He saw my scars | Justin Bieber

Aria is a 17 years old girl. She is living alone with her mom. She is cutter and her life is hard. Justin is her life saver. He saved her from killing herself. A day they meet and Justin sees Arias scars..

Why is Aria cutting? How did Justin saved her? What will happen when Justin sees her scars? Find out by reading "He saw my scars" by thewarrior and incognito.

*Justin is 18 and famous*


7. Something tickled my arm


Aria's point of view

I slowly opened my eyes, because something tickled my arm. I looked up and saw my mom. I sat op in shock and looked at her in horror. She was sitting looking at my scars and cuts. "What the hell are you doing!?!" I screamed and stood up from the bed. Tears was already streaming down my face, even tough I just woke up. My mom had just found out everything. I was so in shock and I felt a lot of shame. I really didn't knew what to do. "Should I ask you the same? Why did you this to yourself?" She asked and looked down at my wrist again. "You don't understand anything! I hate you. I hate everything." And with these words I left my room. Of cause I don't hate my mom, but I was just so confused and sad. I didn't cared about anything anymore. Now I for real lost everything. 

I grabbed my backpack, some pills, a sweatshirt and my purse. Then I left completely as I was. With my messy bun and loose night shorts. I didn't cared. Fuck everything. I ran and ran until I stood in front of Hudson River. Don't care if people looked at me or thought I was crazy or something. I sad down with my head in my hands just started crying. I considered, if I should take all the pills and just die. Right here where I was..


Christine's (Aria's mother) point of view

When I heard the front door get slammed I couldn't hold the tears back. I didn't knew she felt so bad. Her cuts was very deep and there was only some older scars. She had done it before and I didn't knew anything. I felt like the worst mom in the world. She will come back soon, I kept thinking. To get the time to go a little faster, I sat down to see some news. "Justin Bieber is searching for this special Aria-girl, who lost her bracelet yesterday to a concert. He seems very desperate. Why, we don't know." A picture of Justin Biebers tweet attached with a picture of.. Wait that was the bracelet Aria got from her dad, before he died. My daughter Aria, was the girl he was searching for, but why? I turned up the volume to her what they said. "If you know the girl, you may call the number: 222-555-0146." I was fast writing the number down. "That was all for the breaking news." 

I kept thinking. Could Justin be the reason for Aria's cutting? I wasn't sure but that was a try worth. I typed the number at my phone and called it.


Justin's point of view

Me, Scooter and Moshe sat still in my living room. The phone was laying at the table and someone called occasionally. I was just walked out in the kitchen for find something to drink, when the phone rang. Scooter picked it up and sat it on speech mode. 

"Hello. Its Scooter Braun, Justin Biebers manager, here," He said.

"Hi. You are talking to Christine Johnson. Mom to Aria Johnson. I just saw the news and heard that Justin would talk to her. What’s happened?" A woman's voice that sounded a lot like my own moms said.

"Uhm.." Scooter cleared out his voice. "I don't know if you know it, but Aria, have some scars at her wrist and.." Then he told her the exact same story, that I had told him.

She was quick to answer. "I just found out this morning. I came in to Aria's room while she was sleeping and uhm.." I could hear it was hard for her to say, so I expected the worst. "I saw a knife and a lot of paper with a lot of blood and she had made some deep cuts up and down her arms. I walked over and looked and then…Then she woke up and got really mad at me.." I understood Aria. I was pretty sure she felt a lot of shame, like she did to me at first. "Then she ran away. I don't know where."

"Do she have a special place where she often goes to or something." Moshe was fast too ask. 

"Uhm.." She was thinking. "Oh yes. Actually when she was kid, she always ran down to the Hudson river near the Georg Washington Bridge." She said. 

"I will go there." I was fast to say, because I felt like I was the only one that could help her, because I was scared if it was because of me she had cut yesterday. "I go with you." Moshe said, which i was happy for. 

"We are finding her Christine." Scooter said sweetly. 

"Please call me when you know something." She said and Scooter agreed.

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