The Traveller

would you travel to the ends of the earth for the person you love?
through desserts and seas?
up moutains and down highways?
no, scratch that.
would the person you love travel to the ends of the earth for you?
loves complicated.
it's fragile and rare.
and if you hold onto it tight enough...
you may just be able to keep it.


3. Summer 09


"Get your lazy ass out of bed!" I heard the farmiliar loud voice of my lovley best friend...

I groaned , shoving the pillow in my face, hoping it would silence her voice out.

"Oh, so thats how you want to play" the evilness in her voice, sent a shiver down my spine,

but before I could react, she had already started beating me with pillows,

"WAKE UP!" she yelled repeatily hitting me.

"Betheny Alright! I'm up! Jesus!" I yelled, my hair in a mess from the hits to the head.

"Good, now get up and get dressed stinky, it's summer, and you shouldn't be laying around all day, it's not good, you'll turn out like Grant" she said dropping the wepon or pillow as you may call it on my bed and walking to my door.

My eye's widened when she had mentioned my brother,

a lazy, video game attict that couldn't keep a girlfriend to save his life.

"you have half an hour, and if your not ready by dont even wann know" she said evily closing the door slowly.Sometimes I wonder why I'm even friend with that girl..She's completely and utterly insane.

I pulled myself out of bed, and walked towards the shower...

It's the first day of summer...

The First Day Of Summer 09...



Quote of the Chapter - "Time You Enjoy Wasting, Was Not Wasted"



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