Slender is coming...find the 8 pages...or else...


8. Chapter 7

"One page to go..." whispered Jones.

He ran through the trees, and tripped on an old car tire. He groaned, looked up, and saw a sheet a paper pinned to a tree. He tried to get up, but fell over again. His ankle hurt like mad. He rolled up the bottom part of his pant leg to check it. It was broken, possibly sprained. He groaned, looked up, and saw a sheet of paper pinned to an old oak tree. He crawled forward. He didn't know what all the pages combined DID, but hopefully, it would kill the Slenderman. He groped for the page. He heard some rustling noises among the trees. He turned around with difficulty, and saw the Slenderman standing there, completely still. He screamed with all the air in his lungs. Due to extreme and impossible luck, the sun began to rise over the horizon. The Slenderman noticed this and ran into the forest. Jones, sobbing with relief, called 911.

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