Lovely Anna

we were just kids.
she had just turned 14 and I thought we should celebrate.
I didn't know what was gunna happen that night..
I didn't know what could've happened that night.
I was stupid.
I didn't protect her like I promised I would always do.
And she had to pay the price, of my mistake.
September will never be as beautiful anymore.
The leaves won't glow like they used to,
they'll only remain dull.
Because September, was the month I lost My Lovely Anna.


2. Beautiful







"What do you think?" I heard Anna's voice behind me, cutting me and her moms conversation about whether Manchester United F.C or Liverpool F.C were the best football (American - Soccer) team.

my breathe caught in my throat when i turned around to reveal a beautiful Anna, in a beautiful Beige fall dress, with a cute little brown sweater, and leggings on...

She was beautiful...


"So?" she asked nervously pulling at her fingers,

I quickly cleared my throat embarrassed and smiled,

"You look beautiful" I said dazed,

I saw her blush a deep red and smile relieved.

She clapped her hands happy while walking over to the plate of food on the counter.

Did I just make Anna Gold blush?

She beautiful even when she blushes...

How could someone be so beautiful?

How could someone be so perfect?


"So we have 7 hours till the Art Museum...what do you want to do?" I asked as she happily ate her breakfast.

"I don’t know..." she said thinking.

"Oh! I got it! Let’s go on a walk!" she said like it was the smartest thing in the world.

"A walk?" I asked confused.

"Ya, a walk" she giggled,

"Where?" I chuckled, that laugh or giggle of hers, has to be the most intoxicating thing ever known to man.

"On the path, that leads to the park" she said smiling at me,

"alright" I smiled, standing up and offering my hand to her, like the scene from Romeo and Juliet.

"m'lady" I said bowing,

I heard her giggling and caught a glimpse of yet another rose blush on her cheeks, as she took my hand standing up and pushing me jokingly.

I laughed and followed her, slipping on my shoes, and walking out the door behind her.

Its final...

I am completely falling for Anna Desley Gold.



Quote of the Chapter - "Falling In Love With You Is The Second Best Thing Thats Ever

Happened To Me... Meeting You, WasThe First"

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