Hold my hand

Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


17. The video

Chapter 17: The video


I break into a passion of tears. I can’t bear to look. I can’t believe that they recorded me. They really recorded what Jacob did to me.  What Im doing wrong ? I can’t go to school anymore. Even not going outside. I can’t leave the house anymore. The whole world watched this video. It has already over 3 thousand clicks. My life is over. I scroll down and read the comments. They wrote things like „This will make history.“, „She deserve this.“, „She have to suffer.“, „If she really dates juju I will kill her. He is mine.“. 

I turn off my laptop and put it on the table. I turn on the tv and watch the Ellenshow. The video is still on my mind. Im crying. 

~Justin’s pov.~

„I WON.“ I shout. „Now its your turn Za.“ Fredo sigh and gives Za the controller. Me and Za are playing, Fredo is on his phone. „You want to tweet that you are a loser ?“ I grin. „Shut up Justin.“ Fredo says and beat me. I will win again. „Justin ? Please check out whats going on on twitter.“ Fredo says. „Wait, Im winning.“ I say. „Come on.“ Fredo says and takes the controller out of my hands. He press his phone into my hands. „Watch.“ he says and clicks on play. No thats not Alison. I don’t want to believe that. „Its Alison right ?.“ I ask in shock. „Yes buddy.“ Fredo replies. „Im sorry. We will go now and you will talk to her.“ Za says and clap me on the back. They leave the house and I go upstairs. I open the door. Alison wipes away the tears. I sit on the bed. „Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place ?“ I ask. „What are you talking about ?“ Alison says. „Don’t act like you don’t know what Im talking about.“ I say. Alison hug me and breaks out into tears. „The whole world hates me. I mess up everything. i ruin your career, Viko and Alex’s career. What Im doing wrong ? I can’t forget Emily’s words. She told me we aren’t friends anymore. Compared with you and my brother Im nothing. Im using you. You would get any girl, so why would you date me. Her words, her voice is always on my mind. I feel worthless. Im noting. She is right. Im not using you but you deserve someone better. You want me to leave right ?“ she mumbles. „No. I love you. I love you with all my heart. I want you to stay. I need you. You are the better half of me. Im always there for you. It breaks my heart to see you like that. We have to do something. If they won’t stop, I will smash them to the floor. Its not easy but forget what she said. It doesn’t matter. You are my everything. I want you and none other. Don’t forget that.“ I say and hold her tight. „Im a joke. How can you still love me ?“ she whispers. „ I love the way you look at me. I love how beautiful your eyes are. I love how complete I feel when Im with you. I love the way you laugh. I love the softness of your lips against mine. I love how my heart skips a beat whenever I see you. I love you the way you are. I could write a book why I love you.“ I say and kiss her passionately. She smirks into the kiss. I break the kiss. 

~Alison’s pov.~

„I will be back in a minute.“ Justin whispers. Im watching him taking his clothes of and dressing up for bed. I love him so much. He still loves me. No one can break our love. I should forget Emily’s words. Justin’s words should be on my mind. He gives me strength. Now he goes to the dresser and search something. He is holding something in his hand and hops into the bed. „Thats for you hun.“ he says and kiss me on the cheek. „No, I can’t reject this. When I have money I will buy a phone.“ I say. „What is mine is yours too. I would do everything for you. I love you.“ Justin says. „Thank you. I love you so much.“ I say. He kisses my forehead. I blush. 

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