She made a mistake.
He made a mistake.
She hated Love.
He hated the world.
She was Invisible.
He would do anything to be it.


3. He Sees Me.

This is Hell...

maybe that’s why He sent me here...

for punishment for what I did...

maybe THIS is Hell...

here I am yet again wasting my time, sitting around on a stupid park bench,

but does it really matter how much time I waste?

where else am I going to go?

I always loved this park though, it was truly a beautiful park,

the only park I've ever seen, that still remains so alive, in such a dead city...

"Mom, why can't I go to the movies tomorrow!"

I looked up, to catch a glimpse of the whiny voice of yet another teenager...

"Kara, I told you already, you have exams to study for, your boyfriend should also be studying for them, so NO"

I rolled my eyes, once I heard 'boyfriend',

the girl looked about 15 or 16...

might as well stay at home and study, cause there is no way, that relationship's going to last...

they never do...

I felt a pinch on my heart, when HE came to my mind.

oh no, not now, not again.

I felt my eyes begin to water and my heart clench inside me...

I thought I was over this already...

I unknowingly let a sob escape my lips, I shot my hand over my mouth to shut myself up.

I felt as if I had no control at all over my if my brain had gone numb, or had completely shut off, and let my heart take over.

I felt the tears pour out of my eyes,

and the sobs build up in my throat, letting a little out each minute.

stop, just stop, please Make It Stop!

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I shot up completley shocked, and frightened, the whole year I had been roaming around, the days I spent sitting around waiting for something to happen, anything to happen...never have I ever felt contact with anything on my body, aside from the feeling of the seat I sat on.

My eyes were met by beautiful mossy green eyes, gazing down at me.

"Are You Okay Mrs?"


He see's me?



Quote of the Chapter - "Just When The Caterpillar Thought The World Was Over,

It Became A Butterfly"


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