He's a She ?

who are the famous British boy band in the world? of course no other than One Direction !! yeheey.. :D
One Direction (commonly initialized as 1D) is an English - Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
But what if... One Direction has a NEW member in the band? which is a girl. yup! you heard what i say.. okay enough chitchat and lets begin the story :))


4. One Step Ahead to Fame! :D


 Rose P.o.v

        i am now One Step Ahead to Fame once i enter the room my life will change, But..

 What am i doing? Is this right? Do i have to do this? The questions are all over my head. That's it!

I'm gonna tell the truth!


* At the elevator *

" are you excited? " Simon ask "A-ahmm...yeah...i am.." i replied "Listen, in have to tell you something"  Before i could say anything he begun talking. " no need to talk, i already know "he said "Really??" i said, "Yeah,! I know your excited right now and you can't wait to start your day" he replied

" Huh!??""Wha-----aat??" my eyebrows crinkled and i was unsure about what he just said.

Then he started to talk again. "you know , I've been  talking here for a couple of minutes and i didn't even ask what's your name?, what's your name boy?" he asked raising hes right eyebrow.

"its Ro--------Ren! yeah, Ren is my name sir" i said while making a fake smile 

" Ren? " he said raising hes other eyebrow " Was that a foreign name? " he asked

" A.. yeah...yes excatly " i replied.



We are finally here at the 5ft floor of the building, before we enter his office i took a deep breath and gently exhales, by the time we entered the room  i was speechless.

hes office is Amazing!! its wide big and the design and decorations is really unique, There were beautiful paintings on the wall and some of his pictures was there too, and there was this huge glass window where you can see lots of high buildings and billboards But there's one thing that caught my attention, There were five boys sitting on the couch staring at me weirdly it was really awkward though.


" Hello boys." Simon greet them " Hello Simon " Harry said and smiled letting his dimples exposed.

" So.. Who's these? " Louis asked. " Boys i'd like you to meet Ren" " and he will be your new member " . The five of them raised their eyebrows.

" Really? you're kidding me right? " Zayn  said still raising hes eyebrow.

" look, no offense mate " Louis said while looking at me and i nodded then he look to simon. " We don't need a new member, we're fine just being the five of us, we spend so much time together for 3 years, we're like brothers now, so its kind of you to offer a new member but sorry we don't need a new one " Louis protested.

" oh come on boys, give the boy a chance to show himself that he deserves this opportunity and besides he's really good asides from  good looking, he sings great! i promise you the fun's would love him! ' Simon said.

" So what do you say? " said simon

" i'll say let's give him a chance " Liam protested

" Yeah, let's give the lad a chance!. " Niall agreed

" I agree, come on loui, give him a chance " harry agreed

" alright, fine..." he sign (Louis)    And they all cheered.

" That's the spirit " said simon. "So, Ren isn't? will you sing for us mate? " Louis asked

" a--am.. ya sure o-ok " i said happily but a bit nervous .

Then i sang to them the "one thing acoustic version" luckily i saw a guitar near the couch i just borrowed it for a minute it's probably niall's ..



The Author; finally i'm done with this chapter, but its not finished yet i'm still working on the chapter, i'll update it pretty soon :)

just keep on reading it okay? :) don't forget to like


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