Slender is coming...find the 8 pages...or else...


7. Chapter 6

A piece of paper was blowing in the wind. It unceremoniously hit Jones in the face. He pulled it off and read the words messily written on it. It read THE EIGHT PAGES, IN THE FOREST FIND THEM OR IT WILL FIND YOU.

"I guess we're going in the forest," said Jones.

He took a deep breath. He walked into the forest with the girl, flashlight in hand. They found a sheet of paper pinned on a tree. It read ALWAYS WATCHING, NO EYES. Jones pulled it off the tree and gave it to the girl, who put it on her purse. The sentence startled Jones. How could something watch you without eyes? He gave to the girl a flashlight.

"We'll split up," he said. "Text me when you find a page."

She walked away, scanning the forest. Jones found two more pages. One read DON'T LOOK, OR IT TAKES YOU. Another read HELP ME. He found another that read CAN'T RUN. One had no text, only badly drawn trees and what looked like a man in a suit. His phone buzzed. He had a text that read Found one! There was a picture attachment, of a page. It was a picture of another man in a suit, surrounded by words. The words read NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. He closed his eyes out of fear. When he opened them, he heard a scream. The girl.

"Hang on! I'm coming!" he shouted. He found her lying on the ground. He checked her pulse, and examined her body. Same symptoms as Sarah. He closed her eyes. He turned off her flashlight and ran away. He found another page, that simply read FOLLOWS.

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