My Life As A Carry on.


2. Chapter 2 ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Sims POV


"Right, your all sharing a room. Roni&Sim in one bed Niall&Harry in another then Zayn&Lou and Liam you get the sofa bed!" Bart explained as we enters the gigantic hotel room.

***after unpacking***

"Hey whoes up for a game of truth or dare?" Asked Niall as we all gathered around in a circle. "Kay!" I said as Louis got a bottle and spun it, it landed on ME! "Sim truth it dare?" Asked a curios Liam. "Dare!" I yelled as I crossed my fingers. "I know exactly what was coming. "I dare you to let Zayn put something on your twitter!" Yelled Louis from the other side if the room. "Okay" I said whilst opening twitter. "Here!" I said as I thee my phone at Zayn. "Okay!" He said as the keybord began clicking. "Done!" He said as he handed my phone back. I looked at it. 'Chilling with One direction!!!' "S'not that bad!" I said as I clicked the comments. "Oh." Suddern realisation. The am mount if hate! Oh my god!

Roni's POV

***an hour later***

"Roni truth or dare?" Sim asked as the bottle pointed towards me. "Dare!" I said not wanting to be a faggot "Okay... I dare u I swap clothes with Louis!" She said and I turned bright red. "Okay" I sighed as I got up and took Louis to the bathroom. As I started to take I my clothes I realised something... Lou was there. "Give me your clothes?" I asked and he took his shirt off and gave it to me... "I'll get changed in the shower!" I said as I checked that the floor wasn't slipping. When we were done befor we went out he said "Look at me!" So I did and he kissed me! OH MY DAYS THE BOY I FANCEY JUST KISSED ME!!!! I was so shocked. When he pulled away we looked up and saw Sim Oh Shit!

Sims POV

"Wonder what's taking them so long?" Asked Haz as I got up "I'm goin go get them!" I yelled as I walked towards the gigantic bathroom and opens the door. There I saw Louis and Weronika KISSING!!!! OH MY GOD HOW CAN SHE DO THIS TO ME MY OWN BEST FRIEND!!! I'm so angry right now! I quickly stormed out grabbed my penny board an skated a far away as possable! Until I crashed into somebody. "Zayn?" I asked as he looked up. "Oh, hi!" He said as I caught my breath. "What are you doin here?" I asked "Come look for you!" He said in his Bradford accent. "Awe thanks!" I said "But how did you know where I was?" I asked just then he hugged me. "Come with me!" He said as he walked in the direction of the hotel. "Here we are!" He said about 10 mins later and we had gone into a boxing ring. "Hit the bag!" He said and directed me towards a punchbag. I hit it and it fell. "Wow not bad... For a girl" he said smirking. "SEXIST!!!!" I yelled as I walked back to the hotel room. "Hey last wind them up!" I whispers just outside the door. "Yeh pretend we're dating but trying to keep it a secret and were realy bad at it!" I said as hugging him. "Yeah!" Then I walked in whilst laughing. "Heyyyy!" I yelled as I got back in. "Sim listern I'm realy sorry!" Roni said whilst walking up to me. Even though I'm mad at her I have to pretend. "What are you talking about?" I asked laughing "Sim what's up?" Asked Lou whilst puring his hand on my head. "I'm fine. Night!" I said as I climbed into bed. "Oh by the way Roni and Lou you too sleep together!" I said "What about Zayn?" Lou asked "In sure he won't mind sleeping with me!" I said as I moved to the left of the oversized bed.

***Next morning***

Roni's POV

I slowly woke up to a hug from boo bear. "Morning Beutiful!" He said as we started to kiss, "Get a room!" I heard Harry, Niall and Liam shout. "We're in a room clever cloggs!" I yell back. "Where's Sim?" I asked. "Right there." Replied Harry pointing to Sim and Zayn hugging. "Wake up time!!!" Lou yelled and with that we got into action. "KEVVVIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!!" Lou yelled at the top of his lungs into Zayn's ear. But it diddnt work. Then I had an idea. "Be right back!" I said as I opens the cubits to reveal speakers and my little cozens Vamps CD. "She looks so perfect standing there!!!" It sang LOUD. But they diddnt wake up. Oh. "Let's leave a note and go to the pool" Says Lou and we all leave at 10:57am.

Sims POV

I woke up in Zayn's arms and suddenly I felt safe. A long missed feeling. I trust Zayn. I just stared at him and suddenly his eyes open "What are you looking at?" He asked smirking. "Your Beutiful face." I reply as he blushes. Then I check the time. 3:25pm "Urgghhhh it's too early!!!" I moan until I notice a note. 'Gone pool be back soon come to us.' "Bradford bad boy?" I say mocking him. "Whatttttt?" He replies holding the ttttttt. Just then I got a text. YAY ITS FRIM BRAD! "Hey baby Last night was fun, come over again tonight! Please baby? Xoxoxox" it read I felt myself go red with anger as I punched the door somebody walked in and fall over. OOPS.

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