The Traveller

would you travel to the ends of the earth for the person you love?
through desserts and seas?
up moutains and down highways?
no, scratch that.
would the person you love travel to the ends of the earth for you?
loves complicated.
it's fragile and rare.
and if you hold onto it tight enough...
you may just be able to keep it.


4. The Boy In The Park






"Alright, you've managed to roll me out of bed, yet again Beth, now what now?" I asked.

we had been walking around the town for 10 minutes now,

It was obvious,

Betheny had no freaking idea, what to do.

"okay, so I didn't think everything through...but I had to get you out of your summertime funk!" she admitted, throwing her arms up in the air.

I groaned, I had got up,

before noon,

to get beaten with a pillow,

and threatened...

for nothing.

"I do not have a summertime funk!" I protested, glaring at her.

"oh please, everyone knows, you've hated summer every since..." she stopped, when she knew she had gone to far.

I felt the pit of my stomach drop.

It's true,

I haven't been the same, every since the accident...

I mean I try to forget it, every summer,

but somehow, it always manages to come back up, and hit me ten times harder.

"sorry" she said frowning and glancing at me.

"I-It's okay" I shrugged, watching my sneakers come in contact with the ground, with each step.

"Oh, check it out..." I felt her slap my arm, causing me to look at her confused.

"over there, the park" she whispered, as we drew closer to it.

I looked towards it, and instantly knew what she was talking about.

It's him...

or as everyone calls him,

The Boy In The Park.....

"I wonder why he's always sitting there" she whispered.

It's true.

He's always there,

before school and after school.

I walk by him everyday,

always sitting on the bench,

his hand moving swiftly across the piece of paper, that always seemed to be in his hand.

"I wonder what he draws" she whispered quietly, as we grew closer to him.

In all honesty...

so do I.

He's been working on it for months now...

I wonder what's going on, up in his head as he does it...

My eyes, looked up, quickly to see if I could sneak a quick glance of his face,

I felt my heart stop, when I had met his.

They were a dark shade of green, with little yellow specks scattered in them,

They were so mysterious looking, so, unreadable...

I quickly looked away, embarrassed.

Who was he?

What was his story....

I knew one things for sure...

I wasn't just going to know him as,

'The Boy In The Park'...



Quote of the Chapter - "If You Can't Get Someone Out Of Your Head, Maybe They're Supposed To Be There"

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