Lovely Anna

we were just kids.
she had just turned 14 and I thought we should celebrate.
I didn't know what was gunna happen that night..
I didn't know what could've happened that night.
I was stupid.
I didn't protect her like I promised I would always do.
And she had to pay the price, of my mistake.
September will never be as beautiful anymore.
The leaves won't glow like they used to,
they'll only remain dull.
Because September, was the month I lost My Lovely Anna.


3. Disappointment





"So your planning on walking for 7 hours?" I asked sarcastically, earning a shove and another wonderful giggle to escape her lips.

"No, I just felt like going on a walk" she smiled at me, then turning her gaze up towards the orange and red autumn trees.

I gazed at her, thoughts rushing through my mind, of how it would end, if I had told her I loved her, right here, right now.

"What?" her giggle bringing me out of my daze, and letting a blush spread onto MY cheeks.

"Nothing" I said shoving my hands into my jean pockets, gazing at my shoes, that were crushing the crunchy autumn leaves under my weight.

I heard a yelp and looked back up to see Anna's hair in a mess, in her face,

I let a laugh escape my lips, my hand slapping over my mouth, so I wouldnt get punched, even though I knew, I would probably get it any way.

"Stupid Fall Wind" she mumbled pushing her beautiful chocolate curly locks out of her face, and taming them back into place.

I was just about to turn my gaze, back in front of me, when I felt a sharp pain in my arm.

"Ouch!" I said, my feet stopping, while my hand grasped the sore spot.

"That’s for laughing" I heard her snicker,

I growled playfully at her, then lunged to grab her.

She screamed, and quickly reacted taking off down the trail, me hot on her tale.

I laughed when I caught her at the park, by her hips, snaking my arms around them, grabbing her and lifting her up into the air.

She laughed crazily and thrashed around, causing both of us to fall to the ground.

I caught myself just before I could fall onto her tiny body, and crush it.

I quickly jabbed my fingers into her sides, causing her to burst out laughing, and thrash around.

"Drew s-s-stop" she said out of breath, causing me to laugh and stop torturing her.

I felt my breathe hitch, as I caught her gaze,

I didn't realize how close we were...

I felt myself yet again, getting sucked into her gorgeous chestnut eyes.

This is it Drew...

It's now or never...

I felt myself begin to lean in,

I saw her eyes begin to flutter close, along with mine.

she's letting you do it! Do it!

I felt my lips ghost over hers...

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

My eyes shot open, and met Anna’s wide ones,

I watched her scramble to get up, shoving me to the side in the process.

I let my head fall down in disappointment...

Why didn’t I just do it?

And why isn’t her stupid phone on silent?

I watched her quickly read the text message, and roll her eyes, shoving it back into her little purse.

"Drew..." she sighed, uncomfortably wrapping her arms around her abdomen.

"I'm Sorr-"

"It's...It's whatever Anna" I said standing up quickly, brushing off my pants and smiling sadly at her.

"No Drew-"

"I uh, I got to go do my homework" I said making an excuse, to get out this disappointing and embarrassing situation.

She doesn’t love you like that...

'But she leaned in too...' said the little voice in my head.

"oh...okay...d-do you need me to help, I can help you, I want to help you" she said desperately quick, why was she doing this...

She feels bad for you...

"no, uh no that’s alright" I said backing up and walking away,

"oh, a-alright, I'll see you tonight!" she shouted after me, almost questioningly.

"Ya" I shouted back, not turning or looking back.

Somehow I'm a little hurt by what just happened.

I mean she didn’t HAVE to answer that text...

Oh god...

I hate being in love...



Quote of the Chapter - "When You Fall In Love With Someones Personality, Everything

About Them, Becomes Beautiful"

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