Lovely Anna

we were just kids.
she had just turned 14 and I thought we should celebrate.
I didn't know what was gunna happen that night..
I didn't know what could've happened that night.
I was stupid.
I didn't protect her like I promised I would always do.
And she had to pay the price, of my mistake.
September will never be as beautiful anymore.
The leaves won't glow like they used to,
they'll only remain dull.
Because September, was the month I lost My Lovely Anna.


6. Gone.

"So...did you like it?" I asked nervously stuffing my hands into my pockets.

"It was alright" I heard her say distaste to her voice,

I froze and looked at her quickly, to see her laughing,

"I'm just kidding Drew, I loved it, it was amazing" she said smiling at me.

"Oh, thank god, I thought you actually didn't like it" I said sighing in relief, I'd go to the ends of the earth to make this girl happy.

It's then that I realized how close we had gotten.

I gulped and kept glancing down at her plump soft looking lips,

I saw her smile, causing me to bite my lip, to keep myself from saying the one thing I knew I would...

I love you Anna...


she rolled her eyes at me causing me to stop,

"shut up" she said smiling at me,

"wha-" I was cut off, by her hands grabbing my head, and pulling me down to her lips.

My eyes widened at the feeling...

but soon drifted shut, my arms snaking around her waist, tugging her closer to my body.

I smiled against her lips, and slowly pulled back.

"that was a VERY nice way of getting me to shut up" was all I could say.

causing her to burst out laughing.

"why didn't you ever do it?" she asked smiling and looking me in the eyes...

I looked at her confused,

"do what?"7

"kiss me" she blushed,

I blushed too looking at the ground,

"I-I don't know, I guess I thought you didn't want me, to...I tried at the park but..." I trailed off looking at my shoes.

I heard her laugh and grab my hand entwining our fingers,

"Well, someone had to grow some balls" she said, making me glare at her playfully swinging our hands as we walked...

"So...Drew, what does this make us...." she trailed off looking down,

"I-I don't know, whatever you want this to make us" I said looking at her.

I stopped, causing her to do the same and grabbed both her hands,

"I love you Anna Desley Gold,

and I love everything about you....

I love the when you smile, showing two cute little dimples,

the way your freckles are scattered all around your face,

the way yours eyes get small, and your nose crinkles when you laugh,

the way you sing in the shower,

how you dress up in sweatpants, and a t shirt on weekends,

how you fiddle with your hands when your nervous...

and the way you have no idea, how amazing, gorgeous and smart you are..." I said adrenaline coursing through my body.

I saw tears flowing down her cheeks, but they weren't sad tears, they were happy ones...

"Drew I Lo-"

she was cut off by a hand wrapping around her mouth.

"Anna" I shouted feeling two strong hands grab my arms holding me back.

I saw a van pull up and two men jump out,

I heard her creaming for help, I heard her screaming MY name....

I felt useless, I couldn't do anything...

I felt anger rush through me...

without thinking I head butt the guy behind me causing him to fly backwards towards the ground letting my arms free.

"Anna!" I yelled running towards her,

I heard her screaming and crying,

I felt pain run through the side of face, and suddenly I was on the ground.

I realized I had been punched when I saw the blood on the segment.

"You should have minded your own business kid" I heard a gruff voice say,

I looked up to Anna, to see she was crying and struggling, repeatedly yelling my name.

"Leave him alone! Let him go!" her screams filled my ears.

I saw a man walk towards me, swinging his leg back and kicking me hard in the stomach,

I groaned in pain, my hand shooting towards the spot, curled in a ball.

I felt a fist again collide with the side of my head, sending it to hit against the segment ground, shooting pain through my skull and inside my head.

"That's enough! let's get out of here, grab the girl, we can't keep Him waiting!" I heard the gruff voice yet again speak.

"Drew!" I heard her scream, causing me to look up at her, but I couldn’t speak...

I couldn't even move my body....

I was frozen....

Pain unbearably coursed all through my entire body...

I watched them tug her towards the van,

her eye's met mine,

regret, and fear filled them, and then she was thrown in,

they took off,

leaving me to watch the van speed away down the road...

Laying there...


and then they we're Gone....

She Was Gone....


Quote of the Chapter - "Anything You TRULY Want, Must Be Worth Fighting For..."

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