He saw my scars | Justin Bieber

Aria is a 17 years old girl. She is living alone with her mom. She is cutter and her life is hard. Justin is her life saver. He saved her from killing herself. A day they meet and Justin sees Arias scars..

Why is Aria cutting? How did Justin saved her? What will happen when Justin sees her scars? Find out by reading "He saw my scars" by thewarrior and incognito.

*Justin is 18 and famous*


2. Justin saved me


Aria’s point of view

Today was the day. The day i have waited for, for so long. I should meet my Idol, Justin Bieber. The weather was perfect. The sun was shining. Everything just had to be perfect. It was the day I should meet Justin. Justin freaking Bieber. As you may have guessed, I'm a belieber. You may ask why I love Justin so much and the simple answer is, that he is the reason that I’m here today. He’s the reason I wake up every day and smile. I'm a cutter. No I'm not proud of it. It isn’t anything to be proud of, but it's not impossible for me to stop. Every time I feel down, it’s the easiest way to make me feel nothing. Not happy. Not sad. Just nothing.

One year ago I tried to kill myself. Again, it is nothing I’m proud of. My dad died in a war in Afghanistan. His dead was very choking, and I didn’t knew how to feel. I didn’t knew how to do things anymore. It was like I stopped working. My body was yelling help, because I stopped eating. I was eating dinner, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t knew how to speak to people, so I didn’t said anything. Because I never said anything people thought, it was funny to bully me. It was easier to bully me, because I didn’t said anything to them. I didn’t stood up for my self. I sad and listened to all the horrible things, they said about me. Fat. Ugly. They even asked, why I didn’t killed my self. I wished, that i had a friend, who would stand up for me, but I hadn’t. I had nothing and no one. My family had their own problem. They were also suffering over my dad’s dead. I wouldn’t bother them with my problems.

All the problems got too much and I didn’t wanted to exist anymore, so I took a lot of pills. While I swallow all the pills, my phone, which was by my side, lighted up. Justin had tweeted something. “Everything's gonnna be alright. I'll always be there for you #mybeliebers.” Then I regretted. I wouldn’t die. I would live. Be free. Be alive. So I went to the bathroom, and threw it all up. I couldn’t stop crying. I could had been dead. Justin was the only reason I would keep existing. I was amazed by how one person could change it all. Justin saved me. He was my lifesaver. That was kind of the story how I almost took my own life, but changed my mind because of Justin. Oh I totally forgot to tell you my name. I’m Aria. Aria Johnson. 

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