. "Here's our entrance to our first mission and our death!"


It was right. They were in the Injustice League Hideout.

As they walked,Abby saw pictures of every hero she knew..Superman,Batman ,Green Lantern...But there were darts thrown on them,some with bullet holes. She heard a maniac laugh as she looked over the ledge to see the Joker.

"I can't WAIT till we see their jolly ol' faces,"he said,laughing as if he was on drugs...which he probably was. "They're going to be SOO scared when we finally go to their house!"

"'Specially that family that lives there,"a woman's voice said. Harley. "It's Nightwing,Burn,and that little daughter of theirs."

"I just went to their place yesterday,"Poison Ivy entered. "And found out little Abby got a new boyfriend."

"Oh no,"Joker wiped a fake tear. "Daddy's little girl is growing up."

"But think about it,"Black Atom said. "If we keep the girl as hostage,the speedster might just come in. I hear he's from the future,which could be VERY valuable to us. After all,he seems to have much affection for her."

The creeps began planning their own plan as the good guys crouched down,Abby shaking.

"They..,"she stammered. "They want to take us away."

"Relax,Abby,"Tim began to comfort her quietly. "They're NOT going to get us."

"But what if they do?,"Abby questioned him,tearing up. "What if they really kidnap me? What if the team and the league captures us? What if they drain information out of me and find the Batcave and everything else having to do with Batman. What if they find you? What if they end up getting.." She couldn't continue any longer. It was Bart she was worried about the most. She loved him and she wouldn't risk keeping him in danger. But all she could do was have a total meltdown.

"Hey,"Blue Beetle,her non-partnered-or-girl-and-not-speedster best friend,said. "We're going to protect you. The team kicked their big fat butts all those years ago so if your mom AND dad could do it,you can do it better,mija."

Abby couldn't help but smile,"Thanks,Jaime." He nodded as they worked out the plan.

"So did you guys get all that?,"Tim asked. They nodded.

"You too Bart?,"Abby glared as he smiled.

"Yes,sir,"he laughed.

"Oh yeah?,"Abbyasked. "Then what is it?"

"We sneak around them,rip all their blueprints while we come in and foil their plans,"Bart explained shortly. "The end."

"Good,"she smiled as they ran out of safety and into battle.

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