Lovely Anna

we were just kids.
she had just turned 14 and I thought we should celebrate.
I didn't know what was gunna happen that night..
I didn't know what could've happened that night.
I was stupid.
I didn't protect her like I promised I would always do.
And she had to pay the price, of my mistake.
September will never be as beautiful anymore.
The leaves won't glow like they used to,
they'll only remain dull.
Because September, was the month I lost My Lovely Anna.


4. A Birthday Gift

She made me feel rejected...



but yet...

I still in fact, am IN love with Anna Desley Gold...

She has me hooked around her finger...

Mom says its just "teenage" love, and that we're only 14, we probably dont even know what love is...

but I feel it...

I feel it deep in my heart...

like how when she smiles, my heart stops...

or when she blushes, I feel like I've just won the lottery...

and how she has NO idea, how incredibly beautiful she is...

"Drew, you should be leaving by now!" my moms voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

I swallowed, fiddling with the little box in my hand, that I've been holding onto for weeks...

"Your just going to the Art Museum Drew, then the awkwardness, will be over, and she'll probably forget what happened by tomorrow mourning" I said to myself in the mirror, pulling my jacket tighter.

I gave myself one last look, before I rushed down stairs.

"Oh, look at you so spiffed up" mom grabbed my cheeks squeezing them teasingly.

"shut up" i laughed slapping her hands away.

"alright be safe!" she yelled, as I rushed out the door, and across the street, to Anna's house.

I took a deep breath, when I reached her step and quickly knocked on the door.

I looked up prepared to meet the eyes of Mrs. Gold, but lost my breathe, when I had met those pair of beautiful chestnut orbs...

"Hi" she smiled,

"h-hey" I stuttered,

Wow wait a play it cool Drew...

"A-are you ready?" I asked nervously fiddling with my hands.

"oh! yes" she said stepping out of the house and smiling.

"a-are you going to close the door?" I asked awkwardly.

her eyes widened and a scarlet blush formed across her cheeks, as she rushed to close the door embarrassed.

I cleared my throat awkwardly, and followed her when she bagan to walk.

"its, uh just up here around the corner" I said pointing ahead of us. she smiled, nodding her head.

I glanced at her as we walked, she kept her eyes on her shoes smiling at something.

"What?" I asked smiling at her,

"hmm?" she looked up at me,

"your smiling at something" I chuckled.

"Oh...just, thinking" she said glancing up at me and back down like a little kid.

"about what?" I you can see, I hate not knowing things.

"If I told you, I'd have o kill you" she said giggling at my shocked and scared facial expression.

A silence fell over us, the street lights the only source of our light we had to guide us, and the sound of our shoes on the gravel the only sound.

"Um, Anna?" I asked,

her head shot up, as if she wanted me to say something.

"I-I got something for you" I said, pulling out then little box from my pocket of my jacket and hesitantly handing it to her, as we stopped under a street light.

she smiled up at me, before she carefully opened the box.

"Oh, Drew" she looked up, and had tears in her eyes, I felt my cheeks burning, I didn’t know she would react like this...I hope their happy tears.

"Its beautiful" she smiled.

I sighed in relief that they were in fact happy tears.

"I got a 'D' necklace for you, and a 'A' necklace for me" I said pulling my necklace out from under my shirt to show her.

I saw her smile widen and felt her pounce on me, yet AGAIN today, but hey, I wasn’t complaining, if it were up to me, I would stay, this way forever...

"Happy Birthday Anna" I whispered in her ear.

I felt her shiver and hug me tightly...

"Can you?" she asked handing me the necklace,

I smiled, when she turned around and gently placed the necklace on her neck, latching it, and letting her hair fall down again...

I had gotten the necklace done just for her.

It had my initial on the front,

and the words "Love You to The Moon and Back" on the other side.

"Thanks" she smiled at the ground.

"No ready to go see some art?" I asked...

I saw here smile widen and we began to walk again.

If only she had read the back....



Quote of the Chapter - "Love Is Giving, Someone The Power To Destroy You...

But Trusting Them Not To"


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