My Life As A Carry on.


3. Chapter 3 ๐Ÿ’š

"OWCCCCHHHHHHEEEEEEE!!!!" The unfamiliar female yelled.

Roni's POV

After we were swimming for like 3 hours a girl came in. How did she get in? And another "Hi I'm Tina!" One said in a cheery tone. "Yuh and I'm Elanor!" Said the other. "Oh hi!" I said shaking Tina's hand. I don't like Elanor! Then Elanor asked if she could use our bathroom. "Yeah sure." Lou said handing her our key. I was currently on Louis' back. About five mins later we heard somebody scream. Uh oh. What's Sim done now? "Sim!" We all said apart from Tina at the same time knowing her. We all ran, fast. To see a blackeyed and bloody nosed Elanor. And Sim and Zayn almost pissing themselves. I had to push my lips together not to laugh. "Tina?!" Sim said in an exited tone. "SIM!!!" She said hugging her. Awe how do they know eachother??? "Sim how do you know Tina?" Lou asked curiosly. "We were glued at the hip when I went to a Jennxpenn VIP meet and greet. She's the girl of the photo."

Sim's POV

"Hi Elanor are you okay?" She shook her head. "Karma isn't always a bitch then" I mumbled just so she couldent hear but the others could. I saw the smirk on there faces. "TINNAA!!!" I yelled hugging her. Then we all went inside and made a YouTube video. "Hey guys I'm Sim!" "I'm Tina" "I'm Roni" "I'm Louis" "I'm Niall" and so on until Elanors turn came. "And I'm Elanor!" She said entheusiasticly. I was shocked. We did a would you rather video and I did a smackcam halfway through. "Okay thank for watching all my social networking stuffs in the description. Byee!" I said as I turned of the camera.

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