He saw my scars | Justin Bieber

Aria is a 17 years old girl. She is living alone with her mom. She is cutter and her life is hard. Justin is her life saver. He saved her from killing herself. A day they meet and Justin sees Arias scars..

Why is Aria cutting? How did Justin saved her? What will happen when Justin sees her scars? Find out by reading "He saw my scars" by thewarrior and incognito.

*Justin is 18 and famous*


6. Contact this number


Justin's point of view

I woked up at my couch. I must had fell asleep here. I couldn’t sleep yesterday, because I kept thinking about Aria. That beautiful girl I needed to find. I looked around in my big apartment. It was here I lived, when I was in New York, which I was often, so it was like my other home. Many big windows gave a lot of light to the white big rooms. Luxurious if you ask me. Of cause there was also a big indoor pool. Like how could I not.


Justin's New York apartment


To come back on track. My brain was really about to explode, because I couldn't think about anything else than how to find Aria. I thought that I would maybe get some ideas by take a shower.

I walked in to the bathroom and turned on the water, while I was taking of all of my clothes. 

I closed my eyes and enjoyed how the hot water ran down of my naked body. When I was finished I turned of the water and caught a towel. When I was about to dry my hair I saw Aria's bracelet laying on the sink. Of cause. Why didn't I thought about that before?

I ran into the living room and searched desperately for my phone. I found it and took a fast picture of the bracelet. I sat down in one of the chairs, even tough I was still wet. I opened twitter and tweetet: "I met this girl Aria, and she lost her bracelet. I need to find her. If some of you might now her, then please contact this number 202-555-0146. Please don't call if you don't know her. Thank you. I love you." I knew it was stupid to give out my real number, but as desperate I was, that was what I did. So I kinda needed a new phone now.. and someone who could take my phone every time someone called it. 

The time was now about lunch time and my beliebers had actually been really kind by not calling! Maybe they could feel it was important to me? I don't know. Scooter had said that he would come over and talk to me, because I had been so stupid give out my number. And then he also would come with a new phone. That’s one of the awesome things by being Justin Bieber. 

I heard the front door go op. "Im here," Scooter called from the kitchen. "In the living room," I called back. He came in and we gave each other a man hug, you know. We sad down in the couches and Scooter started out by specking. "Whats going on Justin? You are giving your number out, just to give a girls bracelet back to her?" He said and left one of his eyebrows. "I.. actually don't know. Its pretty weird man, but this girl. She.. she came to the M&G and then.." I told him the whole story about, how Aria and me should talk and, then she was gone.


Christine's (Aria's mother) point of view

 I haven't seen Aria since yesterday where she was going to that concert. A Justin Bieber concert I think it was. I guessed that she just came home late and still sleeping.

I opened the door to her room and yes she was just laying in her bed and s... On her bedside table laid a little kitchen knife and some paper with a lot of blood.

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