Wild- Book 1: An adventure

My name is Carrie Wilder, but everyone just calls me Wild. Why? Well... You know what! Just read the freaking book!

P.S. Love_is_all_you_need4801 is the author, the rest added bits and pieces and edited


2. Chapter 1

              I stood in front of the mirror, gazing at that face. Dazzling, bizarre eyes the color of a golden sunset, brown, silky, straight hair that glimmered when I tossed it, plump, soft, lips, and glowing, acne-free, gorgeously tan skin was what I had. But it wasn't always a good thing. My looks could sometimes put me in great danger. 

              "Sweetie!" Gran called excitedly. "Some boy is here to see you!" Gran was always trying to set me up with somebody. She loves me like a mother, but ever since she realized I'm 16 and still have never had a boyfriend, she has tried to get me one. I've always been what me peers called "attractive", but I was too busy for boys.

              Ever since 2 years ago, when my Mom was killed in a murder investigation, and my Dad committed suicide because of it, I have lived with Gran and helped the police solve crimes. Even at age 14, I was smart, quick, and helpful, even though I went after dangerous criminals when I was told not to. But I always came out of it alive.

              "Come ON!!!!" Gran yelled, and I imagined her face turning purple, as I knew it was. I rushed down the stairs as fast as my feet could take me. Sure enough, Gran's face was purple.

              "Hey, Wild!" A teenage boy stood next to Gran. He had wild red hair, and tons of freckles scattered randomly on his face.

              "Hi, Jeremy," I said, annoyed. Jeremy had a crush on me for the longest time, and this was probably just another excuse to see me. "What do you need?"

              "I'll go get you kids some snacks," Gran whispered, mainly to herself.

              "I have a mystery for you," Jeremy was really pushing my buttons now. 

              "You know I'm not any kind of Private Investigator!" I half-yelled. "I work for the police only. If you need my help, go to them." 

              "Um, well..." he trailed off.

              "WHAT?!?" I yelled, my voice getting higher with each second.

              "Imscaredofthem," he muttered.

              "Will I have to scream again?" 

              "No," he hung his head, and took a deep breath. "I'm- scared- of- them."

              I laughed. "No, really. Why didn't you go to the police? And quit the jokes."

              "That is the complete and honest truth. Police officers scare me."

              "Ok," I thought for a second. Should I help him? I made my decision. "I'll do it."

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