Hold my hand

Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


6. I was excited

Chapter 6: I was excited

I turn around „Yes ?“ I reply. „ Maybe we could hang out sometime ?“ he mumble. „Sure.“ I smile. We gave each others numbers. I go to my bedroom and lie down. I can’t believe that he really wants to hang out with me. But I wanted to have a break of boys. Maybe my brother is right. I should distract. I grab my phone from the nightstand. I got a message from Justin.

Justin : Do you have time on monday?. 

Me: I have school but after school we can hang out. 

Justin: fine, lets meet at the Santa Monica Pier :)

I agreed and I’m excited. I never have been hanging out with a celebrity. I hope the day will be nice and I will not think about Liam. A noise breaks my thoughts. My brother goes upstairs and sits next to me. „Why aren’t you sleeping ?“ Viko whispers. „I don’t know I can’t sleep.“ I say. „Its because of Liam right?“ he says,. „I cant forget him. He hurt me so much but it doesn’t mean I don’t love him anymore. And the boy who bumped into me, was Justin Bieber. We will hang out on monday. I don’t know if its right.“ I say and tears fill my eyes. „Its not that easy. It needs time to get over him. Perhaps Justin can change that.“ he says and hugging me. „But I don’t want to fall in love again.“ I gasp. „ You don’t have to fall in love. But someday you will fall in love with someone else. Now try to sleep. Good night.“ he add. „Good night.“ I mutter and drift into sleep. 

One day ago (Monday)

*riiing* *riing* I hear. I slowly open my eyes. Viko spams me.

Viko: Hey Alison, hurry up! You have to go to school. Its 7 p.m. I’m the whole day at work. So I will come home very late. Have a nice day. Love you, bye sis. 

I get up and take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. I take my backpack and go to school by bus. After school I take the bus to the Santa Monica Pier. I wait at the entrance. Today aren’t many people at the Pier. I look around and I can’t see Justin. Maybe he forgot about me? Or it was just a joke that he wanted to hang out. Im already waiting 20 minutes and he is not here yet. I go to the bus station and enter the bus. 

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