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Alison Young is a normal girl who study drama in LA. She is going much through her life. The more bad things happen she gets more sensitive. For her its not easy to trust someone. Everyone thinks her relationship with Liam is great but there is something they don't know. Then she met a boy. She gets happier and feels more comfortable when this boy is with her. But will she begin to have confidence in a boy again ?


20. Get ready for the surprise

Chapter 20: Get ready for the surprise


-Next morning- 

~Justin’s pov.~

I grab the bouquet of flowers and go upstairs. I open the door. Alison stretches and yawns. „Yeah you said that you love me. Yeah I said that I love you too. Let you know that you're lovely, flowers for nothing just for you …“ I sing. Alison blush. I go to her. „Aw my Baby is blushing. Happy Valentine's Day.“ I say and kiss her. „You are so cute. Thank you.“ Alison says. I look at her, she opens the nightstand. „Happy Valentine's Day, this is for you“ she says and gives me a portfolio. I open it. I look at the drawings. „I have drawn them for you. Alex and Viko will design them.“ she says. „Thank you. They are great. I love all of them.“ I say and kiss her on the cheek. She drawn a sleeve hoodie in heather grey, two tone cotton fleece hooded sweatshirt, denim biker pants in black, chino pants in camel floral and printed loose fit tee. When did she drawn these? These clothes are amazing. „Get ready. I have a surprise for you.“ I say. Suddenly the door bells. Definitely it’s Vanessa or Ryan. I run downstairs and open the door. „Hey, are you ready? We don’t have much time. Our flight is soon.“ Ryan says. „Hey, five minutes.“ I say. „Hurry up, our flight is soon. We are waiting in the Van.“ Ryan says. I shut the door. „Hurry up Bae.“ I shout. I put on my white supra shoes and Alison is running downstairs. She puts on her black vans. „You can’t go outside like this.“ I say. „Why ? Oh, because of the people, right.“ Alison says. She grabs and put my Shades Of Grey Knit Baseball Jacket in Heather Grey/Navy and Crooks & Castles snapback in black on. At least she puts on her black sunglasses. „Common.“ she says and kisses me on my lips. The journey takes 6 hours to Miami.

-At the hotel room (in Miami)-

So many Paparazzi’s were at the airport but happily they didn’t recognized Alison. She still doesn’t know what my plan is. I only told her it's a short date before I go to the VMA’s. 

~Alison’s pov.~

The hotel room is so big. It has one bathroom, a big bedroom and a living room with a Jacuzzi like a little luxurious

flat. Justin and Ryan are in the bedroom. Vanessa Price (Justin’s hairdresser) and me are in the bathroom. Vanessa  creates my hairstyle and make-up. She use a little concealer and powder. „You have naturally beautiful, long lashes, so I wont use any mascara.“ Vanessa says. Now she is doing my hair. After one hour Vanessa is finished. Vanessa goes out and Ryan comes in. Ryan is holding a dress and shoes in his hands. „Wear that.“ Ryan says and goes out. Im so excited about the surprise. At first I thought Justin wants me to go with him to the VMA’s. But he told me we have a date before the VMA’s. What could it be ? Lunch in a luxury restaurant but the VMA’s are beginning soon.

~Justin’s pov.~

She is coming out of the bathroom. Alison is looking so beautiful. She has a lightly make-up and cascading brown waves. She wears a strapless metallic Versace Atelier bustier leather dress. „Damn, you are looking hot.“ Ryan whispers. „She is mine. You are looking so beautiful Bae.“ I say. „Thank you. But why Im all dolled up ?“ Alison says. „It's a surprise.“ I say. Alison rolls her eyes. Im wearing a gold lamè suit jacket with black jeans and casual shoes. Im so excited. Vanessa looks through the window. „Its time to go. The limousine is waiting.“ Vanessa says. „Thank you so much guys.“ Alison says before they are leaving.

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