The Boys Across the Street

~One girl. Two best friends. One night. One choice.~

Acacia Hayes is your average type of girl. Funny, smart, crazy, beautiful and has her issues. But what happens when her 'issues' happen to be just a couple of guys who live across the street? Sure they just seem like regular guys at first glance but oh no sister, we ain't done yet.
These particular boys happen to be the one and only, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson from the six second video app called Vine. Along with their friends, they befriend Acacia and get to know her better.
Until things fall apart.
These two boys (who have been friends since kindergarten) start fighting over Acacia's heart and Acacia, being only one girl between two boys, has to make a decision. Jack or Jack? No one knows except for Acacia herself and on the magical night of Prom, the answer is revealed.

But just who did she choose?


9. 4 Different Ways

As I looked down on the football field at the blue eyed boy, I was still trying to process everything Hayes had just told me.


"So let me get this straight, JJ has liked me for the few weeks I've been here and he plans on asking me out today?" I stated, looking at Hayes.


"Pretty much, but don't tell him I told you. He'll kick my ass otherwise and I kinda promised not to tell..." Hayes' voice trailed off.


"Well if you promised Jack that you wouldn't tell me, then why would you?!?"


"Oh my God! You called him Jack!" Hayes exclaimed. "Someone get this down! Where's a camera when you need one?!"


"Hayes, shut up!" I smacked him on the back of the head which shut him up real freaking quick.


"Oww, you can hit pretty damn hard for a girl," Hayes said, rubbing his head.


"Did you expect it to be soft like a pillow?" I raised an eyebrow. "You sexist bastard."


"I'm not trying to be sexist, I'm just saying that, sure girls can hit hard but you hit really hard," Hayes explained. "For a girl at least."


I scoffed at his remark and shoved him down the bleachers. He tumbled down only two seats before his head shot up over the second seat which made me laugh really hard and Hayes just glared at me, which made me laugh harder (if that's possible). Hayes soon lost the glare and chuckled to himself.


He started getting up. "Very funny Acacia, very funny," he said and climbed the seats back to his spot.


"Oh well, it's what you get for being a hater to girls," I shrugged.


"I'M NOT A HATER TO GIRLS!" Hayes shouted.


I was taken aback from his sudden outburst and I cringed a bit. Damn he has lungs. Some sudden moment from down on the football field caught my eye and I turned my head to see JJ talking to a sweaty Nash and from Hayes' outburst, both Nash and JJ were looking at us both. I smiled at them and waved slightly. Nash looked as if he was chuckling to himself and shook his head while JJ smiled back at me and also waved before doing one of those cool handshakes with Nash and coming up the bleachers.


"Oh look, here comes the Sir Jack of the Johnson coming to our destination," Hayes said in a retarded, posh voice then gasped. "Perhaps he has come to ask you out?"


I rolled my eyes at Hayes' immatureness and pushed him up from his seat. "Get out of here you dumbass or JJ won't like it if I tell him you told me that he's gonna ask me out."


"Yes ma'am," Hayes saluted and hurried off down the stairs, passing JJ as he went.


I chuckled at Hayes. He's so bloody childish.

JJ soon took Hayes' spot and smiled at me as he sat down.


"Hey Acacia," JJ smiled as he sat next to me.


"Hey," I replied and then went quiet as we both started watching the football team train.


A few seconds passed as we both said nothing until JJ spoke up.


"So... are you okay?"


"Whataya mean?" I asked, looking at him.


"I mean, with the whole... 'Mackenzie' thing from before."


I sighed and let out a deep breath.


"Honestly, not great. But I'm not bad either," I replied.


"How so?" JJ questioned, looking at me with his blue eyes.


"Well at first I was upset, but then Hayes made me smile and laugh which made me a lot better," I explained.


"And how'd he do that?"


"Because when I was putting on a sad face, Hayes told me to smile. Because I never know who's falling in love with my smile," I smiled.


JJ just smiled back at me (lots of smiling here) and just stared at me for a few moments.




"Yeah," JJ replied, seeming vague.


"You're staring mate," I stated.


JJ blushed and looked away. Who knew a guy could blush?


JJ cleared his throat. "Anyway Acacia, I was wondering..."


"Yes Jack?" I replied, leaning in a little bit.


"Umm... I don't know how to put this..."


"What is it?" I have a feeling this is when he's gonna ask me out.


"Well... umm..." JJ rambled on.


"Oh c'mon JJ, grow some balls and ask the question already," I stated, nudging him slightly with my shoulder.


JJ chuckled. "You are so impatient."


I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."


"Anyways, I... err... wanted to know if..." and there he goes again with the unfinished sentence. GOD DAMMIT!


"Oh for the love of Christ JJ, just ask me out already. It's not that hard!"


JJ just looked at me like I had grown three heads. What? Did a bug land on my face and I didn't notice it or something? Why was he looking like that?


"Actually Acacia, I was going to ask if you could help me with my History project for Mr. James since I clueless on what to do with it," JJ said. "What gave you the idea that I was going to ask you out?"


Well now I just feel plain fucking stupid. Thanks Hayes, you asshole.


I suddenly felt my cheeks burn up and I looked at the ground. "Well ah... when Hayes and I were talking before, he might of mentioned that... well... you might've wanted to ask me out...?"


I looked up at JJ in the corner of my eye and saw him smiling like an idiot. What was it this time?


"What?" I stated, looking back up and fixing my posture. "What've I done now?"


JJ shook his head "Nothing it's just, the way you went all bashful like that was kinda cute."


I raised an eyebrow at the blonde boy next to me. "Did you just call me cute?"


Now it was JJ's turn to go all bashful and look away. "Well I err.... I didn't mean to of course... not that I'm saying you're not cute, in which you are it's just... umm... err..."


Okay now I'll admit that JJ going bashful is cute as well. I mean, what else is cuter then a guy going bashful over a girl. Well... baby sloths always count but we're not talking about sloths right now. Even though I would like one, we're not talking about them now. Maybe later.


"JJ, it's okay," I said, nudging the boy next to me. "I think you're kinda cute when you blush too."


JJ just looked up at me with a Cheshire Cat smile plastered on his face and just looked at me while I smiled and did the same. It was... nice. While it lasted until the bell rang and when it did, we both shook out of our trances and looked away from each other, slightly embarrassed. I picked up my bag and JJ did the same.


"So tonight?" JJ asked.


"What about tonight?" I replied, confused.


"Well when else should we have our date?"


I looked at JJ and just smiled. I was not expecting that.


"Yeah, tonight sounds good," I nodded while slinging my bag over my shoulder.


JJ nodded back. "Alrighty then. I'll meet you at your place tonight at six."


"Six it is then," I agreed.


And with that, we both went on our way to out first period classes.



After I had art with Mr. Turner, it was break so I decided to head to the cafeteria and hang out with Acacia, Becca and the boys. I've been sitting with them ever since I met Acacia and let me tell you that they are a blast to hang out with. The boys are so funny and childish but there's a problem. Whenever I see them from across the cafeteria, Taylor always seems to be having so much fun, but when I get over there, he suddenly goes really quiet and doesn't talk at all. It's weird but I wouldn't blame him. Who wouldn't want to talk to an outcast like me? Taylor certainly doesn't.

When I arrived at the cafeteria, I saw the same thing I usually see everyday. The boys all having fun and Taylor joining in. When I got over there however, I was greeted with 'hellos' from everybody but Taylor, who remained silent. I sat in the seat between Acacia and Becca and pretty soon, everyone was having their own little conversation. I was talking to Acacia about when we should all go looking for Prom dresses (even though we each didn't have dates and it wasn't for a few more weeks) when I felt my phone vibrate against my jean pocket. I stopped the conversation with Acacia and looked at my phone. It was a text from Taylor. Weird. If he's only across the table from me, why can't he just talk in person? I decided to open the text and see what he had to say.



Hey :)


Really? 'Hey'? That's all he's gotta text? Well at least there was a smiley face on the end of it. I texted him back.






You look nice today


I looked up and smiled at Taylor for a split second before replying back.



Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself.


I glanced up and saw Taylor look at me for a moment before he quickly went back to his phone. I got a message soon after.



Would you like to...



Would I like to what?


I stared at the small bubble with the three dots in it as I waited for Taylor's response.



Would you like to out me tonight?


I blinked at the message several times. Is this right? Does the Taylor Caniff actually wants to go out with a nobody like me? I must be dreaming, someone pinch me!

The thing is though, why would he be asking me to go out with him when he hasn't even ever talked to my IRL? Better ask him.



Depends. Why are you texting me this instead of asking me face 2 face?


I looked up from my phone at Taylor who was biting his lip and reading my response. He then looked up at me too and I raised an eyebrow at him as if to say "Well why haven't you?". Taylor just smiled his really cute smile and went back to his phone. My phone vibrated in my hands and I looked down.



Because whenever you're around, you make me super nervous and that if I open my mouth, I'm afraid I'll say something stupid.


Aww. That's cute. I look up at Taylor who was now raising an eyebrow at me. I chuckled slightly and shook my head at him before going be to my phone.



Fair enough then



So is that a yes to you'll go out with me tonight?



Sure. Why not?


I looked up at Taylor who had a giant Cheshire Cat smile on his face. I grinned and saw Taylor look up at me in the corner of his eye. He winked at me and I winked back. That's when the bell went and everyone started to get up and head for their next class when I felt my phone vibrate one last time in my hand and I looked at it just as I was halfway out of my seat.



Meet me at my place tonight at 7. My address is 35 Finniss Street. Wear something casual and comfy (not his real address)


I couldn't help but smile.



Heading into the girls change rooms for P.E, I changed into my fitness shorts, running shoes and sweatshirt while also tying up my hair into a ponytail before heading out to the track oval where we would do our fitness for this lesson. Today we were doing 100 metre sprint and just FYI, I am a pretty fast runner. I've got about three medals for the school competitions I've been in. Two silver medals and one bronze. No gold yet.

As I walked out on the track field, I heard my name be called from behind me which made me turn around to see who it was. Turns out it was Nash, Matt and Brent all walking together in a small, horizontal line, shoving each other playfully and racing towards me.


"I beat you, Nash!" Matt exclaimed when they reached me.


"No you didn't, I beat you!" Nash remarked.


"Guys," Brent interrupted. "Save this for the actual sprint. You don't want to waste your energy beforehand now do ya?"


"Alright fine," Nash and Matt both groaned in unison and went over to Coach Kicker.


"What's up with them?" I asked Brent as we walked towards Coach.


"They've decided to have a race against each other to see who's faster. The loser has to do the winner's homework for the next two weeks," Brent explained


"Sounds fun," I nodded.


"Probably," Brent shrugged.


 When we arrived with the rest of the class that had huddled around Coach Kicker, he was explaining how today was going to work.


"Everybody listen up!" Coach shouted. "Today we're doing the one hundred metre sprint. Since this is a mixed class of juniors and sophomores, you'll each go at different times and if we have time at the end of the lesson, the winners of each race will go against each other in one final race to determine who's the fastest in the class and will get a rank up."

"First off, the junior boys will go first, then the sophomore girls, after that the sophomore boys and then the junior girls. Everyone understand?"


A small series of 'yes Coach' came from the class.


"I said, EVERYONE UNDERSTAND?!" Coach shouted.


This time, everybody responded. "YES COACH!"


"Good then," Coach nodded, seeming satisfied with the response. "Junior boys, you know who you are so line up!"


With that happening, I went and sat on the benches on the side of the track and began to watch the race.


"On your marks, get set," and then the whistle blew.


And off they went. As some classmates cheered the runners on, I just watched the race. I saw Daniel Conners in the lead but quickly get taken over by Marcus Lochel, then Samuel Withers sprinted past Daniel and nearly passed Marcus but didn't make it as the race ended with Marcus as the winner. The class clapped and soon, all the other boys crossed the line and began to slow down and make their way back over here to get a drink.


"Next up, you sophomore girls!" Coach Kicker instructed.


That was my cue. I stood up and began walking over to the starting line with Matt, Nash and Brent cheering me on. I turned my head and smiled at them before turning my attention to the race. I bent down and stretched out my right leg behind me and bent my left knee in front with my fingertips firmly touching the ground. That's when I turned off all the noise around me and focused on the race and the whistle.


"On you marks," I heard coach say. "Get set..."




I pushed off the ground with amazing strength and flew ahead of the other racers. My feet pounded against the ground as I ran and I could hear the cheers of the boys from where they sat. After about 25 metres, my lungs started to burn and my legs began to ache, but I kept going. I was still in the lead from what I could tell but after a few more metres, I saw a flicker of brown curly hair bobbing past me. I turned my head slightly to see Lauren Campbell in the lane next to me, almost ahead of me. Oh no sister, not today. This was my race. I pushed my legs harder to run and soon, Lauren and I were neck n' neck. Both racing our hardest for the finish line. Eventually, the end of the race was almost near so I put my last amount of energy into my sprint and jumped over the finish line.

Winning first place.

I could've jumped with pride because I was so happy but I was too exhausted. Instead I just bent down, placed my hands on my knees and breathed heavily. What a race!


"Hey Rebecca."


I looked up and saw Lauren in the same position as me with a smile on her face.


"Good race," Lauren breathed.


"You too," I responded with a small smile before standing up straight again and extending my hand for her to shake.


Lauren gladly accepted my hand and shook firmly. This is good sportsmanship so I'm happy to do it.


As I made my way over the benches, I saw Matt, Nash and Brent all lining up for their race with the sophomore boys. I sat down on one of the benches and grabbed my water bottle from underneath. I squirted some water into my mouth and swallowed. Wow I was thirsty. I put my bottle back down onto the ground and began to watch the race while still recovering my energy.

Matt was in the fourth lane while Nash was in the sixth lane and Brent was in between them both.


"On your marks, get set..."




And away they went. Matt and Nash had a flying start and we're practically neck n' neck for the first twenty metres until Nash took over Matt and Matt was doing his best to keep up. Matt caught up pretty soon though and near the 75 metre mark they were practically tied... until Brent came out of nowhere and over took them both. Snatching first place away from them. I cheered and clapped along with the rest of the class and from where I was, I could see Brent with his two fists in the air with a triumphant look on his face while Matt and Nash were still trying to figure out how he beat them when he was so far behind.

When the boys were back over here, they were arguing who was the loser and who was the winner.


"It was me who won!" Nash stated. "I beat you Matt so you have to do my homework!"


"Nah uh Nash. I beat you so you have to do my homework!" Matt retaliated.


"Boys!" I interrupted them. "Technically Brent won because he bet both of you so don't you think he's the actual winner here?"


The boys stared blankly at me for a moment while Brent just sat there with a smug look on his face.


"I guess you're right," I heard Matt grumble. "But I still was second."


"No you weren't! I was! You came third!" Nash retorted and off they went again.


"Do they ever stop?" I asked Brent as the junior girls raced.


"Well it depends. Unless they can come to an agreement then no, they won't stop and it can be pretty fecking annoying."


I smiled at Brent's words. Just from watching his Vines, I knew that he didn't like to swear so he said other things then the actual swear words like feck for fuck and crap for shit etc. Other then me of course who didn't care about my choice of words. I just let my mouth say what it wanted.

After the junior girls raced, the second lot of sophomore boys went. Since this was a fairly big class, there was more junior girls and sophomore boys then the rest of us so they had to go twice so each person could at least get a single run in.


"I just thought of this," Brent stated next to me while shifting his body in way so that he could face me.


"Just thought of what?" I replied confused, turning my head to look at him.


"That we have our own little race of our own," Brent said.


"And why would that be?"


"Well because, I want to race you and you seem like good competition."


"Alrighty then. What's the prize for winning?" I asked.


"Well if I win, you have to go on a date with me," Brent smirked.


Well I was not expecting that. "On a date? With you?" I questioned.


"Mhmm," Brent replied in his well-known throat noise (I don't know what else to call it). "But if I lose, you get to choose the punishment."


I shrugged. "Fine," I agreed. "Can I choose the punishment now, just in case?"




"A dress," I said. "We have to go to the mall and buy the most sparkly, shortest, hot pink dress there is and you have to wear it for two hours."


Brent looked at me like I had six eyes.


"Are you fecking serious?!" Brent exclaimed.


"Yep," I smirked, popping the 'p'. "I think you'll look lovely in a dress. And you have to take a picture of it and post it onto Instagram and Twitter."


Brent's mouth was open like a fishes and his eyes were the size of golf balls. I however was sitting like a boss with this huge, smug look on my face.


After a while, Brent came back to his senses. "Alright fine. But just be prepared to lose, Pinkie."


"Oh you're on, fetus Bieber," I retorted and stood up, walking over to the starting line since the grade level races were now finished and it was time for the winner's race.


"Did you seriously just call me 'fetus Bieber'!?!" Brent exclaimed as he came after me. "Oh you are so going to lose."


"Game on mate," I stated and took position at the starting line with Brent next to me on my right.


I focused my attention on the finish line 100 metres ahead of me. It was my goal and I was heading for it, while beating Brent in the process.


"On the count of three!" Coach announced.


"Just quickly, how do you like Chinese?" Brent asked.




"It's not bad, but I prefer pizza," I replied.




"And also," I said. "What's your opinion on heels?"


Brent just looked at me with wide eyes and I just smirked. This was going to be fun.




And we were off. I sprinted ahead of Brent and was very quickly a good few metres in the lead of him. I saw Marcus Lochel and Lola Posey in front of me but it didn't matter, because the race was between Brent and I. No one else. At the halfway mark, my lungs were already burning and I begun to feel a cramp in my side. My legs burned as well but it was all worth it to stay ahead of Brent. The finish line was closing in and I was sure I was going to win, if Brent hadn't suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was now neck n' neck with me. I looked over at him in disbelief and he just smiled at me before gaining a few more steps in front of me and jumping over the finish line before me.

I slowed my pace down to a stop and sat on the ground with my knees pulled up a little closer to my chest and my head resting on them with my eyes closed. What a race! I took some deep breaths and had soon caught all my breath. I put my head back and opened my eyes to see Brent standing over me with his arms crossed and a smug look on his face.


"I don't like you," I said to Brent, sarcastically.


"Oh you do like me," Brent replied and extended a hand to help me get up.


I took it and felt Brent pull me as I stood up. "Nope, don't like you one bit," I stated as we began to walk back to the benches.


"Do," Brent argued.














"Do! Wait what?"


Brent just laughed at my confusion and continued walking with me by his side.


"So I guess I'll see you tonight then?" Brent said as the class huddled around Coach Kicker before the lesson ended.


"Whatever," I rolled my eyes. "What time and what to I wear?"


"How 'bout, I come 'round your place at six with my brother Brice to pick you up, since I can't drive yet, and you come back 'round my place for a movie date. Wear something comfy."


"Alright then. Six at you place it is then," I nodded before paying attention to coach.


Best P.E lesson, ever!



After lunch, my schedule told me that I had History with Mr. James. So far, my first day has gone really well. I've hung out the Vine guys and Acacia, Rebecca and Erin at break time and lunch and my lessons have been really good. I've learnt that I have lesson one and two with Taylor, the Jacks and Clay for Geography, lesson three I have Music with Rebecca and Carter, lesson four with Erin and Acacia for Science and lesson five and six with Nash, Matt and Brent for Art.

Now I was heading to the History room with no one that I knew. I could make some new friends in there but I seem to already have lots from just yesterday so I think I'll suffice for now.

As I entered the History classroom, I could already see a number of people in their seats and some just sitting down. Especially that girl from this morning. Mackenzie. What a bitch she is and lucky me to have my last Monday lesson with her. Yay... (hint sarcasm). I decided to take the seat somewhat in the middle of the classroom next to a guy on my left who looked taller then me just by sitting down. I got my books and pencil case out and waited for Mr. James to start the lesson. Two minutes had passed and basically all the seats were filled up except for about three at the back. Mr. James had just walked in and placed his things down on the table.


"Alright class, I understand that today we have a new student joining us. Lucky us, two new students in only two weeks," Mr. James smiled. "I believe her name is..." Mr. James took a moment to look at the files on his desk for my name. "...Grace Jones. Miss, Jones, could you come to the front please?"


I took that as my cue to get up. I can't really disobey the teacher anyway now can I? So, I got up out of my seat and walked to the front of the classroom and faced the class.


"So you must be Grace then?" Mr .James questioned.


I nodded.


"Well can you tell us a bit about yourself then, Grace?"


Here goes. Don't mess up Grace, make a good first impression. "Hi everyone," I smiled at the students in front of me. "I'm Grace Jo---"


Suddenly, the classroom door flung open and standing there was my newly made huge crush, the one and only, Cameron Dallas.


"Mr. Dallas, so glad you could join us. What kept you held up this time?" Mr. James said.


"I was asked to deliver something to the front office and then I had to go to the bathroom," Cameron explained in his angelic voice.


"Well I hope you remembered to wash your hands Mr. Dallas," Mr. James joked with a smile.


Cameron laughed breathlessly while looking at the floor then back up at the teacher. "I sure did. Twice in fact."


"That's good Mr. Dallas now please take a seat," Mr. James instructed. "Our new student Miss. Jones here was just us a little bit about herself."


I saw Cameron smile at me and wave slightly. "Hey Grace."


"Hi Cameron," I replied, waving a little.


"Oh so you two know each other?" Mr. James asked with an eyebrow raised.


"Umm... yeah. Cameron and his friends helped me unpack my things when we moved in yesterday," I explained. "Turns out I live on the end of their street."


"Seriously?!" I heard that girl Mackenzie screech. "I've already had to deal with one boy stealing slut now I have two? This just keeps getting worse."


"Language Miss. Silvers and being a little bit more nicer to Miss. Jones here would be appreciated," Mr. James said in a calm yet stern tone.


"Whatever," Mackenzie mumbled.


"Now Miss. Jones, please continue and Mr. Dallas, please take a seat."


"Right, sorry sir," Cameron replied, taking a seat in one of the back desks.


Okay. Second try Grace, you can do this! "Hi everybody," I smiled once more. "My name is Grace Jones. I'm eighteen and have just recently moved here from North Carolina on the weekend. My favourite colour is aqua, favourite animal is a wolf and I'm an only child and live with my mom. It's only been us two for as long as I can remember and I'm quite excited to be starting school here at Westside High, even though I'm a senior and this is my last year."


"Well that is very informative. Thank you Miss, Jones. You may be seated," Mr. James said.


I just nodded slightly and went back to my desk where Mr. James had asked us to open out History books to page two hundred and twenty one.




"...And so, for four years, three months and two weeks, the First World War, or as some people call it the Great War, ended on November 11th in 1918. With more than nine million combatants dying in combat and seven million civilians dying from a bullet or so. The war was a horrific time and just a few years later, World War II began..."


It was nearly the end of the lesson and Mr. James was explain the First World War. It was fascinating but almost a bit boring. I swear I was dozing off by the second and that clock was going slow on purpose.


"Psst," a voice hissed behind me.


Mr. James was too occupied with teaching the lesson that he didn't see me turn around. Behind me was a girl with natural ginger hair and freckles spotting her cheeks with sea green eyes.


"This for you," she said and handed me a small, folded piece of paper.


"Thanks," I whispered and took the note from her fingers.


I turned my body back to the front to make sure Mr. James wasn't looking (lucky he wasn't) and opened the piece of paper to find some messy handwriting.


Hey there Blondie. It's Cameron


I smiled at the message and decided to write back to him on the same piece of paper.


Hey Cameron. What's up?


I looked up to make sure the teacher wasn't looking before turning around to the ginger girl and holding the note out in front of her.


"Hey, could you pass this along to Cameron?" I asked in a hushed tone.


The girl just smirked and took the note from my hands. A few moments later, I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw that the girl had another note in her hand. I took it from her and began to read.


The roof. That's what' up :)


I turned my head to see Cameron looking at me with a smile on his face. I just shook my head and chuckled to myself before writing back to him.


Haha Mr. Dallas. Very funny.


I sent the note back to him and got a reply soon after.


I know right? I'm such a comedian


We passed notes to each other for a few more minutes and only almost got caught once or twice. Near the end of the day however, a few of the notes started to get interesting.


So have you been to any of the foods places yet?


Cameron asked in one note. I replied with,


Of course I haven't, I just moved here yesterday


Well how 'bout it then? Tonight, you and me going to one of my favourite restaurants.


Like a date?


What else ;)


I smiled at his note. Only my second day in Omaha and I've already got a date with one of the hottest and most popular boys here at school. Not to mention that he's also Vine famous. I was about to write back to him when I saw a shadow looming over me. I looked up and saw Mr. James with his arms crossed and a disappointed look on his face.


"Miss. Jones, as a new student I was hoping that you'd be more mature than this, not passing notes like in elementary school."


I hung my head while the class turned their entire attention to me. Busted.


"May I see what you have there and what the conversation is about?" Mr. James stated with his hand out, wanting the piece of paper with Cameron and I's conversation on it.


I shook my head. "No sir."


"No? Well I think that you'll find that I have more privilege then you so even if I didn't have to ask, I would still see the note either way."


"Would you still like to see it if I did this?"


With that to mind, I shoved the piece of paper in my mouth which caused the class to erupt into roaring laughter. I just smiled innocently at Mr. James (with the paper still in my tightly closed mouth) who's disappointed look turned into a friendly smile while he chuckled along with the class.


"Never in my seven years of teaching has a student ever done that to avoid embarrassment," Mr. James said. "I'll let you off the hook this time for creativity but next time you won't be so lucky. Take the paper out your mouth and put it in the bin please Miss. Jones."


I sighed in relief as I stood up and took the paper out my mouth. Damn that tasted gross. I threw it in the bin just as the bell went and went back to my desk to pack up.


"Now class, your homework with be a two page essay on World War II to be handed in on Friday next week. Classed dismissed!"


As I was packing up, I realized that I still didn't even reply to Cameron's note. So I took a page out from my sticky notes pad and wrote my answer on it. After that, I stuck it onto my desk (making sure Cameron saw it) and picked up my pack before heading out the class to my locker.



After the class was almost empty, I had packed up my things and went to Grace's desk to read her note. I picked up the pink sticky note and read it.


Sure, I'd love to go out with you. P.S. don't eat this please.


I just laughed and headed out the door.



And there you have it! Four different ways to get asked on a date with a boy. Maybe you can use them as well? I don't know, it's up to you. Be sure to like and favourite for more!

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