Hold my hand

Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


2. Time for everything

Chapter 2: Time for everything

„Alison, Alison wake up!“ i hear a familiar voice. I open my eyes and see Viko. „Liam is waiting outside, he wants to take you to school.“ he says. I get up and go to the bathroom. He grabs my arm, „How did you get this bruises?“ he says. I can’t say him the truth. Its better if he doesn’t know because if he would know it, he would worry about me. I look at him „Uhm … funny story. La- Last night i have been fallen out of bed.“ you say and smile. He comes closer to you and looks in your eyes. „I can’t read your mind but I have this feeling you aren’t saying me the truth. I don’t want to force you to say me the truth but Im always there for you if you need someone. You are my little sister. i will always care and worry about you. I love you ! “ he says. I didn’t reply him and go to the bathroom. i brush my teeth and get dressed. i take my backpack and run out of the house without saying goodbye. I go into the car and Liam kisses me. I break the kiss „Why are you here? You know i can go by myself to school.“ I say quietly. „I missed you and do you have time this evening ?“ Liam says and starts to drive. „Yes but I don’t want to spend the day with you. I didn’t forget about yesterday.“ I say. „Please, give me a chance. Meet me at my house at 6 p.m.“ he says and kiss my lips. I don’t want to but I have to because he would be mad at me and maybe he would hurt me again. Im so scared about that. I should break up but Im too afraid of him. „Okay i will come. Please stop the car. We are already arrived.“ I say weekly. He stops the car and I go out. Emily already waits outside the school. We go to the class. After school I go home. Emily asked me if I have time to hang out with her today. I wasn’t in the mood, so I said we could meet another time. When I was home, I eat lunch. I hear a noise and my brother comes downstairs. I try to pretend that everything is okay and nothing happened this morning. „Hey Alison, look what I draw. Do you like it ?“ he says and smiles at me. I look at the drawings „These dresses are very beautiful. I love them.“ I say and smile back. „So .. any plans for today?“ he says. „No, why did you ask ?“ I say. He sits next to me. „Alex and I decided to open a store. We have to organize everything. On Saturday is the fashion show. I need you as a model and can you go shopping ? here is the shopping list.“ he says happily. „Of course ! I will go now.“ I reply and hug him. I drive by car. After arriving i buy eggs, fruits, yoghurt etc. Before I go back to the car, i go to starbucks. I really need a coffee. I felt so tired on the way to the supermarket. While I go to the car I drink my coffee. I don’t see the boy running towards me. He bumps into my shoulder. The coffee fall on my top and the shopping bag is on the ground now. 

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