She made a mistake.
He made a mistake.
She hated Love.
He hated the world.
She was Invisible.
He would do anything to be it.


2. Roaming


I could walk around this tired, empty city, for the whole day, and yet, no one would notice my presence.

But though I'd do anything to leave this place...and this body...

I don’t regret what I did.

So, I continue Roaming, this sad place, in hope that one day, I'll wake up again, but in a different place...a better place.

I watched as a couple walked by me, holding hands, laughing, kissing...

I felt pure hatred run through my heart at them, why did they deserve to be happy?

I quickly stomped into a puddle, sending water flying at their legs.

"woah! what the hell was that?!" the boy said angirly looking around.

"Brody, its alright, it was probably just the wind" I saw the girl calm him, down and continue walking.

I scowled at the couple, as they walked past me, continuing on in their miserably happy lives.

I continued walking until I had reached a Starbucks, just on the end of the street, next to a book store

I come here everyday and just sit here, for hours, thinking.

I sat in the usual seat I sit in, that is almost empty all the time, partly because its in a lonely corner, and there’s barley any light illuminating your vision.

The familiar ringing of the bell of the shop rings through my ears,

I look up to see, the curly brown hair, of the boy who came here, everyday, at this exact time.

I rolled my eyes, when I saw the cashier perk up, at the fact that this boy, was actually pretty attractive.

Don't hold your breath honey, nothing lasts forever...

I fiddled with my fingers, feeling uncomfortable about something.

I felt confused, what was making me uncomfortable?

my head looked around the shop, until I had actually met the gaze, of the curly headed boy.

I felt confused, somehow whenever he cam in, he glanced at this table. Could he see me?

No, you dunce, your don't even exist, your a ghost!

but why does he look over here when he comes in?

was he looking at the table? Does this table have meaning to him or something? Was he going to sit here?

When his gaze shifted back to the lady trying to talk to him, I took this as a time, to get up to leave.

If he wanted this table, and sat at it, I was defiantly not going to stay here.

I stood up, and began to walk to the door, and somehow the boy looked back at me, yet again.

but this time, he wasn’t looking at the table, he was looking at me...

his eyes followed me to the door, when I stopped and turned around to look at him.

His eyes where now glued to the counter top of the waiting area, with a emotion on his face, that I have seen MANY times before...disappointment.

I shook my head, of the thought of someone actually being able to see me...I'm dead.

I walked out and continued to walk around...

but yet, that curly headed boy, never left my mind...



Quote of the Chapter - "Love The Person Who Saw You, When You Were Invisible"

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