The Traveller

would you travel to the ends of the earth for the person you love?
through desserts and seas?
up moutains and down highways?
no, scratch that.
would the person you love travel to the ends of the earth for you?
loves complicated.
it's fragile and rare.
and if you hold onto it tight enough...
you may just be able to keep it.


2. Don't Stop.















"Your almost there…don’t stop..." I whispered to myself

I sighed frustrated, as yet another car passed, not even taking in the sight of my thumb turned up.

I was tired, hungry, and a little stinky.

I needed to figure out something, before it gets dark, it's not alright to hitch hike in day time, but it is definitely not alright to hitch hike at night time.

I dropped the carrying sack I had on my back onto the ground letting my body fall onto the ground not as graceful as I wanted.

This heat is seriously killing me, if I end up dead on the side of the road like another possum, blame it on these stinking selfish drivers!

I squinted my eyes, looking carefully down the highway, to see a car in the distance.

This better not be another heat wave hallucinations, or I'm going to be pretty pissed...

I grabbed my bag standing up and sticking my thumb out in hopes, that maybe this car would stop...and hopefully it wasn’t an old fat pervert.

My eyes widened in surprise, once the car had slowed down and stopped at my side.

Relief washed over me when I had realised it was a little cute old couple smiling at me.

"Need a ride?" the old guy asked smiling at me.

I nodded furiously and stepped into the car, instantly feeling comfortable.

After about 5 minutes of driving the old lady broke the silence.

"So What's Your Story Traveller" she asked almost as if she knew who I was.

I looked at her in her mirror with a surprised and confused look.

she smiled through the mirror as if taunting me.

"I've heard the rumours...the stories of you...and when I saw that little paper airplane, on your wrist, all of it came together...your the one known as The Traveller" she said almost a matter of factly.

I smiled at the window watching the tree's fly by.

"Well Ma'am if you don't mind me asking, why would you like to know?" I smilled at her through the mirror,

"because dear, when I go to tell your story...I want to be the one to tell it right" she said.

"you'll be the first person I've ever told it to" I said looking at her again smiling teasingly.


"It's a long story" I said almost warningly to them.

"We got time" the old mans voice cut in, causing a smile to etch itself on my face.

I look out the window, smiling...

"Well...It all started in the summer of 09..."



Quote of the Chapter - "The World Is A Book, And Those Who Don't Travel, Only

Read One Page"

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