Feel the Rage in the Mode

Abby Grayson,mostly known as Rage,just joined the Justice League,but on her first meeting,she meets some annoying guy:Bart Allen. Why was he on his way


4. Maybe Mine

Ch.4:Maybe Mine

Abby was now waking up and about to get up,but she felt something on her shoulder. It was light..only a little heavy,but in a comfortable way. She slowly slid her hand to the top of it to reveal to her hands hair. She quickly opened her eyes and turned her head to the object. It was a head:Bart's head. He had ended sleeping on her? Wow,so much for a Prince. She slid her head down to his shoulder,sat on his lap,and relaxed more. He smiled more in his sleep,moaning out of happiness.

Then the door opened.

"We're hoo-,"Burn began to singsong just as someone shut her up. Probably her husband,Nightwing.

"They're asleep!,"he whispered.

"Oh oh oh,"Abby's mother said. "Oki!"

"I thinks this is my new OTP,"Canary smirked,taking a picture.

"Me too!,"Mira smiled,grabbing Becca's phone and texting the photo to her number.

"I'm not shipping it,"Dick said,glaring.

"Cause you're a daddy,"Mira smiled,making a smooching sound...probably her kissing his cheek. "Daddy's are s'posed to be protective"

"What's up?,"Wally ran in.

"Daddy's losing his little girl,"Becca smirked.

This conversation continued on and Abby lost interest,despite the hilarious-ness level in it. She snuggled with Bart even more and pretended to fall asleep as the adults left the room.

"Abby?,"Bart whispered,not knowing whether she was awake or not.

"Yeah,Prince Bossome?,"Abby asked,opening an eye.

"Oh,cool,"he smiled. "You're awake."

"Thanks,"Abby got up and stretched,then yawned. "Time is it?"

"6:35,"he said,also getting up.

"Oh,"Abby said. "Wait what?!"

"I know,right?,"he asked. "We were asleep for THAT long?"

"It's your head,"Abby stated.


"It's so soft,it works as a nice pillow"

Bart laughed,then asked,"Did ya hear their conversation?"

"'Course,"Abby said,giggling.

"Did you hear the part where Becca and your mom took pictures of us?,"he smirked. "They act like we're officially a thing."

"It's not like we are,"Abby stated quickly. "Those two are just crazy!"

"But,"his expression turned into the one of a curious little puppy. "Would YOU consider us a thing?"

"I..,"Abby blushed. "Don't know."

"Me neither,"he shrugged,moving closer to Abby,leaning to her ear. "Because I don't know what you think."

"Neither do I,"Abby said,just looking straight.

"Then,"he trailed his mouth near her jaw. "Why won't you read my mind?"

"That,"Abby smiled. "Is what I was just about to do." She began to move her lips near his,her fingers in a telepathic position on his head as she wrapped her arms...

"Hey guys!,"Becca said,coming in smiling. "How's it going?"

"I..,"Bart backs away,blushing. "Have to go." He then quickly walked to his room,bumping into the wall on the way.

Becca let's out a light chuckle,then sets down next to Abby. "I saw that little scene,"she smirked.

"Wha-,"Abby blinked. "How long were you even THERE?!"

"Long enough,"she said. "To see you two almost lip-locked."

Abby blushed." we were NOT about to kiss,"she said.

"Sure,"Becca said. "And I know what other naughty deeds you two boogers have commited,"she smirked,lifting up the cushion on the couch to reveal broken plates and cupcakes.

"How..?,"Abby's eyes widened more.

"This is EXACTLY what Walls and I did back in the day,"Becca smiled. "It was insane. He would just ask to make cupcakes,we eat,and he attacks me.

"Wow...,"Abby said.

"So,"Becca said. "How much do you like him from a scale of 1-10?"

"I don't,"Abby glared. "We're just friends."

"That almost kissed,"Becca pointed out. There was awkward silence while Becca raised her eyebrow,so Abby gave up.

"FINE!,"she said. "I don't like him. I love him! I don't really care about the fact I'm telling you this..I love Bart Allen!"

Becca put on a smug smile. "Thank you,Mrs. Allen,"she says,walking by and squeezing my shoulder. "Your father owes me some money."

As Abby lifted the cushion to look at one of the broken glasses,little did she know that Bart Allen was hidden behind the wall,whispering,"Maybe she's mine after all."

Confession time! I believe there aren't enough Bart Allen on the internet :3 other than the pics,of course ;) any confessions you guys have?

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