He saw my scars | Justin Bieber

Aria is a 17 years old girl. She is living alone with her mom. She is cutter and her life is hard. Justin is her life saver. He saved her from killing herself. A day they meet and Justin sees Arias scars..

Why is Aria cutting? How did Justin saved her? What will happen when Justin sees her scars? Find out by reading "He saw my scars" by thewarrior and incognito.

*Justin is 18 and famous*


5. Arias bracelet


Justin's point of view

I was finish talking with the crew. I was actually RUNNING, back for Aria, because i wouldn't let her down and couldn't wait to talk to her. "Im back." I screamed almost before i had opened the door. She wasn't at the couch, so i looked around. "Aria." I called a little desperate. I took up my phone to find out how long i had been gone. It was only 5 minutes or something. Had she left? Did i do something wrong? No no no she couldn't had left. I didn't even knew why she was so important to me, but she was.

I ran out to the scene and looked around all of the seats but there was only some cleaning staff. I knew i couldn't go outside because there probably still was a lot of beliebers out there. I ran back trying to find some bodyguards. Luckily i ran into Moshe. "Whats wrong man." He asked. "There was this.. girl.." I said out of breath. "I was talking to her and i had to go for i while and now she's gone. We have to find her." I told him. "Im sorry Justin, but i don't think we can find one girl out of so many out there." I knew he was right. How should they find her. I don't even had a picture of her. All i knew was that her name was Aria. I must try to find her by myself. Because i was so desperate i ran outside one of the backdoors, but that was a mistake. There were to many girls. They would see me and go crazy. I ran in to the room were i first left her and sat down at one of couches. "SHIT!" I screamed and pounded angrily at the couch. I felt something under my clenched hand. It was a bracelet. A bronze little chain with a little bronze plate on. A name was engraved in the plate. I read slowly. A-R-I-A. Omg it was Aria's bracelet. Now i at least got something from her, that maybe could help me find her.


Aria's bracelet


Aria's point of view 

I was home. Laying on my bed trying to find out what i just did. Now i seriously lost everything. He was so amazing. Not only because he was Justin Bieber, but because he was the only person seemed to be interested in me. He really wanted to help me, talk to me but then, of cause i fucked it all up. I regretted it so bad. But that was kinda to late now. Well done Aria. I couldn't find out to get one fucking friend. Now i knew why no one liked me. Why should they? I wasn't worth using time on. I was a completely fail. 

I walked over to the big mirror in my room. I started to think about all the things they had called me. Ugly, stupid, worthless, fat. They where right. They where all right. Im sure Justin only told me that i was beautiful because he is him. You know he wants to be kind. How could anybody ever love me. Sometimes i actually doubted if my mom loved me. 

Everything hurt so bad that i had to move a little bit of the pain, by cutting. I didn't even thought about the consequences i just had to do it. I don't care if i would die. Who cared? No one.

I took the little knife i had hided under some papers at my bookcase. Slowly started by pressing the knife through my wrist. Harder and harder, that lead to that the cut got deeper and deeper. I was crying so much that i couldn't see anything for tears, but i don't cared, what i was cutting. I just kept doing it. 

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