The Boys Across the Street

~One girl. Two best friends. One night. One choice.~

Acacia Hayes is your average type of girl. Funny, smart, crazy, beautiful and has her issues. But what happens when her 'issues' happen to be just a couple of guys who live across the street? Sure they just seem like regular guys at first glance but oh no sister, we ain't done yet.
These particular boys happen to be the one and only, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson from the six second video app called Vine. Along with their friends, they befriend Acacia and get to know her better.
Until things fall apart.
These two boys (who have been friends since kindergarten) start fighting over Acacia's heart and Acacia, being only one girl between two boys, has to make a decision. Jack or Jack? No one knows except for Acacia herself and on the magical night of Prom, the answer is revealed.

But just who did she choose?


2. Moving In = Drama (Already?)

"Well here we are Acacia, our... eighth house I believe?" My dad said as we pulled up to our new house.


"It's our seventh dad," I explained.

"Just making sure," he smiled as he turned off the cars ignition and gets out.

I do the same and look at our new house with him.

"Hope this is our last move for a while," my dad states.


"Well we should start unpacking than, come help me would ya?"

I shrugged and helped him take out some bags from the car. Moving from place to place means that you can only bring a certain amount of stuff with you so there is enough room for everything you've brought. In the car we had our bags with our clothes in them and valuables and in the trailer we had two couches, our beds along with our mattresses, the T.V, the table and chairs, bedside tables, clothes dressers and the fridge. (It's a large trailer).

It took us about half an hour to get all the boxes and bags out and into the house but instead of immediately going back outside to start taking things of the trailer, we stayed inside unpacking all the boxes and bags first. (This was a little tricky because we didn’t have the furniture in yet but we did the best we could) Afterwards, there was a knock on the door. Weird, I didn't think someone would be this eager to meet us.

"I'LL GET IT!" I called to my dad who was putting away the utensils in the kitchen.

I hurried to the door and opened it. Standing there was a group of boys who had smiles on all their faces.

"You must be our new neighbour," the one with brown hair and blue eyes stated. "We all live across the street from you. I'm Nash."

"Um...hi I'm Acacia, nice to meet you all," I replied smiling.

"Sweetie! Who's at the door?" my dad called, poking his head from around the corner.

"These are our neighbours dad," I explained. "They live across the street."

"All of them?" he asked walking up next to me.

"Not Brent, Taylor, Clay, my brother Hayes and I sir, we live with our families," Nash said.

"And who are those boys?" dad asked.

"I'm Brent," the boy with brown hair just above his eyes exclaimed, raising his hand a little.

"I'm Clay," the boy with light brown hair smiled.

"I'm Taylor," another boy with brown hair and a bandana stated.

"And I'm Hayes," a boy that looked like Nash nodded.

"And who are the rest of you?" dad questioned.

"Well I'm Nash," Nash explained. "And this is Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson."

A variety of 'hello', 'sup' and 'hi' came from each of the boys.

"So wait, there are two Jacks?" I exclaimed a little confused.

"That's us," two boys, one with tanned skin and black hair and another with semi tanned skin and dirty blonde hair, stated.

"That's going to be confusing," I sighed. "Why don't I call you Jack and you Blondie."

"Ha, you've already got a cute nickname from the girl Jack," Brent teased, slapping Jack/Blondie on the arm.

"So? If it helps her to not get mixed up with our names than its fine," Blondie said.

"Not to seem rude or anything boys," my dad exclaimed. "But what are you all doing here anyways?"

"Oh we um... saw the large amount of things in your trailer and decided to come and help," Matthew explained. "Are we allowed to help sir?"

"I don't see why not, there is a far bit of heavy stuff in there." my dad said. "My names Eric Hayes and this is my daughter, Acacia."

"Hello," I smiled.

I noticed Hayes lift his head up in alertness at the mention of his name. I giggled quietly at his confusion.

"Well let's get started then, it's good to know our new neighbours are this helpful," my dad stated.

The boys nodded and we all walked towards the trailer. The first thing we did was untie the ropes and take off the tarp to reveal all the furniture underneath. Within about ten minutes, all the furniture was inside and in it's right places. The fridge in the kitchen (of course), our beds and mattresses in our bedrooms with the duvets and pillows on them, the bedside tables and clothes dressers also in the bedrooms, the T.V and the couch put in the living room and the table and chairs put in the dining room.

"Well, that took some energy," my dad panted. "Thank you boys for helping."

"No problem sir," Taylor smiled.

"Please, just all me Eric. That goes for all of you."

"Well Eric, we're glad we could help but we should go now," Cameron stated.

"Why don't you boys stay for lunch? I'm going to go and fire up the barbeque and Acacia and I are going to have sausages, why don't ya join us?" dad suggested.

"Hayes and I can't Eric because we promised our mum we would be home by quarter to twelve so we have to go," Nash explained. "But thank you for the offer."

"I have to go as well, my mum gave me the same curfew," Brent said.

"Well it was nice to meet to meet you guys," I smiled. "Bye."

"See ya Acacia, it was nice to meet you too," Hayes waved and followed his brother out the door.

"Alright, so who's up for some sausages?" my dad exclaims as he rubs his hands together.

"Who isn't dad?" I stated giving him a kiss on the cheek. "You always make the best."

"Thank you Acacia," dad smiled.

"Would you like some help firing up the barbeque?" Clay asked.

"Yes please, I think there was a few gas cans in the back shed. Come help me with them would you please?" dad said as he walked out the backdoor with Clay following behind.

I stood there awkwardly with my six new neighbours not knowing what to do.

" have an Xbox or something?" Jack (not Blondie) questioned.

"Actually, we have a PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii but we haven't got them set up yet, wanna help?" I suggested.

The boys all had huge grins on their faces as I led them to the living room where our electronics were all in a mess of tangled cords.

"I know it looks like a mess but the cords are in the right piles just tangled up and I have no idea what pile goes to which console," I explained.

"No problem Acacia, we've done this loads of times. Just sit back and let the guys take care of this," Carter stated smugly.

"Aha," I said slowly. "Well when you need a better working brain than the one you've already got, don't coming running to me," I sassed and sit on the couch, taking out my phone.

Carter's mouth hags open as if he's going to say something but quickly shuts it and ignores me. The other boys snickered and split into groups of two then started working out the piles of tangled cords. I just sat on my phone, looking through my Twitter when I here quiet singing. It sounds really good. (I have really good hearing by the way) I looked up from my phone and saw Jack (the one with black hair) singing quietly to himself. I smile slightly.

"You've got a nice voice Jack," I complement.

Jack looks at me startled then smiles.

"Thanks," he replies then goes back to work with the cords.

There is silence for a few minutes until Carter starts complaining.

"This is so damn hard!"

"Awww, is baby Carter's bad working brain gone to mush?" I tease.

All the boys but Carter laugh while Carter looks at me with a glare.

"I'd like to see you try and un-tangle these cords," Carter retorts.

"I'd thought you'd never ask," I sigh as I get up and go over to where Carter was siting.

I look at the tangled mess and grab two random spots and pull gently. The cord extends into almost perfectly un-tangled cord except for a few knots which will be easy to untie.

"There, now all you have to do is untie the knots. Will that be easy enough for ya or do I have to do them as well?" I smirk and turn my head slightly to the side, looking at Carter.

Again, all the boys laugh but Carter just walks out of the room.

"You've some sassy attitude Acacia, we wouldn't want to mess with you," Blondie states.

I turn my head and face him.

"Thanks Blondie," I smile.

"Could you please call me something other than Blondie? It just seems like something an overly... loving... couple thing and it's weird," Blondie said.

I chuckle a little and think for a moment.

"What about JJ?" I suggest.

"JJ? Why that?"

"Well you name is Jack Johnson isn't it? So take the first letter out of each of them and you get JJ," I explained.

JJ nodded, seeming satisfied.

"JJ it is then."

After that, we finish untangling the cords and plugged everything into the right console and power outlets.

"Um Acacia?" Matthew said.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Do you have any extension boards because we need some outlets and there isn't any left," Matthew explained.

"I think we do, let me check," I stated and hurried to a cupboard that was on the staircase.

I opened it and looked through the third shelf, which is where we put the extra cords and stuff. I know this because Dad and I sussed out this box when we were unpacking it.

After I found the extension board, I took it out, closed the cupboard door and was about to head back downstairs when someone pushed me against the cupboard door. It was Carter.

"What do you think you're doing?" he hissed angrily.

"Umm... getting an extension board for the plugs that couldn't fit in a crowded outlet," I said as it was clearly obvious.

"Really? It looks like you're just playing hard to get," Carter smirked with a less angry voice but it was still rough.

"What the hell do you mean?" I retorted.

"Well," Carter licked his lips. "I think you have a thing for me."

"Dude! What the hell!" I exclaimed. "I just fucking met you!" (I only swear from time to time if you're wondering)

"Yeah but they also say love at first sight," Carter started to lean in closer until he was about a few inches from my face.

I was shocked. Was he about to kiss me? A guy I had just met was about to bloody kiss me. I tried to break free from his grip but he was strong. Now I was scared. I'd never been in a situation like this before and I was freaking out. My throat was dry and I couldn't call for help.

Carter's lips were hovering above mine and he was about to place hips mouth on mine but we were interrupted by someone.

"Carter! What the fuck are you doing man?!" JJ shouted but only loud enough for us to hear.

"Jack my boy; it's not nice to interrupt people. You know that?" Carter exclaimed backing away from me.

I exhaled a breath of air. I hadn't realized I was holding my breath.

"Yeah but you can if one of your mate is about to kiss a girl who you just met and is clearly terrified!" JJ stated.

"Like you know that rule! You tried to kiss my girlfriend the first time you met her!"

"I've told you a million times that she kissed me first!"

"Oh and you pulled away immediately did ya?!"

JJ hung his head, looking ashamed.

"That's what I thought," Carter said slowly turning his attention back to me. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to kiss this pretty girl here."

JJ looked up and yelled stop but he was too late, I had already got to Carter first. I punched him in the face which made him stumble back a little then I kneed him in the groin. Carter winced over in pain and fell to the ground at my feet. He whined in pain.

"That's what you get you little piece of shit!" I exclaimed.

I walked pass Carter with the extension board still in my hand (I punched him with my other one) and went over to JJ who had a shocked expression on his face.

"Where did you learn to fight like that?" JJ asked.

"I took a few self-defense lessons a few years back to deal with some... bulling," I explained as we started to walked downstairs.


"Yeah I was bullied in one of my old schools but all people did was tease me of my hair and for being independent and sometimes, people hurt me. Physically"

"Did you tried to... you know... cut your wrists or anything?"

"Jack, do I look like I'm the type of chick that attempts suicide?!" I questioned.

"Hey, you called me Jack!" JJ exclaimed happily.

"Answer the question," I chuckled.

"No, you’re not the type of chick that looks like she would commit suicide," JJ said.

"Exactly," I stated. "Now come on, everyone must be waiting for us."

We entered the living room where the boys were waiting patiently.

"What happened? We heard a commotion and someone yell 'stop' or something," Taylor exclaimed when he saw us.

"Just dealing with some... newly found problems," I explained, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

"Okay," Taylor said, not sounding fully convinced. "Do you have the extension board?"

"Right here," I reply shaking it in my hand.

"Chuck it here then!" Matthew stated.

I tossed it to Matt and he caught it easily.

"Nice pass," Matthew complimented.

"Nice catch," I replied and sat down on one of the couches next to Cameron.

After that, all the consoles were set up and I had taken out a couple of small boxes which had all the video games in them.

"You and your dad must play a fair bit of video games," Jack stated.

"Not really my dad, only me," I explained. "I love them!"

"What games do you have?" Taylor asked.

"Well which console do you want to use? Because I don't want to read them all out," I said.

"What do you think boys? Xbox, PS3 or Nintendo?" Cameron questioned.

"I'll go with PS3," Taylor stated.

"I'm gonna go with Xbox," Jack said.

"Xbox," JJ agreed.

"Xbox," Matthew also agreed.

"I'm gonna say PS3," Cameron exclaimed.

"Majority rules, we're using the Xbox," I said.

"But you didn't choose," Taylor gave a confused look.

"I didn't? Well I choose Xbox than," I smiled mischievously. "Now for the Xbox, I have...COD: Ghosts, COD: Black Ops one and two, Minecraft, Kinect Sports, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Child of Light and Trials Fusion."

"I wanna play Trials Fusion," JJ stated.

"Same," Jack agreed.

Everyone else agreed to Trials Fusion so I turned on the Xbox, put the game in and handed Taylor, Matthew, Cameron and Jack an Xbox controller each.

"Don't you want a shot Acacia?"  Cameron questioned.

"Nah, I'm fine for now," I replied. "But I'll have a go later."

Cameron nodded and focused his attention to the screen where a race was about to start. I sat on the couch and picked up my phone from nearby. I must've left it here when I went it go and get the extension board. I swipe the unlock slab and saw that the last app I opened was camera. Strange, I had Twitter opened when I turned it off before. I pressed the home button and saw that my wallpaper had changed to a picture of all the boys but Clay, Nash, Hayes, Brent and Carter. Now I was curious. I quickly opened my Photos app and looked at my latest pictures and there was about twelve different pictures of the boys as a group pulling different faces including a selfie of each themselves.

"Boys?" I said with a small hint of seriousness in my voice.

"Yes Acacia?" they all replied I unison.

"Why are there pictures of you guys on my phone?"

"Umm..." JJ started.

"We kinda... found you phone and played with it," Jack explained pausing the game.

"But how did you even get into my phone?!"

"We'll you don't have a passcode so it was pretty easy," Taylor stated.

"What else did you guys do on here?" I asked.

"Put our numbers into your contacts," Matthew said. "As we'll as Nash's, Hayes's, Brent's, Clay's and Carter's number."

"Umm... well okay then, you can get back to your game now," I gestured them to continue.

The boys shrugged and continued. About thirty seconds later, Carter came in with a fake smile on his face.

"You guys look like you're having fun," Carter stated.

"Why don't you join us Carter? We're almost finished with his race," Taylor announced.

"Can't mate sorry, my mum just called and she wants me to come home and talk about something, she didn't say what exactly though," Carter said. He scratched the back of his neck.

"Well we'll see you at school then, later dude," Matt waved.

"Bye guys, later Acacia," Carter winked at me before heading out the door.

"Asshole," I muttered to myself.

Five minutes later, Clay and my dad came in and there was a delicious smell of cooked meat coming from the kitchen.

"Lunch is ready boys and Acacia," dad announced.

The boys immediately paused the game and dashed off towards the source of the smell.

"We'll they must be hungry," I stated getting up.

"Seems like it sweetie," dad replied.

We followed the boys to the kitchen and each grabbed a plate.

"Why don't you boys goes first," dad said.

"But we couldn't take anymore advantage of you hospitality Eric, please, you go first," Jack smiled.

"I insist, you boys have been so helpful today that you deserve first go," dad argued.

"But Mr. Hayes sir-" Cameron started.

"Can one of you please go for the love of God!" I exclaimed.

"But-" dad said.

"Fine! If neither if you pretty ladies can't decide who goes first than I will!" I grabbed a piece of bread and put a sausage on it then sat down at the table.

Everyone just looked at me like I was some kind of crazy person but I can't help it if I'm hungry and don't want to wait for them to finish bickering over who goes first. I noticed Jack chuckling slightly.

"Acacia!" dad exclaimed.

"Yes father?!" I looked over at him and crossed my eyes.

Everyone started laughing and my dad just chuckled and shook his head.

"You remind me so much of you mother," dad said.

I gave him a goofy grin while everybody grabbed a sausage and a piece of bread then sat down and ate their much happily.

"Acacia wasn't lying when she said these were the best sausages, this is delicious!" Clay stated.

"Thank you Clay," dad said.

"Umm... dad?" I questioned.

"Yes Acacia?"

"What took you guys so long to get the barbecue ready?" I asked.

"Well it took us a few minutes to get the gas set up then we lit the barbecue, cooked the meat and talked while the sausages were cooking," Clay explained.

"Makes sense," JJ stated and took another bite out of his sausage and bread.

Lunch was delicious and everyone was off in their own conversation. Cameron, Clay and Taylor were talking about school, Matthew and dad were chatting about each other and JJ and Jack were saying stuff about randoms things but one topic they talked about caught my attention.

"... So what should we do for our next Vine?" JJ asked.

My ears pricked up a little and I listened in closely.

"Not sure mate," Jack replied.

"Why don't we do 'How friends come over versus how best friends come over'," JJ suggested.

"Sounds cool, but how would we do it?"

"Err... Jack and JJ?" I called to get their attention.

"Yeah?" they both answered at the same time.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Well were trying to think of a new idea for our next Vine," Jack explained.

"And what's Vine?"

All the boys (but my dad) looked at me in shock.

"How do you not know what Vine is?!" Cameron exclaimed.

"Well I've never heard of it until JJ and Jack mentioned it," I explained.

"Well Vine is this app where you can record and upload six second videos," Taylor said.

"We all do it," Matt stated.

"Seriously?!" I exclaimed.

"Yep and it may not seem like much but we're all Vine Famous which is a pretty big thing," Clay said.

"What's so special about being Vine Famous?" I questioned.

"Well, being Vine Famous means that we can attend MAGCON and have thousands of girls swoon over us," Cameron explained.

"It's nice to know that we're popular around the country and maybe even other countries but it can be a little annoying sometimes," JJ said.

"What do you mean by that?"

"We'll when we actually go to MAGCON, our car is surrounded by screaming girls and it’s nearly impossible to get through," Taylor stated.

"So you guys are kinda like One Direction when they’re going to a concert," I suggested. "You need to get somewhere but there are so many girls that it’s nearly impossible."

"You can refer it to that if you want but it's not as crazy," Jack said.

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Seriously?" I exclaimed.

"Okay it is crazy but not as crazy as the One Direction reference you suggested."

After that, the boys and I went into the living room to continue playing the Xbox while my dad wen to go and work on some papers for his job. We played Trials Fusion for an hour and a half then I went to my room and brought my Questionnaire Jenga down. Questionnaire Jenga is like Jenga but the blocks have questions on them and the person who takes a block has to choose who to ask the question to. It was a heap of fun! Taylor kept accidentally knocking the tower down and Cameron and Clay were cracking jokes the entire time. After our fourth game of Questionnaire Jenga, we packed everything up and sat in a circle and the boys asked me questions about myself.

"What's your favourite colour?" Matthew asked.

"Blue." I replied.

"Favourite animal?" Taylor questioned.


"How many houses have you lived in?" Cameron said.

"This is my seventh one."

"Wow, fair enough." Clay stated. "Why did you dye your hair blue?"

"To show how unique and independent I am," I explained. "Also because it's my favourite colour."

"How annoying can it be moving from place to place?" JJ asked.

"It was a bit frustrating at the start but I'm pretty used to it now."

"Hope this isn't to personal Acacia," Jack said. "But where's your mum?"

I froze for that question. These boys were really sweet an all but could I tell them what happened to my mum even though I just met them? It couldn't hurt to tell people every once in a while.

"My mum, she... err.. .died in a car accident five years ago when I was twelve," I answered. I could fell tears in my eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked," Jack apologized.

"No it's okay Jack, it's nice to tell people every once in a while," I mumbled loud enough so they could hear. "It's just that, people used to tease me at my old schools and I never really had any friends to share secrets with but it's nice that it's off my chest now."

"Well since you’re our friend now, I think it's only fair that well tell you a secret of our own," Clay stated.

"What do mean Clay?" I questioned.

"Well for starters, my parents just kicked me out of the house," Clay explained, sounding a little sad.

"Seriously?! Why didn't you tell us?" Matt exclaimed.

"Well I've been staying at my Grandma's until I can find a place to stay and it was a little hard finding the right moment to tell you guys."

"Well you can always stay at or place," JJ suggested.

"Thanks mate but I want to start trying to find my own place and settle down so thanks for the offer but I have to pass," Clay said.

"Well you welcome to come over at any time," Cameron stated, slapping Clay on the back. "For my secret, my girlfriend and I just broke up."

"You and Stacy?! But you two were so happy together!" Taylor exclaimed.

"Well it wasn't working out and besides, Stacy had been dating Michael Phillips behind my back anyways," Cameron explained.

"There are plenty more fish in the sea mate," Jack comforted. "You'll find the right one someday."

And so that's how it went. The boys told at least one secret and we were all there to comfort them. Matthew had confessed that he was a reading geek (respect for that guy), Taylor was in this secret relationship with a girl named Amy Stone, Jack has this habit of going shirtless around his house at random times and JJ, well, let's just say that it took a certain amount of persuading to make him confess. He actually was writing a song.

"Dude, why didn't you tell us you were writing some songs?!" Taylor stated.

"Well for starters I'm writing a song and secondly, I didn't want to tell you guys until it was finished," JJ explained shyly.

"Can we hear it?" I asked curiously.

"Sorry Acacia but I don't want to perform it just yet, not until the songs finished like I said."

"Well I'm sure it'll sound great man, you've always had this talent for music," Jack said.

"Thanks man," JJ grinned.

I then noticed that Matthew was checking his watch.

"Umm... guys, it's getting kinda late and we should let Acacia get comfortable with her new place," he explained.

"Well it was really great to meet you Acacia but now that I think about it, we do have school tomorrow," Cameron stated.

"It was nice to meet you guys as well and thank you for being so nice and helpful with me and my dad today," I exclaimed standing up with the boys. "And maybe I might see you at school."

"What school you going to?" Clay asked.

"Westside High? I think," I replied.

"That's where we go!" JJ stated.

"Well I'll be sure to keep a look out for you boys when I arrive tomorrow," I smiled." Bye!"

"See ya Acacia, GOODBYE ERIC!" the boys shouted.

"GOODBYE BOYS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!" dad called back from the dining room.

"You're welcome!" Jack stated and followed the boys outside.

I watched them as they crossed the road and enter the house across the street. JJ glanced back before he went into the house and waved, I waved back. He smiled and disappeared into the house. I closed our door then went into the dining room and gave my dad a hug from behind.

"Those boys are really nice Acacia," dad said.

"I know," I smiled as I kissed him on the hair and went upstairs to my bedroom.

I sat onto my bed and took out my phone. The time was 3:38pm. The boys had been here for about four hours and I hadn't even realized. I smiled and suddenly felt... curious. I opened my phone and went onto the app store and looked up 'Vine'. When I found the app, I downloaded it and checked it out. I created my own account and looked up 'Matthew Espinosa', since it was the first name I could think of to look up. Don't judge. I surprised I even knew how to spell his last name. After a few seconds of loading, the suggestions came up and he was the first one. I click his icon and the screen changed to his profile page. I pressed the follow button and spent the next minute looking at his Vines, hoping to find links to the others boy's accounts.

I eventually came to a Vine where JJ and Matt were having a pretend fight and JJ was gonna tell Matt's mum about something Matthew had said but Matt tried to persuade him not to.



Here's the video...



I laughed at how silly, but true, it was. I looked in the caption and there was a link to JJ and Jack's account call 'Jack and Jack'. Of course it was called that.

I pressed the link and was transferred to their profile. I followed them as well. I did that with Cameron's, Clay's, Taylor's, Nash's, Hayes's and Brent's. They all had really good and funny videos and when I looked at the clock, the time was 4:26pm. I had been on Vine for about almost an hour looking at my new neighbors' account and laughing at their videos. I sound like some crazy stalker girl. Then my phone dinged. I had just got a message from...Crazy Clay?! Who the hell is that? Then I remembered that the boys had said earlier today that they had put their numbers in my phone. So it must be Clay.

I opened the Messages app and clicked on the new conversation.

~CRAZY CLAY~ (Nice name for Clay boys)

So... you've followed me on Vine huh? I thought you didn't know what Vine was?

I smiled slightly and replied.

~GAMERGIRL~ (My username is weird, don't judge)

Yes I have followed you on Vine but I only just downloaded the app after you guys left so I'm still learning.

Clay replied back in seconds.


Really? Well I welcome you to the Vine universe! XD


Thanks, but I doubt that I'll be as famous as you guys.


Might want to rephrase that if I were you...

Suddenly, my phone dinged several times and it was all from Vine. I got out of the Message app and went onto Vine. I had fourteen notifications and ten of them were the boys, including Carter. As well as some random people.

Wait, how did Carter now I had made an account?! Did the boys tell him or something? I ignored it and went back to texting Clay.


So you all followed me huh?


Pretty much :D


Well not just you boys followed me; four other random people followed me as well.


Nice to have people follow you isn't it?


On Vine or IRL? Because it would so damn creepy in real life.


Vine of course!


Well then yes, it is nice to have people following me :)

Clay and I talked for another fifteen minutes until I got a notification that 'Jack and Jack' had made a new Vine. (This Vine will be fake) I went on to the app and checked it out and to my surprise, they had mentioned me in it.


JJ- "Hey guys!"

JACK- "Shout-out to our friend Acacia."

JJ- "She just started Vine so it would be nice if you followed her."

JACK- "We've put a link to her profile in the description so you can check her out!"

BOTH- "That's about it so BYE!"

As the video looped right back to the start, I smiled a bit. Those boys are really sweet to do that and soon enough, I got notices that there were other Vines by Taylor, Matthew, Cameron and the other guys pretty much saying the same thing. My new friends are the best. Just starting Vine and getting tens of followers every few minutes must be a really big achievement. I'm glad that the boys all did that for me but I would've wanted to earn my followers independently other than people making Vines about me.

Within three and a half minutes, I already had one hundred and twenty seven followers. Those boys can certainly work their magic pretty quick. I had to switch off the notifications of new followers because all the dinging was getting a little irritating. I sat on my phone for another ten minutes playing 'Jet-pack Joyride' when my phone started ringing.

"Oh shit, shake that ass ma, move it like a gypsy,
 Stop, whoa, back it up
now let me see your hips swing!
 Oh shit, shake that ass ma, move it like a gypsy.
 Stop, whoa, back it up
 now let me see your hips swing!" ringtone is the song 'Swing' but it's a fun song to listen and dance to. I answered the call with out looking at the call ID and spoke.

"Hello?" I said.

"HI ACACIA!" several voices shouted from the other end.

"Guys? Is that you?" I asked.

"Yep, all of us in the one house!" Clay announced.

"So even Nash, Brent and Hayes?"

"Yeah, we're here as well!" Brent stated.

"I'm on loudspeaker aren't I?"

"Can't believe it took you that fucking long to figure it out," Carter's voice exclaimed rudely from somewhere.

"Well excuse me for not realizing it straight away Mr. Know-It-All! If I were you, I'd shut your mouth otherwise I'd kick your ass so hard that you won't be able to sit down for a month!" I retorted.

There was silence on the other side of the phone so I suspected that Carter had shut his mouth and the boys were giving him questionable stares for what I meant.

"What do you mean by that Acacia?" Cameron questioned.

"Why don't you ask the man himself?"

There was silence again for a few seconds until Carter spoke.

"I tried to kiss her," he mumbled quietly but I could still hear him.

"WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!?" the boys shouted, clearly pissed off.

Well that escalated quickly.

"Why'd you do it?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Yeah Carter, why did you do it?" JJ repeated.

"Because she was being a bitch and she needed to be taught a lesson!" Carter defended himself.

"Doesn't mean you can go and kiss random girls!" I called.

"But what about Jack or JJ as you prefer it? He tried to kiss you!" Carter lied.

"NO I FUCKING DIDN'T!" JJ retorted.

"Really? Then ask the boys why I shouted for you to stop and not kiss Acacia but you did anyway!"

Again there was silence and I can tell you that I was so pissed.

"Carter," I said in a cold and quiet voice. "Outside... now!"

I hung up, put my phone in my pocket and went downstairs.

"Dad! I'm just gonna see the boys quickly because they just want to give me a heads up and what to expect about school tomorrow!" I exclaimed/lied as I hurried to the door.

"Okay, I'll text you when it's time for dinner!" dad replied. He knows that he can trust me so I get off with things pretty easily.

I yanked the door open and shut it so dad wouldn't suspect my angry mood. I walked furiously across the road (with no shoes) to where all the boys were in a semi-circle around Carter so he wouldn't run. I saw JJ a few feet away from them, probably because of what Carter said and they possibly believed him so I was about to fix shit up.

"Hey there princess," Carter smirked.

I had no hesitation as I slapped Carter across the left cheek. Very hard.


"I don't know what you mean darlin'," Carter replied through closed teeth.

"Maybe this will shed a light," I said as I punched him right in the nose.

Carter stumbled and the boys backed away from the shit that was about to go down!

"What the hell was that for?!" Carter exclaimed.

Blood started trickling down Carter's face.


Carter lunged at me but I dodged to the left and kicked him in the ass. He fell to the ground and I started to kick him in the ribs. I kicked him a fair few times until a pair of strong hands pulled me back.

"Acacia, you need to calm down!" Nash stated, struggling a little to hold me.

"Not until I know that he's got what he's deserved!" I gritted looking at Matt and Hayes help Carter.

"Acacia please, you need to calm down and tell us exactly what happen so you and JJ can explain this bullshit that's happening I promise we'll believe you," Jack said in a calm tone and walked over to me.

"I want to see Carter in a wheel chair first," I retorted still fighting over Nash's strong grip.

"Acacia," Jack looked at me.

I tore my gaze away from Carter and looked into Jack's eyes. They were chocolate brown, like mine.

"Please... stop," Jack said sternly but still in a calm tone.

I stopped struggling at once and Nash hesitantly let me go. My eyes were fixed onto Jack's and I was hypnotized. I'd never been this close to Jack before. We were about a ruler length apart and I took the chance to study him closely. He was about twenty centimetres taller than me, his black hair was actually dark brown and I knew that because his hair had turned brown in the sun, his hair was also ruffled. His eyes (as I said) were brown like my own and he had pale, pink lips.

"Come on, let's go inside," Jack explained.

I nodded and looked away from his eyes. They were gorgeous.

We all walked inside in silence and the boys led me to the lounge room and we all sat down while Matt and Hayes cleaned Carter up. There was this awkward silence with the boys as we waited to hear from Matthew and Hayes and how badly I damaged Carter.

About two minutes passed when Brent spoke.

"'s your new house so far?" Brent said, trying to make conversation.

"It's good," I replied, nodding a little. "I was playing on my phone just before you guys called."

"Okay then," silence rang around the room once more.

Five minutes later, Hayes, Matthew came in with Carter following behind.

"So... umm... we've decided to play this, sort of, game," Matt stated.

"What's that got to do with the situation?!" Clay exclaimed.

"Well it's a game where there is a questionnaire person and a few or an answer person and the game's called 'No Lying and No Denying' and we thought that we should play it in order to get answers from Acacia and Carter to know what happen between them," Hayes explained.

"Okay," Taylor said slowly. "We'll give it a shot."

"Okay then, we just need someone to ask the questions and we're good to go," Matt clapped his hands together.

"I'll do it," Cameron said.

I just nodded as Matt went to go get some 'questioning chairs' he calls them. When the chairs were brought in, I moved and sat down on one while Carter moved his chair away from me and then sat down.

"Okay, first question," Cameron said as he rubbed his hands together and leaned forward. "What were you two doing when you both left?"

"Simple, I was getting the extension board for the extra plugs to fit in for the consoles in the upstairs cupboard," I stated.

"And you Carter?"

"I was letting off some steam in the bathroom," Carter exclaimed.

"Fair enough, what happen after you were in the bathroom Carter?"

"I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and figured it was Acacia since her feet didn't sound like a heavy mans feet and decided to corner her."

"What did you corner her?"

"Because she was being a bitch and needed to be taught a lesson."

"And what lesson was that?" Cameron asked.

"To show her who's boss," Carter said simply.

"Yeah right," I scoffed.

Carter glared at me before focusing his attention back to Cameron.

"Now Acacia, what did he do when he cornered you?" Cameron asked, looking at me.

"He held me against the wall so I couldn't escape and started to... accuse me of shit that wasn't true," I explained.

"Like what?"

"Like how I apparently had a crush for him and when I said I didn't because I only had just met him, and then he stated that it was love at first sight. Which I did not like one bit," I spat.

"Is this true Carter?" Cameron questioned.

Carter was silent for a moment.

"Answer the question mate."

"Yes. Yes I did say those things," Carter hissed.

"Well that's that part handled..." Cameron muttered. "Then what happen Acacia?"

"Carter leaned in closer and was about to kiss me when JJ came up. They had a fight of not to kiss girls that you've just met and yardy yah, until they got to the point where Carter said something about JJ kissing his girlfriend and JJ defending himself saying that she kissed him first, which I totally believe. Then Carter yelled something about JJ not pulling away immediately which made JJ hang his head in shame. Carter was proud that he won the argument and was going to attempt to kiss me again and that's when you heard JJ yell 'stop'," I explained.

"What do you mean 'attempt to kiss you again'?" Cameron asked.

"Well," I smirked. "I slapped Carter across the face, like I did before, and kneed him in the groin before he could."

I smiled at the memory. I also noticed JJ grinning slightly on the couch.

"What are you smiling at Jack?" Taylor questioned.

"Just remembering the moves Acacia used against Carter," JJ explained. "It was quite a sight to see."

"Beaten up by a girl twice in one day Carter, like that don't ya?" Clay teased.

"Shut up pretty boy!" Carter stated.

"Anyways!" Cameron got our attention again. "Then what happen?"

"Well Carter had fell to the floor at my feet and I walked over to JJ," I explained. "JJ then asked where I learned to fight like that and I told him that I took self-defense classes a few years back and we stayed on the topic for about a minute until we decided to come down back to you guys. Carter was still on the floor, whining like a baby."

"So that's why you two took so long," Jack said.

"Yeah," I replied. "Not whatever cliché 'JJ kissed me' story this douche came up with."

"No need for name calling Acacia," Cameron exclaimed.

"Yes dad."

"Whatever.' Cameron chuckled and shook his head. "Is that all we need to know boys?"

"Well what about what happened to Carter afterwards," Nash suggested. "Ought we to know what he did after the failing attempt to kiss Acacia?"

"Okay then, what did you do next Carter?" Cameron questioned.

"Well," Carter breathed. "After I was on the floor for a bit, I got up and went down to the lounge room where you boys and Acacia were. I said I had to go see my mum about something and I left."

Carter scratched his leg.

"You're lying," I stated.

"No I'm not!" he retorted.

"Who have been friends with Carter the longest here?" I asked the boys.

Matthew raises his hand and I look at him.

"How long have you known Carter for?"

"A few years," Matt responds


"Have you noticed anything strange about Carter when he lies?"

"Well he fiddles with his hands, mumbles his words that he just spoke or..." Matt had a look of realization on his face. "Scratches himself."

We all turn to Carter.

"The game's called 'No Lying and No Denying' Carter so where did you actually go?" Cameron asked.

"I went to the park okay!" Carter scratched his forearm.

"You scratched yourself again," I smirked.

Carter licked his lips.

"Okay fine! I came back here!" Carter didn't fiddle, mumble or scratch this time.

"Why?" Taylor questioned.

"Because I lied about my mum calling and I didn't want to go home so I came here," Carter stated.

"That's fair enough," Hayes said. "We'll stop the game there and forget about this alright?"

"Fine," Carter and I mumbled in unison.

"Good. Now who's up for some movies?" Nash exclaimed.

"ME!" everyone but Carter shouted.

"I'm going to go to my room," Carter said and went upstairs.

"Well that's one less party member," Jack exclaimed. "What do you wan to watch Acacia?"

I thought for a moment.

"Do you have 'The Walking Dead'?" I asked.

"Yep, wanna watch them?" Brent said, popping the 'p'.

"Yes please!" I smiled.

After fifteen minutes, we each had a popcorn bowl to share between two people and a drink each. The lights were turned off but you could see where we were sitting from the light of the T.V. I was on one of the couch edges with JJ next to me, Nash and Hayes were at the other end, Brent, Taylor, Cameron and Clay were on the other couch and Jack and Matt were sitting on the recliner together because there was no where else to sit other then the floor.


"You two comfortable over there?" Clay exclaimed.

"Yeah," Matt and Jack replied in unison.

"Sitting with your boyfriend are ya Jack?" JJ joked.

Jack put on this retarded, bashful face and we all laughed.

"SHUT UP!" I shouted. "It's starting!"

We all quietened down and let the movie start.

"Hey Acacia?" JJ whispered next to me.

"What?" I whispered back.

"Thanks for telling everyone what had happen today, I was getting frustrated with all the lies."

I smiled at him.

"No prob."

JJ and I went for the popcorn at the same time and somewhere in the bowl, our fingertips touched.

"Sorry," JJ exclaimed, taking his hand out the bowl.

"It's okay, we just went for the popcorn at the same time that's all," I said.

I threw a piece of popcorn into my mouth and watch the first scene on the T.V. I saw in the corner of my eye that JJ was sneaking glances at me. I shook my head and focused on the movie. Also to mention, the touch of JJ's fingertips touching mine before, lingered on my fingers for the whole movie.


"That was some scary shit," Clay stated when the movie finished and the lights were turned back on. "I might not sleep for a few days."

"Well toughen up princess, I'm a girl and I wasn't even scared," I smirked.

"Oh rack off ya show pony! Just because you've got nerves of steel doesn't mean you can brag about it!"

We all laughed the got up and put our bowls in the sink. I was the last one because the boys had beaten me there.

"What was your favourite part Acacia?" Brent asked.

"Honestly? When Taylor went to the toilet and scared JJ when he came back," I chuckled.

"And you jumped right out of your skin and onto the floor didn't you Jack?" Taylor smirked.

"Shut up..." JJ muttered.

"It was pretty funny though, we have to admit," Jack said.

"I guess," JJ shrugged.

Then my phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out. It was a message from dad.


Hey sweetie, dinner's ready so come back home before it goes cold.

"Who's that?" Nash questioned.

"My dad," I replied. "Look boys I had a really fun time today, maybe even one of the best ones in a few months but I've gotta go now."

"Well see ya then Acacia," Matt said and gave me a hug.

I hugged back and said bye to the other boys, giving them each hugs as well.


"I'll see you boys at school tomorrow then!" I called as I was near the road.

"Will do, BYE!" they all shouted back and closed the door.

I looked both ways in the street before crossing it and opened my front door.

"I'm back," I called and closed the door behind me.

"Well come to the table then!" dad replied.

I walked to the dining room and sat down on a chair.

"What's tonight's dinner dad?" I asked putting on a smile.

"Something simple," he said. "Ham and cheese toasties."

He brought a plate with our dinner to the table and placed it down. I grabbed one and started munching.

"So, what information did you learn about your new school at the boys house?" dad questioned as we ate.

"Just what to expect and the latest news," I lied and took another bit of my toastie.

"What else did you guys do while you were there?"

"We watched a movie."

"What movie?"

"We watched 'The Walking Dead," I said and pulled this weird, zombie face.

Dad laughed and we both went for our third piece.



"So what did you do while I was gone?" I asked as I put away the toasting machine and dad cleaned the plate.

"Just filled out some papers for work, stressful stuff," he explained. "Wanna watch a movie?"

"Who's turn to choose?"

"Yours," dad sighed.

"Can we watch 'Pitch Perfect' please?" I smirked cheekily.

"Fine, go put it on."

I gave dad a kiss on the cheek then went to the living room and took 'Pitch Perfect' out of the DVD cupboard. I inserted it into the PS3 and waited for dad to come in to start it.

"Ready for some awesomeness!" I exclaimed wildly.

"Sure, sure. Play it," dad smiled and sat down.

I pressed 'Play' then sat on the other couch and watched the previews roll as the movie began.

Halfway through the movie, I heard snoring and saw my dad asleep on the couch. I smiled at his sleeping body.

"Must be really tired," I thought.

That's when I let out a big yawn.

"Looks like I am too," I mumbled.

I watched 'Pitch Perfect' for about ten more minutes before turning it off and getting a blanket for my dad. I put the blanket on him and quietly went upstairs to my room.

My room was awesome. I know I only brought a few things with me in the car and trailer but the freaking walls were already painted blue! I called it mine as soon as I saw it. It a was simple room with my bed that had my blue and white checkered quit and pillows, windows above my bed and to the left of it, my bedside table and lamp was by one of the windows and so was a one-seater couch. I also had this small, white rug at the end of my bed, a stand up table with flowers, some books and my alarm clock on it, the was also a wardrobe and a clothes dresser on the right side of the door when you walk in.

I loved my room even though it was small. I took off my clothes and put a white, loose tank top and some red, plaid pyjama pants. I pulled up my covers and got into bed. I set my alarm clock for quarter to seven and slowly drifted off to sleep.



Hi guys,

I know I've only got this chapter and the other one out but I'm making progress and bare in mind that I'm really busy with school work and stuff so please be patient. Just after this note, I'm going to put some pictures of the boys and Acacia's room in so you can get a clear image of what everything looks like.

Bye for now!


Jack & Jack




Clay LaBrant


Cameron Dallas

Matthew Espinosa


Taylor Caniff


Brent Rivera


Nash Grier


Hayes Grier


Carter Reynolds


Eric Hayes (Acacia's dad)


Acacia's bedroom


After every chapter (when I add someone or something  new in) I'll put their picture in so you know what they look like.

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