My Life As A Carry on.


1. Chapter 1 ๐Ÿ‰

Simmys POV

I was just about to pack when my big brother Louis pranced into the room shouting "Allan Allan" that means out out in welsh. "Why are you talkin welsh Lou?" I asked curiosly. "I don't know baby sister!" He replied, god I hate it when he called me that! I stuck out my bottom lip. "I seriously don't see what these girls see in you!" I replied. I'm going with my brother to his tour and he said that I can take my best mate. Weronika who was also packing. Louis picked me up and spin me round shouting "You weigh a ton!" Then he saw roni and put me down saying "Heyy!" As he did so. "Where we are tour here we come!" I yelled as I walked out of he room. I was wearing my converse red sweat and a leather jackett with some chinos with my Nike blazers and my bleach blonde hair in a messy bunn where as roni was wearing a skater skirt and a croptop with converse shoes. My brother is in a huge boy band named one direction. I have met all the others apart from Zayn I think it is. Apparently I'm like someone called Zayn. Let's see... My names Simone I'm 17 years old, I dye my hair allot! I have a boyfriend, his name is Brad! And I have OneDirection there like my big brothers. I think Weronika, who is also 17, likes my brother. ARKWARD!!! Anyway were now on our way to the airport from Doncaster. Were actually going to Manchester airport.

***New york***

"Simmy!" I hear I thick Irish accent call me from behind. "Ni!" I yell as I skate over too him. Yeah I'm on my skateboard at the airport! "I've missed you!" He says "I've missed you too!" I say in the best Irish accent I can. "Simmy!" I her someone shout from behind. I spin my skatebord around and skate towards them. "HAZZA!" I yell as I hug him. I greet all the others apart from Zayn. "Where's Zayn?" Lou asked looking around. "Bathroom." Harry said pointing towards the bathroom. "I gotta go actualy!" I said dragging Weronika towards the toilets. While we were on our way in in the corridor I saw a lad. He looked like me allot! Dark hair with a blonde streak, me blonde hair dark roots! I realy need to get then done. Leather jackett red tshirt. He smiled at me and continued walking. "Oh my days Roni did I user that lad out there?" I asked placing my skatebord by the sinks. "Who?" She asked opening the door and looking around. "Dosent matter." I sighed. "Are youse twos done in there?" U heard a fimilar voice outside. "Be right out Lou!" I yelled back. Then I grabbed my skateboard and jumped of the sink. "Finaly!" Louis yelled as we walked out. "The others are already on the plane!" He continued pushing us toward the private jet.

Zayn's POV

"Right... Rooms" Bart yelled as we stepped of the plane. "I'll go get Sim and Roni!" Lou yelled while running back onto the plane. "I can't be arsed!" I heard someone yell. Just then a girl in a croptop and a skater skirt hopped of the plane. "Hi she greeted us all. "Oh... Roni, Zayn, Zayn, Roni!" Hazz stepped in introducing us. "God I can see what everyone's been talking about!" Roni said whilst looking towards the others. "What?" I asked confused "Oh you look like my best mate Sim and apparently you have the same personality!" She said whiles looking back "Louis is trying I wake her up!" She said whilst looking at the door. "Must be like me then!" I said. Just then Lou walked out the door carrying a girl, about 18 bridal style and said "She wouldent get up!" I laughed she slowly opens up her eyes and said "Who the fuck are you?" Obviously meaning me. "Sim this is Zayn!" Niall stepped in. "Oh hi!" She said getting to her feet. Oh my god. She's the girl from the airport!

Simmys POV

I wiped my eyes to try to adjust and there befor me was the boy from the airport. Stop it sim you have a boyfriend!

Authors note:

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter xxx

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