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  • Published: 3 May 2014
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Some girls can be cunning, seductive and....dangerous. Just like Jena who would do anything to revenge for her mom.........


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          Michael was invited to a party. It was a random case for him. A friend told him that at the end of the week a girl from the valley will make a house party in order to celebrate her 18th B-day and her total freedom .                                                                                                             -From reliable source I know that the girl is super cool and I do not doubt that the splash is gonna be unforgettable.                                                                                                                      -How can you be so sure? Who's this reliable source?-asked Michael his friend.                       -It's my sister. She is a friend of that girl and saw me her picture. Last time they saw each-other on the beach, the girl from the valley gave her an invitation.                                                           -So, your little sister will be there,too?                                                                                                -No, man. Suddenly she caught a cold......and will remain at home for a week.                         -You don't want the invitation to be in vain, right? -I still don't know, man-said Mike                        -I don't even know the chick.                                                                                                                -Get over yourself! It's time to do something really fun. Alright, tell me the last time you were out somewhere.                                                                                                                                          -Besides I don't wanna go alone …...                                                                                                  Michael was still wondering but finally accepted the offer                                                                    -I do it only for you, Josh!                                                                                                                      -You won't be sorry. I promise you, Mike . . .                                                                                               The big night came. Michael and his friend just arrived with Mike's father old car and when they parked, the two boys saw the numerous hot teen girls coming for the party. The music was blasting everywhere, could be heard even outside the house. Jena's mother was on a short trip to Oregon to see her sister, so tonight the girl from the valley was completely ready to throw all her inhibitions away. Jena looked just gorgeous. Mike and Josh saw her silhouette on the front door and immediately felt enchanted. She was talking to three other girls and the boys could hear the sweet , coquette jokes that she tells. Michael and his friend mingled the crowd. Tried the sushi rolls and after that took two ice-cold beers.                                                                            -I don't know you both!-said unexpectedly Jena                                                                          -Oh-Mike started to stutter-this is my friend-Josh. He brought me here.                                            -If you want me to leave..... That second Josh nudged him and said:                                           -This is Mike, He's a little shy. Please, don't listen him what he's talking-suggested Josh        -You are cute and funny-said Jena lasciviously, only looking at Mike.                                         -See you around, guys This was Jena's last words before going for something upstairs. But before that she poured more punch in her glass.                                                                                   -I told you, bro, the chick is awesome!                                                                                          Michael preserved silence and said to his friend that he is going outside for a while. Meanwhile, Josh made few acquaintances and after the talk went in the living-room to dance. He was having a a blast while Mike at the very beginning was nervous. Yesterday he had a nightmare but already promised Josh to go with him to the party.                                                                   -Why are you here alone?-scared him Jena                                                                                       -Are you always so mysterious?-asked Michael the girl from the valley.                                            -I can be even more if you like.....                                                                                                       Mike said that the party is great but he needed a little air. He thanked her also for inviting a complete stranger in her home.                                                                                                         -Don't be silly! -I like meeting new and interesting people. Especially so cute guys like you-said tenderly Jena and kissed Mike on the ear. He moved aside.                                                         -You know, Jena , I'm not get used to that......stuff                                                                            -The best will be to go home now.                                                                                                      -Michael, wait! Maybe I pushed things a little harder but.......please....don't.....and that bit of a second Jena sprinkled with her pepper spray in the boy's eyes                                                 -Ouch-squealed Mike while trying to clear the liquid off his eyes, Jena grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to the car. Mike couldn't see a thing.                                                                     -What are you doing, you crazy girl?                                                                                                -Well, now I am crazy. You'll see now.....                                                                                                 -I know you, boy. Know your whole damn family. Your father is such a jerk for messing with mom....                                                                                                                                              -What-said Mike surprised-you mean...                                                                                             -Yes, dumb ass, they have an affair-replied the valley girl with anger.                                               -I am sure he forgot to mention this detail to your dear mom!                                                          -But you know what, you will pay for your father's sins......                                                                After these words, the uncontrollable Jena maximized the speed of the car.                                     -I knew that those retard, your friend, will bring you with him to my party.                                       -All I had to do is wait... I made this plan so perfect.......                                                                       Jena couldn't stop talking and yelling, and then talking again. In the pauses she starts laughing maliciously but the third time she turned back to see Mike on the back seat, some lights blinded her through the windshield and Mike's dad old car crashed into a lorry. Jena died momentarily. The fact that Michael was sitting in the back, helped him survive. He could only thanks faith for seeing the innocence in his eyes and making possible for bad people to receive what they deserve....... Debra,Jena's mom and Hank,Mike's dad ,never saw each-other again.

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