He saw my scars | Justin Bieber

Aria is a 17 years old girl. She is living alone with her mom. She is cutter and her life is hard. Justin is her life saver. He saved her from killing herself. A day they meet and Justin sees Arias scars..

Why is Aria cutting? How did Justin saved her? What will happen when Justin sees her scars? Find out by reading "He saw my scars" by thewarrior and incognito.

*Justin is 18 and famous*


3. M&G


Aria's point of view

I was in front of my mirror getting ready. My makeup was simple. Just a little bit of concealer, some liquid eyeliner and of cause mascara. My outfit was a black skirt, a little leather bag, my big cross necklace and of cause a long sleeve white sweater to hide my scars.


Aria's outfit


My heart was beating and it felt like i had a billion butterflies in my stomach. Justin was in the other side of that door and i was number 5 in the line now.

It got my turn, so i took a big breath and walked in. And there he was. My hero. My lifesaver. He stood right in front of me. He smiled when he saw me. It was the most powerful feeling ever. I walked slowly when i hold my hands in front of my mouth. The time i walked closer to him felt like 10 minutes but I'm sure it was only 5 seconds. When i was close enough he grabbed around my wrist and took me into a hug. I actually got a shock because he touched my scars. I could feel the tears in my eyes. But i tried to hold them in. "Hi sweetie." He said with his amazing voice. "Don't cry" He said and grabbed my wrist again.


Justin's point of view 

Meet and greet was over soon and i was getting a little bit bored. Don't mis understood me. I love my fans, but hugging and smiling in over 100 pictures everyday can get a little boring.

When i stood there in my own thoughts the next fan came in. Damn she was good looking. She was not just hot. She was beautiful. Really beautiful. I could see she was shy, so i took the first step and hugged her. Her beautiful eyes was felt up with tears, so i grabbed her wrist and.. Im pretty sure i felt something, so i looked down. I now i maybe should not have done this, but i just had to. I pulled her long sleeve sweater a little bit up and saw a lot of scars up and down her wrist. "Why have you done this?" I asked quiet. I know it was stupid of me, but i couldn't have such a beautiful girl to hurt herself. She was quick to answer. "Its nothing." A fake smile came up on her lips. "No. No its not. You wanna talk about it? We can meet after the show." I really don't know why i would do so much, for this girl. There was just something special about her. "Uhm.. Okay sure." She said a little nervous. I gave her a hug and she smiled, which made me smile even more. I still didn't knew why. We took a picture and i told her where to meet me after the show. And then she was gone. Did i scared her? Was i too fast asking her these questions? I hoped so badly that she would come and meet me, because something in me really wanted to know her. It was really weird..

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