Feel the Rage in the Mode

Abby Grayson,mostly known as Rage,just joined the Justice League,but on her first meeting,she meets some annoying guy:Bart Allen. Why was he on his way


3. hanging Out (if you can even consider it..)

"Uhhhhh,"Abby woke up,rubbing her head. She wondered if everything she remembered was nothing but a dream. She turned around and saw Bart, coming thru her door. Literally...he didn't even open it. She screamed,pushing him ion the wall using telekinesis. "Ow!,"he whined,making Abby surprised. She'd never met someone that can withstand that kind of pain she just gave him.

"How did you get him my room?,"Abby asked coolly, as she got up,holding her hand up to keep him on the wall. "I vibrate molecules they solid objects,"he smiled cheerfully. Abby sighed,knowing all the speedsters she knew could do that. "Whatever,"she said,getting up and walking to the dining room.

"Where's mum and daddy?,"she asks Bart,preparing waffles. "Running errands,defeating bad guys,blah blah blah,"Bart replies. Abby blinked. Her parents got to kick butt without her? RIGHT after she joined the team?! She coughed,then got up for breakfast.

"Wanna have some waffles?,"Abby asked Impulse when she felt the familiar breeze that showed he was running. "OOOH WAFFLES!!!,"he smiled. Abby smiled a little,as well,but looked down so Bart wouldn't see. "They ready yet?,"he asked. Abby nodded,then began to set the table,only to find it was already set. She turned towards Bart,who was leaning in the countertop,arms crossed,with his usual smile. But this time,Abby found herself blushing.

"So what do you wanna do today? At least..while the adults are gone..,"Abby asked Bart. That last bit didn't sound right,but she just thought 'Whatever'. Bart looked up thoughtfully,then brightened up,then smirked. "Let's bake cupcakes a little later from now,"he said. Abby was highly confused. "Cupcakes?,"she repeated. "Cupcakes,"Bart confirmed. "But we're not gonna eat them." "Why?,"Abby asked. Bart smirked even more. "You'll see."

Later,while Abby was washing the dishes,Bart ran out,then came back in with flour,eggs,sugar....ingredients for cupcakes. "Don't we already have all that stuff?,"Abby asked him. "Yeah,"he replied. "But the adults are gonna find out what we're gonna do if we use THEIR supplies." She thought of what he had said. What on earth was this guy planning?!

Abby and Bart made the cupcakes together,and played some video games on the watchtower computer. Well, A video game. It was PewDieDuck (terribly sorry I had to bring in that reference XD). Fortunately,Abby always had a way to save Bart's butt on the game and they eventually won just as the cupcakes finished baking.

"So what are we gonna do with them,"Abby asked Bart as they applied icing to the miniature cake. He replied,"We eat first,then I'll surprise you." Abby giggled,slightly getting used to Bart,considering the time they played PewDieDuck,and got two plates for each of them. "Get about five more,"Bart ordered. "Sure,Prince Bossome (pronounced Boss-o-me),"Abby rolled her eyes,getting what he wanted. He laughed,liking his new nickname.

They ate the delicious cupcakes in silence...not really,considering Bart and his np usual rants. As I said,Abby was absolutely used to Prince Bossome,since he was the usual ranter. Maybe,she thought, it was a gene. Wally was that kind of person too.Then she felt something soft being thrown at her face. It was a cupcake. She immediately got a napkin,wiped her eyes,and saw Bart smirking at her.

They had an epic cupcake fight. And it wasn't just ANY cupcake fight. They threw plates and glasses at each other (A/N:DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Abby and a Bart have powers to protect themselves!) and broke a few flower bases. By the time they were out,the place was a mess.

"Now look at what you did!,"Abby said as soon as she noticed. "You messed everything up!"

"Princess Bossome,"Bart used what Abby herself had used. "I shall fix this." He ran around and in about five seconds,it was all clean.

"Where's all the stuff?,"Abby asked. "If they look in the trash,the adults would see.." Impulse out a finger to her lips and lifted the couch cushion. Abby smiled. "Well played,Allen. Well played."

And out of exhaustion,the two fell asleep.

So sorry I haven't updated in a long time..I hope you love it! <3 btw,the next chapter will have a little...action.

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