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Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


19. Secret relationship

Chapter 19: Secret relationship


-One day before Valentines day (Saturday)- 

~Justin’s pov.~

„I will be back later, Baby.“ I shout. „Don’t forget to come punctually.“ Alison says. „Yes. Bye.“ I say and shut the door behind me. After 20 minutes Im standing at the house door from Scooter. I knock on the door. Someone is opening the door. „Hey, come in.“ Scooter says. „Hey.“ I say and follow him. „You can sit down. You wanna drink something ?“ Scooter says. „No thanks. Im just wanna talk to you.“ I say. „So whats up?“ he asks. „Im sorry for my reaction last week.I just don’t understand why. Why it have to be secret between me and Alison.” I say.

„I only want the best for you. If everyone knows, she will get hate. Your Fans getting hurt and some Fans will leave you. The media will talk about you and Alison. It will be so much drama.” Scooter explains. “But someday they would find out it anyways. It’s drama for us. It’s not easy to hide it. We have to hide our love, not you and Yeal. You don’t know about us. Our love is strong. And you said it, Fans will leave me but not my Beliebers.” I argue. „Im only your Manager, you are a celebrity who is knowing from all over the world. And you should go to the VMA’s. You have to perform two songs and you are nominate. You can decide which songs you would like to perform.” he says. Scooter is so annoying sometimes. „Im going to the VMA’s you will see. I will go now.“ I say and go to the door. „Okay. Im happy we talked about it. Goodbye.“ he says and opens the door. I go out and drive home. He will see. So excited for tomorrow. 

-20 minutes later- 

„Baby Im home.“ I shout. I go to the living room. Alison is lying on the couch and eating takis. „Hey. Did you guys talked?“ Alison says. I jump on her.

~Alison’s pov.~

 „Justin. You totally scared me.“ I scream. He doesn’t say any word. He looks into my eyes. He puts his fingers under mine chin and pulls my face towards him and then press his lips against mine. He breaks the kiss. „I want-„he says and notices phone ring. Justin gets up and grabs his phone. He goes to the kitchen. I continue eating takis. After 10 minutes Justin goes out of the kitchen. „Who called you ?“ I ask. „My Stylist, Ryan Good.“ Justin says. „You will have fun tomorrow.“ I say and get up. I put on my shoes. „Where are you going?“ he asks. „Did you forget ? I have to pick up Viko and Alex.“ I say. „I will drive the car.“ he says. „You will not go out of the car because of the fans and paparazzi’s.“ I say. „I will put on my hoodie, snapback and tweet where Im. I will tweet that Im on the way to the Beverly Center.“ Justin says. I nod.

-At the airport- 

„We are arrived.“ Justin says. „You should stay in the car. Its full here.“ I say. Justin puts his sunglasses on. „Don’t think so much. They will not recognize me. For a short time our relationship isn’t a secret anymore. They don’t know us.“ he explains. We go to the airport. Justin is holding my hand. I feel uncomfortable. What if the people will notice us. „Act normal.“ Justin whispers. I look around. „There are Viko and Alex. They didn’t notice us.“ I say. I let Justin go and run to them. I hug them. „I missed you guys.“ I say. „We missed you too.“ Viko and Alex are saying. We go to Justin. „Hey Buddy.“ Viko says. „Hey.“ Justin says and smiles. We go back to the car and drive home. Two weeks I wasn’t at home. „Is it a secret ?“ Viko asks. „What?“ I reply. „Your relationship.“ Viko says. „How do you know about us?“ I say. „The media is talking about you guys. All the time. At first they said you are dating. On the next day you guys are just friends. Later Alex told me what she knows.“ Viko says. „I hope its okay. Everyday they are talking about you.“ Alex says. „Yeah its okay. I didn’t knew it is that much.“ I say. „You shouldn’t care what other people say.“ Alex says. Justin and I nod. When we arrived we go out of the car. Justin helps Viko with the suitcases. Alex and I are standing next to the car. „You wont stay at home ?“ Alex asks. „Tomorrow Im coming home.“ I reply. „Okay. What about school ? We watched the video. Stupid people. Im so sorry.“ Alex says. „I was not at school since I watched the video. I go to school next monday.“ I say. Im so close to tears. „Please take care. Im worrying.“ Alex says „We are finished.“ Justin says and is coming to us. Alex hug me then Justin. „Goodbye.“ we all say. 

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