Hold my hand

Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


4. My best friend

Chapter 4: My best friend

I wake up… „Good morning Sweetie. Alex told me you aren’t feeling well. Come lets eat breakfast together“ my brother kisses me on the cheek. „Good morning. I feel much better. Okay Im coming.“ I say. I get up and eat breakfast. Its so cute how they care about me. „I will go now, bye“ Alex says and drives to work. „How did you get these bruises on your neck ? tell me the truth.“ Viko says with tears in his eyes. „Maybe its time to tell you. Liam did that to me. He beaten me so often. I was too afraid of him to break up. But now its over, I broke up and I feel better. Im so thankful to have you and Alex. I promised her to talk to you or to her if I have problems.. so don’t worry.“ I say. „I love you. I have a surprise for you this evening“ he grins. „I love you too. I hate surprises… Mum and dad are coming tomorrow right ?“ i say with a huge smile. „Sorry but they aren’t coming. Mum doesn’t feeling well. So they will stay at home but don’t worry. Other topic, from where is that jacket ?.“ he says. „Long story, a boy bumped into me and everything was falling a part. He let me wore his jacket to hide my dirty top. The jacket smells good(I laugh). It would be nice too meet him again but now I need a break.“ I say. „I hope you will meet him again. You have to distract to forget him. Never mind, go for a while to bed. You have to be fit. Im upstairs, working. Sleep well.“ he says. I go to the bedroom  and jump in my bed and sleep for a while

Few hours ago

„Alison, Im back, I have a surprise for you!“ Viko says. I look at the watch. Omg how long did i slept. Its 7 p.m. I hear someone is going upstairs. When the person stand in my bedroom I realize in few seconds who it is. I can’t believe. I jump out of my bed and hug her. Tears streaming down my face. „ I missed you so much Jessie! I have to tell you so much.“ i say with a big smile. „ I missed you too and i have to tell you also.“ she says and smiles back. We are lying on the bed and talking about everything for hours. She tells me how happy she is in Canada but her boyfriend will move to England next year. Maybe she will study in England instead of study here. I hope she will study here. I need her here not in England but its her life. Jessie have to decide where she want to study and live her life. „Alison? Are you okay?“ Jessie asks. „ Yes, I’m fine.“ I say and fake a smile. „Is this Liams jacket? I thought you broke up with him. Or didn’t he took his clothes home?“ she asks. „No it isn’t the jacket from him. Its from a stranger. The boy bumped into me and my coffee was all over my top, so he gave me his jacket.“ I tell her. „The boy was good-looking ?“ she smirk. „He wore a hoodie. I couldn’t recognize how he looks because he wore a cowl and sunglasses. No matter, I’m tired i try sleep now. Good night.“ I say. „Mhm .. Okay. Good night.“ she says tired too. After few minutes we fall asleep.

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