The Boys Across the Street

~One girl. Two best friends. One night. One choice.~

Acacia Hayes is your average type of girl. Funny, smart, crazy, beautiful and has her issues. But what happens when her 'issues' happen to be just a couple of guys who live across the street? Sure they just seem like regular guys at first glance but oh no sister, we ain't done yet.
These particular boys happen to be the one and only, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson from the six second video app called Vine. Along with their friends, they befriend Acacia and get to know her better.
Until things fall apart.
These two boys (who have been friends since kindergarten) start fighting over Acacia's heart and Acacia, being only one girl between two boys, has to make a decision. Jack or Jack? No one knows except for Acacia herself and on the magical night of Prom, the answer is revealed.

But just who did she choose?


4. Second Day With The Blonde Bimbo





I reached my hand over I actually wasn’t tired just got so I just got up and walked to my closet and decided what to wear.
I picked out acid wash high waist shorts and my grey crop top that said be wild be free (it was long enough to were you couldn’t see my stomach so I am able to wear it to school.) Then put on my white vans and walked to the bathroom; and but my hair in a slightly high ponytail.

Then I walked down stairs to find that my dad had left and wrote me another note.


I left for work early again I’m beginning to think I will have to leave early every day, but I won’t be home till really late so don’t get worried. I also made you some pancakes; they are setting in the microwave,
Love, dad XOXO


I walked to the microwave and put it on for 15 seconds so the pancakes would be warm and fluffy and sat down and eat.

When I had finished I sat my plate in the sink like I always had to and went back to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

I grabbed my black jacket (in case it was cold) and then grabbed my phone to see I had a new message from Jack.



Me and the guys are gonna drive you to school from now on so you don’t have to walk see you at 7:45


I texted him ok and smiled at how nice all my new friends were and then checked the time.
7:44am. I ran back downstairs and grabbed my purse and key and locked the door.

When I walked outside the boys where already sitting out in front of my house waiting for me. Which was surprising considering how unorganized they were.


“Hey Acacia,” Jack said through the window as JJ opened the back door so I could get in


“Was your dad there to help you this morning?” Matthew asked as Jack started to drive.


“Actually no and thinks he will have to leave early every morning which sorta sucks but I’m fine with it because like I have told you guys before I am independent,” I said smiling.


After that everyone started either playing on their phones or listening to music like me. But after like 5 minutes we were at the prison they call school (don’t get me wrong I love my new school; I just hate all the annoying people like Mackenzie.)
We walked into the school and just like yesterday everyone was staring at us and then blonde bimbo and her little followers walked up to us like she owned the school.


“Have any of you decided who is gonna go to prom with me and my girls yet,” she said as she flipped her hair and tried to act all cute. But, honestly it was pretty much disturbing.


“Umm no actually we haven’t had much time,” Matthew said, so that they didn’t have to answer her question.


“Well I’m giving you boys one week to decide,” she said and gave me a look of disgust and winked at Cameron before she turned around on her heels, flipping her hair again.


“Well now we about a week for us ALL to find someone to go with besides them,” Carter said (this being the first time he has talked around me since the questionnaire game).


“I honestly don’t even want to think about it right now,’ Matthew said.


“Yeah I’m glad I’m not y’all but I’m going to my locker so see all of you guys at lunch,” I said and then started walking in the direction of my locker.


But when I got there the blonde bimbo was standing in front of my locker


“Hey listen up baby blue you stay away from all those boys they’re all mine,” she said.


“That’s funny because you CAN’T tell me what to do and last time I checked they all hate you,” I said laughing.


“Whateves! But, it’s not gonna be funny when they all go to prom with me and my girls and you have to go all alone,” she said flipping her ugly, horribly dyed hair once again, as she walked away.


I laughed to myself because I knew that no matter what she tried the guys would never go with her.

Then I grabbed my stuff out of my locker and started to walk down the hall.


“Hey Acacia wait up!” Sam said as he walked over to me.


“Hey,” I said


“Sorry you have to deal with that girl on only your second day, I mean like really her brain couldn’t even fill an M&M shell,” Sam said.


“Oh I didn’t know she even had a brain, I mean she’s always putting her eyes I her head checking,” I said laughing.


“Well see you later Acacia,” Sam said as I left him because we were at my history class. I walked in and I sat in the front next Rebecca again.


“Hey” I said smiling at her.


She was about to say hey back but Mr. James walked into the room and told us to continue on the same page we left off on yesterday

I didn’t get the chance to talk to Rebecca until after history and math when I was walking with her to the cafeteria


“Everything is so much better since you moved here,” she said smiling.


“Thanks I guess,” I said not knowing what to say.


“No problem," she said laughing as we reached Erin and walked to the guys.


I sat down next to Jack and JJ as Erin and Rebecca sat down next to me (they were across from Brent and Taylor).

We all just chatted and did what we normally did until Mackenzie came, walking down her imaginary run way
“Guys seriously you need to get away from these sluts there gonna make you look bad,” she said in a dramatic way.


“YOU can leave now and there not sluts,” Taylor said.
Mackenzie screeched then walked away to her little group as the bell rang.

The rest of the day was pretty much normal and I got a worksheet for math, essay for English, and an art project with Jack due when we got back to school next week.

When I walked out of school the boys were waiting for me so I jumped in the car and they drove me home.


“Bye guys” I said as I stated to walk out the car.

“Wait what about out project?” Jack asked.


“Oh call me later and you can come over” I said.


“Okay bye,” they all said as I started to walk to my door.

I walked inside and went upstairs to start working on the other things I had to do for home work.
When I had finished Jack texted me.



Hey the rest of the guys wanted to know if they could come too.



Yeah sure that’s fine when y’all are coming.






Yeah sure that’s fine.


Then about two minutes after he last texted me I heard the doorbell ring

I ran down stairs and opened the door and everyone was there.


“Hey come in,” I said as they started to come in.


“Hey,” they all replied.


“Ok so what do y’all want to do while we work on the project?” I asked.


“Umm can we play video games?” Brent asked.


“Yeah sure,” I said then Jack and I walked up to my room.


Our project was to makes a 3D story on a poster board out of recycled items.


“What story should we tell in the art?” I asked.


“Umm well can we do something without people? Because I can’t draw bodies” he said.


“Yeah how about we do like a story about the sea and we can use old wire?” I asked.


“Okay but can we like have a shark in it that eats everything in the end,” he asked.


“Ok,” I said laughing, and then we started to do the project.

When we finished it actually turned out great. We had like 10 different boxes in it. And we were able to add color in with some of my old chalk and some different recycled items.

Then I looked over and saw that Jack was looking at me so I smiled and then looked away and we got up and went back downstairs


“Well guys thanks for coming over and playing my games and eating my food but y'all have to go because its getting late and we have school,” I said messing with them.


“Ok it’s good to now we are welcome and can come,” Clay said laughing.

After they left I made me and my dad spaghetti and meatballs and left him a note that it was in the microwave and that I was upstairs.

I ran upstairs, to my room and went fast asleep.



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