The Boys Across the Street

~One girl. Two best friends. One night. One choice.~

Acacia Hayes is your average type of girl. Funny, smart, crazy, beautiful and has her issues. But what happens when her 'issues' happen to be just a couple of guys who live across the street? Sure they just seem like regular guys at first glance but oh no sister, we ain't done yet.
These particular boys happen to be the one and only, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson from the six second video app called Vine. Along with their friends, they befriend Acacia and get to know her better.
Until things fall apart.
These two boys (who have been friends since kindergarten) start fighting over Acacia's heart and Acacia, being only one girl between two boys, has to make a decision. Jack or Jack? No one knows except for Acacia herself and on the magical night of Prom, the answer is revealed.

But just who did she choose?


6. "Just think of it as hanging out with your friends."



I woke up at 10:30am and decided to text Becca and Erin.


Hey do y'all want to come over today?


Yeah sure, want me to come now?


I can come too.


Yeah come now. 


After that I got up and decided to get dressed for the day.
I wore a light blue high waist shorts and a dark blue crop top with my converse.

When I had finished getting ready I heard the doorbell ring and knew that it was Becca and Erin.
But, when I opened the door it was the guys.


"Hey Acacia want to come over," they asked


"Well actually Becca and Erin are coming over soon but when they come we can go over," I said


"Ok see you later," they said as they turned around and went to their house.


Only about 5 minutes after the guys left Becca and Erin showed up.


"Hey come in" I said as I opened the door.


"So, what are we going to do?" Erin asked.


"Well the guys just came and we are supposed to go over there," I said smiling.


"Wow this is gonna take some getting used to," Becca said.


"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked.


"Going from not talking to anyone and being a loser to hanging out with the most popular guys in the school" she replied.


"Just try not to think of it like that, just think of it as you just hanging out with your friends," I said as we walked out of my house and locked the door.


When we got outside you could already hear the boys from across the street.

We knocked on the door and Jack opened it.


"Hey... umm... come in," he said.


"So what are we doing?" I asked him and JJ.


"Well right now we are thinking for ideas for our video," Jack said.


"If y'all want we can video once you boys have an idea" I said.
"Or you girls can be in them," JJ said smiling.


"Oh I don't really want to be in them, I'll just video," Becca said


"Come on Becca, it will be fun," I pleaded as we walked into the living room to find all of the boys practically screaming there ideas for Vine.


But then when they realized we were here they stopped for a second to say hey and then continued.


"Wait a second I got it," Nash screamed.


"What?!" Cameron screamed.


"We can all just do an 'Ask Us' together" he said.


"Yeah that would be easy," Taylor said.


"Ok well let's all put that we are doing it on twitter," Carter said.


"Do y'all do this every day?" Erin asked.


"Not every day," Taylor said.


"What do you do after you tweet it?" I asked.


"We just wait for fans to ask us questions," Jack said


"How long does that take?" I asked


"Not long some girls basically stalk our accounts," Nash said


"Well than...," I said


"Yeah 1,000 people already asked us questions," Matthew said


"Alright, so we can start the video," Brent said


Then Nash went and grabbed his camera and they all sat down and Erin, Rebecca, and me where watching from across the room.


"Wait, you girls have to be in it too. We tagged y'all and y'all have questions too," JJ said.


"Fine,” we said and then walked over to them and stood behind them.


Then Nash ran and started his camera and say back down.



NASH- "Ok so this is our 'Ask Us' video."

MATT- "Question one - how do you know Acacia, Rebecca and Erin?"

JJ- "They go to our school and Acacia lives across the street."
CLAY- "Question two - did you guys see this?"
MATT- "Yes."

We went through about 8 more questions and some were funny but a lot where just basically boring.


NASH- "Ok that's it for this video."

CAMERON- "Don't forget to like..."

TAYLOR- "Subscribe..."

BRENT- "Comment..."


"Let's get ICE CREAM!" Matthew yelled.


With that we all ended up walking to a nearby ice cream shop. After that, we all went home because it was late and went to bed.



Okay so in this chapter (if ~GRACEEE~ is reading this, I'm sorry) I had to make a few changes near the end. Not big, major ones, just small ones so things made sense. Again, if you are reading this, big apologies and I love you all!

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