The Boys Across the Street

~One girl. Two best friends. One night. One choice.~

Acacia Hayes is your average type of girl. Funny, smart, crazy, beautiful and has her issues. But what happens when her 'issues' happen to be just a couple of guys who live across the street? Sure they just seem like regular guys at first glance but oh no sister, we ain't done yet.
These particular boys happen to be the one and only, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson from the six second video app called Vine. Along with their friends, they befriend Acacia and get to know her better.
Until things fall apart.
These two boys (who have been friends since kindergarten) start fighting over Acacia's heart and Acacia, being only one girl between two boys, has to make a decision. Jack or Jack? No one knows except for Acacia herself and on the magical night of Prom, the answer is revealed.

But just who did she choose?


3. First Day



My alarm went. I sleepily reached for it and turned it off. I collapsed back onto my pillow and groaned. Today was the day I start school at Westside High. I sat up on my bed with my eyes still closed and stood up. I opened my eyes and saw that the sun was just coming up. It's what I get for setting my alarm for... whatever I had it set to. I went over to my clothes dresser and took out a purple top, some dark skinny jeans and my white converses. I walked to the bathroom then grabbed a brushed and brushed my hair into it's original silky state. I also grabbed a headband that was white with black polka dots on it and put it in my hair. After that, I went downstairs and saw a note on the kitchen bench.


Good morning Acacia,

I had to go to work early this morning because Greg is having some problems with his part of the job. I had to help him of course because apparently I was the only person not busy. (Yeah right) I'll be home at six and I hope you have a fun day at school.

Love, dad. XOXO


I put the note back down and took out some cereal. I poured myself a bowl and ate it. After I finished my breakfast, I put the bowl and spoon in the sink, as well as everything else back where it goes, and hurried back off to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I came back down, the time was 7:30am and school was a fifteen minute walk from here so I decided to leave in about five minutes. I went up to my room and took my phone of charge then put it in my pocket. I grabbed my bag, headphones, pencil case as well as my purse and went back downstairs. It's just something I do every morning, go up and down the stairs several times.

Before I left, I went outside to see how the weather was and it was a bit chilly but since it was nearly summer, it would warm up soon. I re-entered the house, closing the door behind me and looked at the clock on the wall. The time was now 7:42am so I quickly grabbed my spare key to the house off of the key hanger by the entrance to the kitchen, put it in my purse and hurried out the door, locking it behind me.

I walked down the path and turned right. I also heard shouting coming from the boys house and chuckled slightly. Those guys were crazier than crazy and that made them awesome. I took my phone out of my pocket and my headphones out my bag then plugged it all together and put my favourite playlist on. It was a mix of songs by Little Mix, Justice Crew, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. I was just listening to 'Neon Lights' by Demi Lovato when a car slowed down and stopped next to me. I paused my music, took my headphones out and stayed where I was when I saw Jack roll down the window.


"Hey Acacia," he smiled.


"Hey Jack, what ya doin'?" I questioned.


"Getting to school!" Matt shouted from somewhere in the back.


"You wanna ride?" Cameron asked from the passenger seat.


"I'm fine thanks," I said.


"Awww come on! It's your first day and we want to show you around!" JJ stated. "Please?!"


"Well make room for me in the back then," I exclaimed, giving in.


The boys cheered as I opened the door then sat in a seat and buckled my seatbelt.


"So where's you dad?" Jack asked as he started driving again.


"He had to work early because there were some problems with his co-workers," I explained.


"And you got yourself ready?" Matt gave me a questioning look.


"Yep," I popped the 'p'.


"Damn girl! Even we couldn't do that!" Cameron said. "Did you hear the commotion from our house before?"


"Clear as day," I replied.


"Well we were shouting at each other because we slept in and couldn't found our stuff that was scattered around the house," JJ explained.


"Well you boys should be more organized like me!" I grinned cheekily.


"Girls are made like that so it's not our fault!" Matt stated.


"I'm only organized because I only moved in yesterday and nothing was thrown across the floor like it usually is!" I exclaimed. "Clothes in random spots and stuff that I don't remember getting out casually laying on the floor like some kind of booby trap!"


"You sound almost as bad as Cameron over there," Jack said. "He has shit fucking everywhere."


"Well I'm to lazy to clean it up so deal with it!" Cameron retaliated.


Two minutes later, we arrived at the school grounds and let me just describe the school in it's simplest form, huge and bloody awesome looking! The front grounds itself was big. There was this glass and brick building with the American flag on the roof, cement stairs going up from brick pavement and two sets of glass doors at the entrance. Students were all over the place and you had to have damn good navigation skills to find your way around here.


"Like it?" JJ smirked as well all got out the car.


"Nah, I thinks it's a shitty dump that probably doesn't even have a proper education system, OF COURSE I LIKE!" I stated, gesturing to the school building. "I mean I've seen pictures online but this is much more impressive in person."


"Well I'm glad you like it," Matt said. "Shall we take you to the front office so you can get your schedule?"


"You may," I replied.


As we walked up to the front doors, people stopped what they were doing and stared at us. The same thing happen inside.


"Why are people staring at us?" I whispered to Cameron.


"Well we're pretty much famous here for our Vines as well so we basically rule the school, next to the queen bee, Mackenzie Silvers," Cameron explained.


Mackenzie Silvers huh? The name already had shivers running down my spine.

The school corridors were just as sweet as the outside. All the lockers were red with carpet as the flooring for about ten meters then it was tiles, the walls were white but had posters and banners here and there, wall clocks were hung every few corridors and there was about six or seven classrooms down each hallway.


"This is pretty damn sweet," I stated as my eyes scanned every inch of the place.


"You should see the gym, football field and auditorium, those are the eye-catchers here at Westside," Jack exclaimed. "And also by the looks of it... Mackenzie isn't at school today."


"I wouldn't be so sure of that Jack, look ahead," JJ said and pointed at the crowd of people in front of us.


A girl with blonde hair, brown eyes and ridiculous high heels was strutting down the corridor like it was a catwalk with three other chicks following her. I figured this was Mackenzie Silvers.


"Hey babes," Mackenzie grinned to Cameron as she got to us. "How was your weekend?"


Mackenzie twirled her hair around her fingers flirtatiously and kept blinking her eyes like she had something in them.


"Err... it was fine," Cameron replied cautiously. "How was yours?"


" was so boring you wouldn't believe," Mackenzie stated. "And who's this?"


The blonde looked at me and I put a fake smile on.


"I'm Acacia," I announced.


"No one cares," Mackenzie scoffed and returned her attention to Cameron.


"But you just asked who I was?!?" I thought. "Whatever."


"Anyways," Mackenzie flicked her hair behind her. "Prom's at the end of the year and I was wondering if any of you boys had any dates yet? 'Cause me and the girls still need dates."


"If Prom is at the end of term than why are you asking people now?" I questioned quietly.


"Because Blue Girl," Mackenzie rolled her eyes, apparently hearing me. "The best things in life come to those who get to it first so, by getting a date now then I won't have to go with a dweeb instead. Duh!"


"Whatever floats your boat," I mumbled.


"Putting aside that piece of trash, do you boys want to take me and the girls to Prom?" Mackenzie batted her eyelashes.


"Sorry but we have to get going," Matt ignored her and pushed passed her and her clique with the rest of us following.


"You know you can't be able to resist me forever!" Mackenzie called.


"Bitch please! I suggest you take that clown paint off before you make more of a fool of yourself!" I retorted and disappeared around the next corner with the guys.


I heard Mackenzie give a small screech and her high heels click on the floor, going further and further away.


"God she is so damn annoying!" JJ exclaimed.


"Tell me about it! She won't stop until she gets an answer from us though," Jack sighed.


"We know but we'd best ignore her the best we can for now until the end of Prom," Cameron said.


We walked for another two minutes until we came across the secretary's office.


"So in here's where I'll get my schedule and things?" I questioned.


"Yep and just so you know, if you want to hang out with us during break and lunch, meet us in the cafeteria," Cameron explained.


"Will do, see you guys later," I waved and reached for the door handle.


"See ya," the boys replied as I opened the door and stepped into the secretary's office.


The office was a medium sized one with waiting chairs along the walls, a bulletin board with newsletters and other notes pinned to it, the secretary's desk with a plastic apple and vase of flowers to liven it up a bit, the walls were a pale yellow and finally, there was a door on the far wall which had 'PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE' in bold letters.

I swallowed and walked up to the front desk. Sitting there was a middle aged lady with a tight, black and grey streaked bun, glasses and wrinkles at the edges of her mouth and eyes.


"Umm... excuse me?" I said, trying to get her attention.


The secretary looked up from what she was doing and smiled at me.


"Hello," she said in a sweet voice. "How may I help you?"


"Well my name's Acacia Hayes and today is the day I start school here," I explained.


"Ah yes, Miss. Hayes. I assume you father Eric filled out your application form when we sent it to him via mail?" the secretary raised an eyebrow.


"I'm pretty sure, yes," I replied, smiling a little.


"Let me just check," the secretary stated and pushed her chair back then went over to a standing file cabinet and opened the third draw.


She was there for about thirty seconds before she came back with a folder in her hands.


"Aha, seems your father did after all," the secretary smiled. "All you have to do is confirm a few things then we're all set to go!"


She handed me the folder and I looked at it. She also handed me a pen to write with. When I opened the folder, the first thing I saw was a bunch of confusing words but after a few seconds, it started to make sense and I filled out the parts that I needed to. When I was done, I handed it back to her with a smile.


"Right so now I can give you your map of the school, you locker number and combination and your schedule for the term," the secretary stated and took two pieces of paper from her desk and hands them to me. "Would you like me to show you around the school or do you think you've got it handled?"


"I think I've got it handled, thank you..." I trailed off, realizing I didn't know her name.


"Mrs. Ramirez."


"Thank you Mrs. Ramirez and I will find my way to my first class, goodbye," I waved and exited the office.


"Goodbye Miss. Hayes!" Mrs. Ramirez called as the door closed.


The first thing I did was look at my new locker number. It was number '103' by the Science classroom. I followed my map and it took me around six minutes to find the right one. When I reached it, there were people gathering around it for some reason I don't know. I pushed though the crowd saying 'excuse me' while being polite until I finally got to an open space to see what the fuss was about, I was shocked at who was next to my locker.

Mackenzie Silvers.


"So I was like, 'Mrs. Ramirez, you must give Stacy the locker so we can talk about the latest gossip and stuff' but she was like, 'now Miss. Silvers, I've already told you this before, that locker is given to another student already' and I'm just waiting here for that new student kid to come along and make go tell Mrs. Ramirez that she wants to change lockers because I said so," Mackenzie ranted.


My gut suddenly felt sick. My locker was right next to Mackenzie Silver's locker and she was the queen of the school.

Well shit.


"But Mackenzie, I guess that won't happen because I won't do it," I stated and showed myself.


Everyone looked at me and the whispers started. I heard some like,


"That's the girl that was walking with the Vine boys this morning."


"Oh my God she has such weird hair!"


"Look at her outfit, you'd think she was raised in the garbage or something."


"I'm so gonna fuck her first, anyone wanna bet?"


"So your the new kid huh?" Mackenzie crossed her arms. "I take it your locker is the one next to mine?"


"Pretty much," I nodded. "Now if you'll excuse me, I want to get to it."


"Well first, I have something to ask of you," Mackenzie announced. "Can you g---"


"No I won't go and ask Mrs. Ramirez if I can change my locker with your preppy friend," I said before she even started. "This is my locker I was given it's what's I'm going to have for the rest of the term."


"Whatever," Mackenzie rolled her eyes and sashayed off.




Mackenzie stopped in her tracks and gave me a death glare and the finger before disappearing behind a corner.

The crowd quickly evaporated and the crowded hallway became what it was like the first time I entered the school. I went over to my locker, opened it and took a quick look at my schedule for today.


Lesson 1: History with Mr. James


Lesson 2: Math with Ms. Ramsey


Lesson 3: Math with Ms. Ramsey




Lesson 4: Science with Mr. Hudson


Lesson 5: English with Mrs. Paris


Lesson 6: English with Mrs. Paris




Lesson 7: Art with Mr. Turner


Lesson 8: Art with Mr. Turner


I scanned the days lessons until I had mesmerized them and took my Math and History books out of my locker. This school is really cool for already having the students books in their lockers even when they've only just started. I placed my books in my bag, shut my locker and was about to head off toward the History classroom when a pair of arms grabbed my arms and held me back.


"Who the hell are you?" I asked, not turning my head.


"That's not a nice way to treat an old friend," a very familiar voice stated.


I turned my head around this time and saw one of my old friends from one of the other schools I went to.


"SAM!" I exclaimed and gave him a hug.


"Hey Acacia!" Sam returned the hug.


Sam was an actual friend from my old school in Wisconsin. I know I said before that the friendships I've had didn't work out but this guy was and still is a great friend but what had to end the friendship was Sam moving to Omaha, Nebraska and we never really had the time to contact each other. I was so damn glad he went to Westside.


"So you come to this school now huh?" Sam questioned, breaking the hug.


"Yep, dad's job moved again so we have to move with it and what are the chances we end up here in Omaha?!" I said.


"There's a couple of chances but for once, I'm glad your dad's work decided to move this way to this fabulous place," Sam stated dramatically.


I laughed. Sam has always been the one to make me laugh, even when I'm in my grumpiest mood.

I looked at the clock and saw that the time was 8:25pm and school starts at 8:30am.


"Crap," I mumbled and quickly looked at my map of the school. "Where's the history classroom?"


"You've got History?" Sam questioned. "I have Art and it's right across from the History classroom. Come on, I'll show ya."


"Thank you so much," I thanked.


"Anything for an old friend," Sam smiled and started walking with me close behind.


As we walked, we talked about all the things that had happened these past few years and while we were doing that, I was remembering all the corridors that led up to the History classroom which turned out to be right by the secretary's office.


"I can't believe I missed this! I was just at the secretary's office!" I groaned.


"Well at least you know where it is now," Sam said.




"I take it that's the bell?" I questioned.


"Yep, I'll see you later then, okay?" Sam asked.


"Sure thing, bye," I smiled and entered the classroom.


"Later Acacia," Sam replied and went down the hallway to the Art classroom.


When I stepped foot into the History classroom, only a few people were already in there. I took a seat at the front of the room, hung my bag over the chair and played on my phone while I waited for class to start. It was a few minutes later that the rest of the class came rushing into find a seat.


"Umm... excuse me?" a voice stated nearby.


I looked up from my phone and saw a girl with red, curly hair standing next to me with a snobby expression.


"You're, like, sitting in my spot so can you move your ass?" the red head exclaimed rudely.


"No," I replied and went back to my phone.


"Well yo---wait, aren't you the girl who, like, stole the locker that's next to Mackenzie's?" the red head asked.


"First off, I didn't steal it and secondly, there are plenty of other seats so go and sit in one of them!" I retorted.


"Well you did steal that locker and, like, I want to sit in the front so I can get a better look at the hot teacher so why don't you move?"


"Stacy, leave the poor girl alone and go sit your fucking ass down somewhere else!" a girl with hot pink hair to my left stated.


"What-eves!" I'm assuming Stacy, rolled her eyes and went to take a seat a few rows behind me.


"Thanks," I said to the girl with hot pink hair.


"Don't mention it," the girl smiled. "I'm Rebecca and I love your hair!"


"I'm Acacia and I want to marry your hair," I joked, grinning.


"I haven't seen you around before, you new?" Rebecca stated.


"Yeah, today's my first day," I replied. "Random question, why did you choose hot pink for your hair?"


"Simple," Rebecca exclaimed. "Because it shows how unique and independent I am, also because it's my favourite colour."


"No way! That's the reason I dyed my hair as well!" I grinned from ear to ear.


"I can already tell that we're going to be awesome friends," Rebecca laughed.


"Me too," I agreed, chuckling.


That's when the teacher walked in and what Stacy said about him being hot, she wasn't kidding.


"Good morning class," the teacher, Mr. James, greeted.


"Good morning Mr. James," the class echoed.


Mr. James was muscular man, had dark brown hair that was in a quiff, a small beard and was wearing a white plaid top with a black tie, black pants with a belt and dress shoes. He looked like Ray William Johnson off of YouTube but more teacher and mature like.


"Now I have been told by Mrs. Ramirez that we have a new student in our class who is starting today, Miss. Hayes, could you please come to the front?" Mr. James stated.


I pushed my chair back a bit, walked up to the front of the classroom and stood about a meter away from Mr. James.


"So you must be Akasha than?" Mr. James tried saying my name.


"It's Acacia and yes I am," I smiled sweetly.


"Ah well welcome to Westside High School, home of the Warriors," Mr. James explained.


The class cheered at the mention of Warriors. I figured it was their successful football team.


"Quieten down please," Mr. James called. The class immediately shut up. "Now, can you tell us some stuff about you please Acacia?"


"Well for starters, this is my ninth school in my entire life, I move around a lot. My favourite colour is blue like my hair, favourite animal is a chameleon and I already have ten new friends even though I just came here yesterday. Plus someone who was a friend at one of my old schools so eleven."


"Eleven huh?! That's something you don't see everyday," Mr. James exclaimed. "And who are they?"


"Well we have Rebecca who has awesome hair like me, Sam Wilkinson, Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, Taylor Caniff, Brent Rivera, Nash and Hayes Grier, Clay LaBrant, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson," I explained.


"Wait, so you're friends with the famous boy Viners that attend here?!" a girl with straight black hair shouted.


"Kate, no need to shout," Mr. James said.


"Umm... I guess so," I shrugged. "I mean I live across the street from them."


Everyone's mouth was open in shock. Even Rebecca's.


"So your telling us that you, like, see them everyday, even after school and before school?!" Stacy called.


"Pretty much."


"Well we shouldn't hold back the lesson anymore shall we? Acacia can you please sit down and everyone take out your History books to page three hundred and ninety four," Mr. James ordered.


I sat back down in my seat and did as Mr. James told us to do. Everyone was still staring at me for the rest of the lesson.




"I can still not believe that you live and are friends with the Viners here!" Rebecca exclaimed as we walked toward the cafeteria.


I had just finished Math with Ms. Ramsey and like every Math lesson, it was as boring as watching paint dry. Rebecca had caught up to me super quick because she was in the Music room which was right across the hallway.


"I told you in History, yes I do live across the street from them and yes they are my friends, especially Sam because he was my best friend at one of my old schools," I stated.


"Holy shit, you are so God damn lucky! Anyone and I mean anyone would kill to be in your spot!" Rebecca said. "Even me!"


"Who's your favourite?" I asked.


"Out of the Vine boys?"


I nodded.


"Gosh umm... it would have to be Brent Rivera because damn! He is so hot and awesome!"


"Well I'm pretty sure he's single," I mumbled to her.


"Even if I did have a chance, I still wouldn't catch his eye I mean, look at me!" Rebecca exclaimed. "Do you think I'm the type of girl who would ever be seen with him?!"


"I you tried yes but if you stayed in the shadows and don't try then no, you wouldn't."


"My point exactly! I prefer the shadows and being lost in the crowd! Not some spotlight stealer like Blonde Bimbo!"


"Who's Blonde Bimbo?" I asked.


"Mackenzie Silvers and I take it that your locker is right next to hers?" Rebecca looked at me with a raised eyebrow.


"Unfortunately, yes," I replied.


"Sucks to be you than," Rebecca sighed.


"Hey! At least I don't hide in the shadows like a mouse!" I retorted jokingly.


"Well anyways, where do you want to sit in the cafeteria?" Rebecca asked.


"I'm suppose to sit with the boys but I can't seem to---no wait, found them!" I stated.


As we entered the cafeteria, I spotted the guys almost instantaneously. They were all sitting on one of the side tables laughing about something someone just said.


"Well you can sit with them if you want," Rebecca sighed. "I'll sit somewhere else."


I paused for a second and watched her start to walk off.


"Hang on a sec," I grabbed her arm. "You're not sitting alone."


"How would you know that I sit alone?" Rebecca questioned and look at the floor.


"Because I was always like that as well," I smiled.


Rebecca's mouth twitched a bit.


"I thought only I did that," she muttered.


"Lots of people do it, it's what happens when your bullied."


Rebecca looked up into my eyes. That's when I noticed that even though it was nearly summer, she was wearing a long sleeved top. Something was up.


"Come with me for a moment," I said and exited the cafeteria, pulling Rebecca behind me.


I ventured down the hallway until I came across a female bathroom. I pushed the door open and dragged Rebecca inside. I quickly checked that no one was in here before I focused my attention to Rebecca.


"What are we doing in here?" Rebecca questioned.


"Pull up your sleeves," I ordered.




"Pull. Up. Your sleeves."




"Just do it!" I exclaimed.


"No, I-I don't want to!" Rebecca pleaded.


"I can help you," I said. "I promise."


"Promises are easily broken Acacia and I don't want to make any."


"Rebecca," I smiled kindly. "You can trust me."


Rebecca sighed and slowly pulled her sleeves up. What was on her arms was the one thing I expected when someone was pushed to far. Cuts.


"I figured it was that," I mumbled.


"And I take it that your just gonna ditch me and go hang out with the Vine boys and make fun of me!" Rebecca exclaimed, hiding her scars again.


"No I'm not Rebecca," I said quietly. "I've had many failed friendships and I want his one to last. So I'm gonna help you and your not gonna cut anymore. Okay?"


Rebecca stayed silent.


"Okay?!" I said a little bit louder.


"Okay," Rebecca whispered with glassy eyes.


"Come here," I stated and pulled Rebecca into my arms.


She started to cry after a few seconds and I just stayed where I was, comforting her. We were like that for two minutes until Rebecca broke the hug. She had puffy, red eyes and wiped away her tears.


"You know what's weird?" she questioned.


"What's weird?"


"That your the only person I've ever met to see through my barrier and comfort me even though I pretty much just met you," she smiled slightly.


"That's what friends are for right?" I grinned. "Now come on, there's some people I want you to meet."


I left the bathroom with Rebecca following me and hurried to the cafeteria.


"What are we doing back here?" she asked.


"You'll see," was all I said.


I led Rebecca to the table where the guys were and her eyes were suddenly as big as golf balls. She was frozen in place.


"Hey boys," I called.


The all turned towards me and smiled from ear to ear.


"Hey Acacia!" Hayes exclaimed. "Come sit."


"Come on," I whispered in Rebecca's ear and pulled her to an empty spot then sat down.


"Who's this?" Clay asked, looking at Rebecca.


Rebecca hung her head. From a bubbly person to a quite girl the next, Rebecca's emotions quickly changed.


"This is Rebecca guys, she's my new friend here," I explained.


"Hi," Rebecca said quietly and waved a little.


"I like you hair Rebecca, I think you and Acacia could be long lost sisters because you both have different hair," Matt stated.


"Lots of people have different hair Matthew, I'm just glad that someone is as different but the same as me," Rebecca exclaimed, looking up.


"Whoa girl no need to shout," Jack teased.


Rebecca smiled and I could tell it wasn't forced. The only thing that ruined the moment of happiness for Rebecca was the Blonde Bimbo coming over.


"Boys," Mackenzie announced. "What are these two sluts doing here sitting with you in my spot?"


Pretty much the entire cafeteria stopped what they were doing and looked over to where we were. Rebecca hid her face with her hair and tried not to be seen.


"Don't talk to them like that Mackenzie!" Nash stated angrily. "And it's not your spot!"


"I can talk to them however the fuck I want!" Mackenzie retorted.


"Mackenzie, why don't you take your fake extensions and purse out of here before I ruin them!" I exclaimed.


"How about no, Baby Blue," Mackenzie smirked.


"Call me that one more fucking time, I dare you!" I shouted, standing up.


"Acacia don't---" Rebecca started.


"No it's okay Rebecca, this whore needs to be taught a lesson," I replied; cracking my knuckles.


"Acacia, calm down," JJ warned.


"Jack's right Baby Blue, you need to sort your shit out, otherwise you'll find yourself in trouble," Mackenzie stated.


Then I lost it, three times in only two days. I bitch slapped Mackenzie and a red hand print was left on her right cheek.


"You bitch!" Mackenzie exclaimed as was about to punch me but Brent stepped in and grabbed her arm mid-swing.


"No, that's wrong," Brent said.


I saw Rebecca look up in the corner of my eye and look at Brent. Mackenzie noticed it too and an evil smirk crept onto her face.


"Hey Pinkie," Mackenzie stated. "Watch this."


That's when Mackenzie took it to far and planted her lips on Brent's. Brent stumbled back and we all just looked at them in shock. I saw Rebecca go pale in the face and stand up and walked up next to me. She then split them apart and punch Mackenzie right in the nose. Like I did with Carter yesterday. Mackenzie stumbled a bit and when she had re-gained her balance, her nose was bleeding.


"YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" Mackenzie screeched and stormed off with her clique close behind her. (I recognized one of them as Stacy, no denying that red hair)


After thirty seconds, everyone went back to what they were doing except me, Rebecca and the boys. Brent was still in shock and Nash shook him back to his senses. When he did, Brent looked at Rebecca with a smirk on his face.


"Nice moves," Brent said.


Rebecca didn't answer him and quickly grabbed her bag and rushed out of the cafeteria.


"What? Was it something I said?" Brent questioned.


"Not sure, let me go and check," I replied and hurried after her.


Holy shit, holy shit, holy SHIT!!! Brent Rivera just talked to me. I repeat. Brent. Rivera. Just. Talked. To me. I AM FREAKING OUT!! But what did I do you ask? I did the first thing that came to mind, I ran. I got my bag and got the fuck out of there like the Flash. It was probably one of the stupidest decisions I've made in high school but it was the simplest one and to make matters worse, I have no idea where I was going, all I know was that I was running. I bumped, weaved and dodged people as I ran to God knows where but eventually I recognized where I had ended up. It was the school rooftops and had a greenhouse like the one from the movie, 'High School Musical'. My sister watches it all the time so I'm referring it to that for now.

I went over to a bench and sat my ass down. (I swear a fair bit so just warning you) I stared into space and let my thoughts go blank. My eyes went out of focus too but I was just to lazy to re-focus them so I was not only staring into nothing but I was also staring into a fuzzy landscape.

I was like that for a few more minutes when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My vision went back to normal and I hid behind a row of potted plants. Not the best idea since my hair is bright pink and the plants are green with white roses on them so I'm easily seen. I kneeled down and waited patiently for ten seconds when a blue headed figure came up the stairs. It was Acacia.


"Rebecca? Are you up here?" Acacia called.


I stayed silent and stopped moving. Only my chest and shoulders were going up and down.


"Rebecca? Please come out! Do you want to talk about this or... just come out or I'll get Brent up here!"


My eyes widen and I shot up from my hiding place.


"No no no no no! No need to get Brent, I... I just need some time to... cool off," I exclaimed.


"Well okay," Acacia said slowly. "Do you want to talk about it?"


"I guess," I replied and sat back on the bench. Acacia sat next to me.


"So... what was that?" Acacia asked.


"What was what?"


"The whole thing with punching Mackenzie and running away when Brent talked to you, why'd you do it?"


"Because umm..." I scratched the back of my head nervously. "I was... shocked!"


"Why were you shocked?"


"Because I may seem like the type of girl who gets bullied, cuts and sits at the back of class and only gets violent when needed. It was a shock to me when I punched Mackenzie because I've only needed to get violent when defending myself not punching someone because they kissed the person you like. You know what I mean?" I questioned.


"I get it, so you're not a very violent person but you are violent when needed and you punched Mackenzie because she kissed Brent," Acacia put it in a simpler form.


"Pretty much," I nodded.


"Well I can't blame ya, I get pissed of easily so you don't what to see what happens," Acacia stated, reclining back on the bench.


"I think I can image what will happen though," I responded; reclinging back on the bench as well. "I saw your face when Stacy was being stubborn today in History. You were trying to keep cool but what you really wanted to do was knock her lights out."


"If you wanna put it that way," Acacia said.


After that, we talked about ourselves. I told Acacia that I had one older sister and a younger one, I am a big comic nerd, I create music mixes and I want to become a professional DJ when I graduate. Acacia told me that she is an only child, she loves to play video games and knows every cheat there is, she's a dancer and she wants to be a film director when she graduates as well. We talked for what seemed like hours but it was only ten minutes. When I was halfway telling Acacia that I work at the pub as a bartender and a story that happened one night, we heard the bell ring for out next period of classes.


"Crap that's the bell! LET'S GO!" I exclaimed and grabbed my bag with Acacia following me.


We bolted down stairs and made sure the cost was clear so nobody noticed us coming from an out-of-bounds area. We were lucky that the people passing by were three book nerds with their heads in a book (obviously). I asked Acacia what subject she had next and it was Science with Mr. Hudson and then English with Mrs. Paris.


"I have English with Mrs. Paris as well so I'll see you then," I said. "I've got P.E so I need to hurry to the gym. Bye!"


"Later Rebecca!" Acacia replied and we both split down different ways of the hallway.



I hurried down the different hallways until I finally reached the Science lab. I opened the door and luckily, the teacher wasn't there yet. I quickly sat down in a random spot, not looking who I was sitting next to, and got my stuff ready for class. I was just getting my Science textbooks out when a voice next to me spoke.


"Umm... excuse me?"


I looked up and saw a girl with bright red hair, brown eyes (there are lots of people with brown eyes in this story) and lightly tanned skin with her phone in one of her hands.


"Oh... umm... hi," I started, putting my books on the table. "I'm Acacia and I'm sorry if I just suddenly sat here but I didn't know where else to sit."


"That's okay I guess," the girl replied. "Even though I can see about three other empty spots but whatever it's fine. I'm Erin by the way."


"Nice to meet you Erin and again, sorry for just appearing out of no where, I just didn't want to be late."


"Hey don't sweat it, people never usually sit by me because I'm known as the school slut apparently."


"Why do they call you that?"


"I had literally no idea but I think it was maybe because one of Mackenzie's former boyfriends randomly kissed me in the corridor out of the blue just as Mackenzie was coming as from then on, I've been the school slut apparently."


"Well I believe you," I smiled.


"Thanks," Erin replied.


We talked for about two more minutes until the teacher walked in and the class started.




"So let me get this straight, you live across the road from the MAGCON boys that attended Westside High?!" Erin stated as class ended.


"Yeah pretty much," I replied. "The things is though, I only just met them yesterday and only figured out they were semi-famous as well."


"Oh my gosh you poor thing," Erin exclaimed, pouting her lip. "I feel bad for you."


"Don't worry about, it's not my fault my dad has to move places for his work," I said.


"What does he do for his job?" Erin asked.


"He's kind of like this state lawyer who travels the state for his clients," I explained. "It was annoying at first but you get the hang of it."


"I've never really heard of a state lawyer before."


"Well they aren't really common but they do exist."


"What class do you have next?" Erin questioned.


"I have English with Mrs. Paris," I replied. "What about you?"


"Well I have English as well," Erin smiled.


"This day keeps getting more awesome!" I exclaimed. "I've already made a ton of new friends, already have had some drama with Mackenzie and now I have one of my favourite classes with two of my new great friends!"


"Who else is there?"


"Do you know Rebecca? She has hot pink hair and is the type of girl who sits at the back of the class."


"I think so. I've seen her around but I've never really spoken to her."


"Well your about to!" I stated and entered the English classroom.


I immediately spotted Rebecca's vibrant hair and walked over then sat down next to her with Erin on my left.


"Hey Rebecca, why do you look so exhausted?" I asked.


"Well I did just have P.E with Coach Kicker and man is he tough," Rebecca replied.


"Who's Coach Kicker?"


"He's the schools P.E teacher and football coach. Very strict and very tough," Erin explained.


"And he has this whole ranks thing like they have in the army which is in some ways weird but still pretty cool," Rebecca said.


"Fair enough then," I nodded. "When's the teacher going to come in?"


"Well Mrs. Paris is one of the best teachers here," Erin started. "She's always planning these fun English activities and only wants us to stay in the class room when there is an important test coming up our we need to work on an assignment."


"She's also one of the most chilled out teachers here with a bubbly personality and hyper attitude," Rebecca said. "She gets here a few minutes after the bell rings."


"She sounds pretty damn cool," I stated.


"You wait, as soon as she comes in here, you won't want this lesson to end," Erin exclaimed.


Erin and Rebecca were of course right. Mrs. Paris was such a sweet and hyper teacher and I really didn't want the lesson to end. She had this activity panned out where we had to read a paragraph from a book in a different accent. You had to choose you accent from this hat which had pieces of paper inside it. I got to do a Japanese accent and personally, it turned out pretty good. I completely failed it but it was good. Erin got to do an Australian accent which was almost spot on while Rebecca got to do an Irish accent that she nailed. It was one of the best English lessons I have ever had!

Pretty soon, the bell rang and we all piled out of the classroom for lunch. Erin, Rebecca and I talked all the way to the cafeteria and we didn't even realize.


"Hey did we teleport to the cafeteria or something?" Erin asked.


"Seems like it," Rebecca replied.


"Well do you guys want to sit with me and the Vine boys or do you want to sit at our own table?" I questioned.


"I'm not sure how I'll cope with being near Brent," Rebecca said unsurely.


"Oh come on Becca, please?" I begged.


"Since when did you call me Becca?" Rebecca had a puzzled look.


"Just now," I smiled.


"Well we can if you want to but I'm not going to talk as much."


"YAY!" I exclaimed. "What about you Erin?"


"Sure, why not?" Erin replied.


"Than let's go!"


I led the girls to the table where the boys sit and we all sat down.


"Hey Acacia, who's this new girl you've invited to the group?" Clay asked.


"Guys, this is Erin. We met in Science class," I explained.


"Nice to meet you Erin, I'm Cameron," Cameron smiled.


"I'm Clay," Clay said. "And this is Matt, Nash, Hayes, Jack, also Jack but Acacia calls him JJ,  Brent and Taylor. Say hi boys."


"Hello!" they exclaimed in unison,


"Taylor, say hello to Erin," Matt nudged Taylor with his arm.


That's when I noticed Taylor just staring at Erin like and idiot.


"Huh? Oh... yeah umm... hi," Taylor stuttered.


"Hi boys! It's really nice to meet you all," Erin grinned.


"Well it's nice to meet you too," JJ replied.


We all chatted the entire lunch talking about random topics as Rebecca just sat in her seat, eating her yogurt. Eventually Brent sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. Rebecca froze for a second before Brent and her were in a comfortable conversation. After a while, the bell rang and we all went to our separate classes. I headed to Art by myself because it looked like no one else had Art with me but I had spoken to soon.


"HEY ACACIA! WAIT UP!" Jack called.


I stopped where I was and waited for Jack to catch up with me.


"Do you have Art as well?" I asked.


"Yeah. Every Monday afternoon after lunch," Jack replied.


"Well I can't wait to see your epic Art skills."


"You'll see them soon enough."


We both entered the classroom and took a seat at a separate easel near each other as the teacher, Mr. Turner, came in.


"Good afternoon class," Mr. Turner exclaimed.


"Good afternoon Mr. Turner!" we all replied in unison.


I felt like I was back in elementary school.


"Today, we are going to paint something that represents us," Mr. Turner explained." It can be something simple like a portrait of yourself or something that is about your culture or personality. It can be anything you want that makes an impression on you."


I looked around the classroom and already people had begun to sketch what they wanted to do.


"You each have until the end of the day so get painting and we'll show our work at the end. You may begin."


I picked up my paintbrush just like everyone else and began to paint. Colours splashed onto the canvas as I put spots of different coloured paint on. My paintbrush seemed to have a mind of its own as more and more colours appeared onto the painting. I glanced at the clock and saw that we had ten minutes before the end of the day so I finished off my work and stood back to admire it. It looked awesome and just in time too. Damn, this lesson went fast.


"Alright class, paintbrushes down and time to show-off your artwork," Mr. Turner exclaimed.


Everyone did as they were told and waited patiently as Mr. Turner called them up one by one to present their work. He started at the front of the classroom and work his way to the back which meant that I was last.


"Now for the final piece of art, Miss. Hayes, would you kindly come and present your work?" Mr. Turner said.


I took my art of the easel and walked up to the front of the classroom.


"This is a painting of some people from my family playing a musical instrument."  I explained. "There's my grandfather George who is playing the saxophone, my aunt playing the violin and my dad playing the cello."


Some classmates made amazed noises while others had their mouths open in astonishment. I saw Jack grinning like an idiot at the back of the class.


"Why did you choose to do this?" Mr. Turner asked.


"Because whenever there's a family reunion or celebration, my dad's side of the family like to get out some of the family instruments and play them. It's always a joy when the music plays in perfect rhythm and it's where the musical talent I have comes from," I stated.


"Well it's absolutely beautiful Miss. Hayes, top marks," Mr. Turner smiled.


"Thank you," I replied and went back to my easel.


"Now that the end of the day is coming, can you all please pack up and put your painting somewhere to dry," Mr. Turner ordered.


Everybody did as they were told and soon enough, the bell rang.


"Have a good day class!" Mr. Turner called.


"Good day Mr. Turner!" we all replied in unison.


As soon as I stepped into the hallway, it was packed with students.


"Oh my god," I mumbled. "How on earth am I going to get to my locker through this?"


"Just follow me," Jack said and took my hand.


"Moving a bit fast there mate," I stated.


"Sorry Acacia," Jack apologised and grabbed my wrist instead.


"Much better," I smiled as Jack pulled me along the busy hallways.


We ran along the hallways until we came to my locker.


"So do you want a ride home maybe?" Jack asked.


"Sure, why not," I replied. "I'll meet you out the front."


"Okay than. I'll see you out there," Jack said and quickly hurried off to his locker.


I put my combination in and put my books in my locker. I shut it and was about to walk towards the front doors, something pulled me back. It was Mackenzie.


"What the Hell do you want Mackenzie?!" I stated.


"Just stay away from Jack and all the other boys," Mackenzie hissed. "Otherwise there will be war."


She let go of my hand and walked away.


"Bitch," I mumbled and went to the front doors.


The air was warm outside and I looked around for Jack. I saw him and the other boys waiting by the car. I walked over to them and smiled.


"Hello boys."


"Hey Acacia, how was your first day at Westside High?" Cameron asked.


"It was epic!" I exclaimed. "I've made two new girl friends and met an old friend."


"Who would that be?" JJ said as we all piled into the car.


"Sam Wilkinson," I replied.


"No way! He's one of our best mates," Jack stated.


"Well he's also one of my great friends so I can tell we'll all get along awesomely."


"Of course we will," Matt smiled.


Jack started the car and we were on our way back to our street. I told the boys everything that happened today and we all laughed at some parts which were pretty funny. I deliberately didn't mention where Rebecca ran away to at break time because I don't think she would've liked it.

We arrived back home within minutes and I said goodbye to the boys as we went our separate ways.


"Later guys!" I called as I was at my front door.


"Bye Acacia!" they all replied in unison.


I opened my door and closed it behind me. Dad wasn't home yet but that was normal. He always worked late and by the time he got home, I had already made dinner.

I walked up to my room and put my bag on the floor and took my homework out. All I had was an essay of the Kreb Cycle. Time to comfortable for the next few hour or so.




I sighed in relief and flopped backwards onto my bed. Thank god that was finished. I glanced over at my clock and the time was 4:48pm. Dad would be home in about an hour and ten minutes so I got back up and made my way downstairs. I looked in the pantry and took out some ingredients for dinner. I also got the chicken out of the freezer and a few things from the fridge. I placed the chicken in the microwave and let it defrost. As I waited, I went to the living room and turned on the PlayStation 3. I put 'Watch Dogs' in and started the game.

After fifteen minutes, the microwave beeped and I got up and continued to cook our food. About half an hour later, dad arrived home just as I was putting our dinner on the table.


"Hey Acacia," dad said and put his briefcase down by his chair.


"Hiya dad, how was work?" I asked.


"Bust as usual, how was your first day at school?"


"Really, really god. I made two new friends called Rebecca and Erin and also, do you remember Sam Wilkinson from one of our other towns?"


"That boy who always used to come over to our house in Wisconsin? If so then yes. He was a very nice guy Acacia, I'm surprised you two didn't date."


"Hilarious dad but anyways, turns out he goes to Westside High as well!" I exclaimed.


"Well that's great sweetie, more boys than we can count huh?" dad stated, smirking.


"Whatever," I smiled.


"So what have you made for tonight?"


"I've made crumbed chicken with gravy and vegetables."


"Delicious, shall we eat?"




Dad and I ate our food with a mild conversation going. Afterwards, dad had offered to clean up while I go and have a shower. I didn't argue because I needed one, a shower I mean. I grabbed a towel and entered the bathroom, turning the shower on. I waited for the water to get to the right temperature until I undressed myself and got in. I quickly washed my hair, cleaned my body and brushed my teeth than got out. I put my dirty stuff in the laundry and went back downstairs where dad was in the living room watching T.V. I had turned the PlayStation 3 off before I started making dinner. Dad was watching 'The Big Bang Theory' so I sat down on the other couch and watched it with him.

We watched T.V for about almost two hours until I got tired.


"Dad, I'm gonna go to bed," I stated.


"Alright than, night sweetie," he replied.




I got off the couch and walked upstairs to my room where I quickly set my alarm and went to sleep.



I'm just going to quickly put some pictures in and then it'll be the end of the chapter.


Rebecca Scott


Erin Hope (I made her last name up, she's another author called ezy_bub.)



Sam Wilkinson


Mackenzie Silvers


Stacy Dawn


Westside High School


Acacia's Painting


I hope you guys are loving the story and I just want to say a HUGE thank you for everyone who made it possible for this story to go on the popular page. I couldn't have done it without all my fans. Thank you so much!

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