"Sometimes you just have to shut up and kiss me!"She said to him in sassy tone."Not scared of me,ha?""No!If your hot i don`t have to be scared."
They meat in dark,kissed in dark,lived in dark and.....!She didn`t want to be with him but she couldn`t stop herself from making him fall for her.She is a new girl in the town,nobody knew her and nobody will expect for him.He wanted to know her,she wanted to stop him from knowing but he found out about her,about what she can do!What happends when tottaly different people meat and start having something that nobody could understand?This is a story about Justin and Lena,the boy that broke every possible rule,the girl that everyone think is 'virgin' from the way she dress,the way her voice was so sweet,the way she was looking at him,the boy that will find her,the girl with no love in her chest!


2. Startbucks meeting!

Today i got to go to work but my ass does not want to get up.It`s 6 am right now and i have to get up to drink my morning cofee.So,i got up and walked to the bathroom under the hot shower,i`m still living with my parents and i don`t like it but i have to.Even tho i`m 19 years old.I got out of the shower when i was done and dressed up.Fixed my hair and walked downstairs in kitchen.I sat down behind the counter and started drinking my coffee.That my mom made me and we talked.

"So how was your walk last night?"

"It was good,i walked around our street and back here."I lied.I looked over to my phone to check the time.It was 6:30!I jumped of the chair,took my jacket said bye to mom and ran outside to my car.Got in and speeded up on driveway and to Starbucks shop.I sprinted in and took of my shirt and dressed up for work.I got on the reception where people order and started taking orderds and making coffee.There was a lt of people and so i had a lot to do.I had my sweet voice on while saying those anoying words that were stuck in my head 'welcome to Startbuck what can i get for you today?' Ugh hate it.The bell rang once again and i of course looked up from the desk and looked at the guy that was already standing in front of me with ten more guys with him.

"Welcome to the Starbucks,what can i get you today?"Sweet voice again.The guy had shades on so i couldn`t recongize him but then he took them of and caught be my suprise.The guy from the street.He looked at me in the eyes and by the look he didn`t know it was me from the last night.I got his orderders and turned around to make coffees.While i was making them we talked 'cos they all were waiting for me to make the coffees.

"So what`s you name?"He asked me.

"Lena,and yours?"My boss came up to me and pushed me.I winced and turned around.

"What did i told you about talking to other people?"Tears were about to come but i hold them.I could see in the eyes of my boss that he was about to punch me but when he was about to i stopped his hand then he left.I continued to make coffees and so i made them and handed it to the guy.He payed me with 50 and i stopped him by his hand when he was about to leave.I wanted to know.He looked at my hand and i smiled.

"I didn`t catch your name?"He smiled and came closer to me and my ear.

"Justin.Justin Bieber,now you tell me your surname."He whispered.I moved my head to his ear.

"Lena Raymond."He then smiled and left handing the coffees to the guy behind him.I then continued to take orderds looking as my another boring day is flying away.

Justin`s P.O.V

This girl from Starbucks has balls to touch me and is cute but i need to find this girl from last night.Lena looks so a like to her but my girl had darker make-up and is my bad girl.

Lena`s P.O.V

It is 10 pm now and i`m finnishing my work and dressing up right now.I dressed up,said bye to the my friends from work and walkded out of the Starbucks.I decided to go to park and relax a bit from going to house and face my parents.I don`t like them,i just don`t.I walked to the park and nobody was there,of course it`s to dark for having fun.My mom learned me not to go to parks when is too dark but right i don`t want to listen to her.I walked to the bench and sat down.I looked around a bit and saw someone i guess trying to rape some girl.People know me as a person that is never breaking any rule but i`m not like that.I had my bad with me so i opened it and took out my gun and stood up,walked closer to them and pointed to his head.

"Let her go or i`ll shoot u!"I said in sassy voice that i use when this situation is up and something like yesterday.He turned around and smirked."I swear you better let her or.."he cut me off.

"Or what?Your gonna shoot me.You are to good to hurt me even a little."He said.He looked strong enough to handle me but right now i don`t care about it.

"Yeah you better let her go or she`ll shoot you!"My head went straight up.Justin,oh god no!He will find out."Leave!"He demanded to the guy.His face got down and he started to walk away leaving the girl.God,this girl has only 14!He then left.My eyes gone wild by seing what i seen.

"God,why didn`t i killed him?"I said in a sweet voice so Justin don`t find out.I dropped my gun and ran over to the girl.She was shaking.

"You didn`t shoot him because you are to good to do that but my girl would`ve killed him already.I guess!"He said picking up my gun."Where did you got this gun,girl?"He asked coming from my back and bending down to the girl.I hugged the girl and she was still shaking.

"Your okay,shh!Don`t worry where did i got that gun just go!"I shouted at him turning to look at his eyes and then lips wanting to kiss them.

"Do you got twin sister,Lena?"I thought for a second,i think i could have some fun.

"Yes i do!"He looked at me smirking.

"Your sister is hot you know?"He smirked again."Tell her to come to the house,she`ll know."Then he left.I took the girl and stood up.

"What`s your name,sweetie?"She looked up.

"I`m S-serena."She said and i nobbed and walked her up to her adress where she told me and then i started walking home.I came in front of my house and walked in.I got in my room and locked the door,started to undress and then put on some tight black jeans,black corset,combat boots and my leather jacket.I dressed up and looked my self in the mirror and put some dark make up on and walked out of my room and out of the house.I walked all the way through my street and turned right like i did yesterday and the left to the dark street,walking to the house.This time nobody was there just me and the house.I walked to the door and opened it wide.Nobody was inside.I got in and walked in living room seeing someone sitting on the burned couch.

"You came,so your sister told you?"He said,i smiled in my self and changed in my sassy voice that i use now only for him.

"Yeah she did."I came up to him from the back and got to his ear."I also heard that someone fell in love."I can feel him smirk,my hand were rested on the couch on his sides so he took my hand and pulled me over the couch,falling next to him on the couch laying my head on his lap.My hair flowing down his legs,i looked him in the eyes smilling and giggling making him laugh.At one moment i stopped and just stayed like that for a couple of minutes in silent just looking at him.I can see his eyes soft different from last,they were dark making me scared but at the same time making me want him close.I wanted to tell him that he fell in love at the girl at Starbucks a girl that is tottally different from the one that is right next him.I smiled and sat up,sitting next to him facing him.I oppened my mouth to say something but they got shot by his lips on mine,i smiled into kiss and kissed back.My hands wrapped around his neck wanting him to stay like that for a life time.I pushed him on the couch hovering him sitting on his lap,deeping the kiss.He grabbed my ass and sguezzed it making me gasp,he took the oprotunity and shoved his tounge in my mouth,our kiss turned into make-out session.He then pulled away.

"I didn`t even catch your name.What is it once again?"Oh,crap.What should i tell him?Think Lena,think fast.

"It`s umm,Lea...yeah.Lea."Good one,Lena,i mean Lea.I smiled at him.He smiled back and then we got back to where we were.I can`t believe i did this,i`m so stupid i can`t believe i wil never be able to forgive my self but what is doen is done.What will he say when he find out?He won`t find out,hopefully.I just wish he doesn`t find out.He won`t.What he doesn`t know won`t hurt him,right?While he was kissing my neck,i looked up,my hands in his hair tugging on the end.I moan and breathed heavily.I felt sparks starting to grow in my stomach and let me tell ya they wanted to explode.I oppened my mouth while he sucked on my sweet spot,closing my eyes and feeling the pleasure of having him under me.I can do this right,call me selfish but i want to use my time with him and have him only for myself.He took off my shirt and through it across the room.I kissed him and took of his shirt.For two minutes we were both tottally naked and now i was laying under him,he looked in my eyes and darkness took over his brown eyes.The was dark tottally.He slowly entered me and i moaned.The moans were the only thing that were hearing in this burned room.

"Justin..."He thrusted even harder in me,my head went back.I never felt this way,my heart never loved,my eyes never looked at the boy this way.I smiled remembering the song i heard yesterday.I am Killin It.We both came and he collapsed next to me.

"You know,Justin?I heard this one song yesterday on radio."He looked at me breathing heavily.

"What song?"He asked confused.

"I am Killin It."I sang.


 "And i am."I stood up and started putting my clothes back on.When i was done,i looked down at him."Come to Starbucks tomorrow,Lena is awesome girl but a little too girly."

"Hey i didn`t ask where did she get the gun,she had gun with her?"

"Oh,that,well she`s hidden bad girl,when she was in high school we would skip school and do dirty stuff like steal and stuff.So that`s why she has gun,i gave it to her secretly on her birthday."I said and he stood up suprised.He took me by my waist pulling me closer.

"Oh i didn`t know that i got a bad girl.Well let me tell you something babe,i run this town."I smiled

"Oh,really,well you don`t have me `cos babe.."i paused for a second."i don`t have heart."I smirked."And i like it."

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