Lovely Anna

we were just kids.
she had just turned 14 and I thought we should celebrate.
I didn't know what was gunna happen that night..
I didn't know what could've happened that night.
I was stupid.
I didn't protect her like I promised I would always do.
And she had to pay the price, of my mistake.
September will never be as beautiful anymore.
The leaves won't glow like they used to,
they'll only remain dull.
Because September, was the month I lost My Lovely Anna.


7. Darkness



Pain...something I try not to experience a lot...


It hurts...cause thats what pain hurts...


Its unbearable....but yet its bearable...


what the hell is that sound..

"Drew, wake up...please"


why is she sobbing?

why can't I see her?

"Drew...oh god, please...Drew..."

I can't move!

everythings just...Black.

I felt my heart clench as my memory started working again, and the thoughts and feelings of last night returned to my head, replacing the darkness with visions.

Only one emotion coursed through me, the entire flashback.


anger at Anna,

anger at those men,

and anger at myself.

They way she looked at she knew it was going to happen.

and she didnt even tell me....

I feel betrayed...

and now because of Anna's stupidness, I'm Darkness...somewhere....

how could she do this....

I felt the anger rise, as the memories faded, and the darkness yet again overcome me....

something told me, that this darkness may be what I'll be seeing for awhile now....



Quote of the Chapter - "I Loved Her Not For The Way She Danced With My Angels, But For The Way The Sound Of Her Name, Could Silence My Demons..."


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