Hold my hand

Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


8. Just friends

Chapter 8: Just friends


Two months later. 

My brother, his girlfriend and I sitting in the kitchen and eating breakfast. „Alison, are you and Justin dating ?“ my brother asks. „No, we are just friends. Why should we.“ I reply. Alex grins but says nothing. „Just thought so because you are hanging out like everyday.“ he fake cough. I just look at him. „We are just friends and nothing more.“ I say. The door rings. I open the door.  „Hey come in Justin.“ I say and smile. „Hey.“ he says and smiles back. Viko and Alex are smirking. I roll my eyes and go upstairs. We lie in bed. We talk for hours. It feels so good and now I know that I feel comfortable when he is by my side. Maybe I should tell him. Okay I will. I take a deep breath. „Justin, I’m happy to have you by my side.“ I whisper. He says nothing and looks at me. He gets closer to me. His lips touching my lips. What is he doing? I get tears in my eyes and push him away. „I’m sorry I thought you feel the same and wanted to kiss me too.“ he says nervously. I take a deep breathe. „The kiss felt good but I’m afraid of getting that close with someone. I don’t know how to tell you.“ I whisper. „Trust me Alison.“ he says. „My ex-boyfriend hit me. He hurt me very much and he was the last person I have ever let someone that close to me.“ I mumble. “Don’t cry.I feel so sorry. You only deserve the best. You are a beautiful girl. It’s okay if you want to be just friends. I will accept that and we will hang out like always.” He says. Tears streaming down my face. He put his hand on my cheek and whipping the tears away. “Just friends” I say. “Okay, I will go now. If you want come tomorrow in the afternoon to me. I will be at home.” He says. “Sure I will come. Good night Justin. Thank you so much.” I nod. “Good night. I thank you.” He says and hug me. Then he walks out. I still lying in bed. I’m so confused and Im thinking about what I really want. I want someone loyal. Someone who is happy of having me. Someone who loves me. Someone who will not look for somebody else. I want someone who will wipe my tears when I shed a couple drops. Who will lend me a hand when I need help. I want someone who will stay with me. Someone who will never get tired of my versatile state of mind. Because someone who knows how to embrace me constantly is someone who can make me smile persistent. Is that too much I want ? I wish that someone would be here right now and listen. I havent saw Jessie for two mounths. I feel so empty. Im drowning in my own thoughts and nobody helps me. I need sleep. I put the earphones on and turn the music on. After one hour I fall asleep.

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