He's a She ?

who are the famous British boy band in the world? of course no other than One Direction !! yeheey.. :D
One Direction (commonly initialized as 1D) is an English - Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
But what if... One Direction has a NEW member in the band? which is a girl. yup! you heard what i say.. okay enough chitchat and lets begin the story :))


6. mum

  " Finally i'm home!" i mumbled, then quickly went upstairs before i could go there mum called me.

" Rose? Where have you been young lady?, and why are you looking like that?" she said raising her eyebrow.

" Mum!.. i'm not six anymore! i'm 19 so you don't have to worry that much?"

"Sorry honey, it's just..." she sign.

" you know! you can't stop me from worrying i'm still your mother." she said.


" i know mum, i know. " i rolled my eyes and sign

" listen mum, since i'm not a child anymore, i've been thinking lately, and i decided to live on my ow now. I got this new job at the music industry , so i'm hoping that you'll be okay here while i'm gone.And don't worry mum, i swear to call ya more often so that you don't have to worry about me." i explained


            She didn't speak anything not a word from her, i was worried that she might get mad and yelled at me? but instead she came closer to me and hug me.

" you're not mad?" i asked. " why would i? in fact i am so happy for you rose." She replied. 

" thanks mum." i said

" so when will ya live?" she asked. " tomorrow mum. " i said

" why so rush? " she asked " the manager wants me to starts soon."

i replied " oh. i see, well since this is your last day staying with me, i'll make a special dinner for the two of us, okay? "

she said " okay mum. " i replied


A/N : like my story? :) 

if not i will  terminate you!! >:D

haha neh, just kidding

but i hope you like it :)

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