Lost and Forgotten

"Harry, if you would like to continue to be in One Direction, I advise you to stop sneaking off in the middle of the night."

"Harold, there's a angel down on earth. But she's turning into a demon. Would you go down to Earth and help her out? I will be with you."

"HazzyBear, why… just why? Why would God love me? Huh? We both I'm just a mistake."

Harold Edward Styles, also known as Harry and HazzyBear, is an angel. And he has been sent by God to help out a lost soul by the name of Brittany Nicole Mellinger.

Whale, he's also in One Direction. And sneaking around at three in the morning isn't fine by Uncle Simon.

Britt's situation as shakes Harry's faith. After being with the real world for so long, he's forgetting his angelic habits.

With his career, faith and hope at stake, will Harry let down one girl, a million girls, or his maker?


1. Mission Accepted

Harry's POV

"Harold," a voice rang through my ears. I recognized it instantly. I turned around to see my smiling maker. "There is an angel down in Earth. And she's struggling. She's actually becoming a demon. Would you please go and help her out? I know you can deal with her situation. You're strong enough."

I smiled at the compliment. "Of course!"

God laughed a hearty laugh. "I'll be with you, Harold. Remember that."

"I never forget it!" I smiled as I went to prepare for my mission.

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