'I don't understand. I don't want to live my life in hiding.'
It isn't widely known that there are many people living in abandoned underground stations. It's been happening for hundreds of years, and if you are born underground, then you die underground.
But Breeze does not want to live underground. But can she break centuries of tradition because of her dream?


1. One

'Breeze? Are you there?'

Breeze was sitting cross-legged on the cold concrete floor, drawing the the dirt with a stick. Her dirty blonde hair was tied back in a low bun with a rag. Her t-shirt was once white, but it was now a light-brown colour. She was wearing a pair of trousers, but they were now knee-length and torn.


Breeze looked up. She saw her father, running towards her with a can in his hand.

'Breeze, look! Look what I found!' Her father was holding a can of some sort of beans. Usually, Breeze would've been happy with this find, but she just looked at the floor and said nothing.

'Breeze? What's up?' Breeze said nothing. Her father crouched down on the ground and looked her in the eyes. 'You can tell me, you know.'

'You'll think I'm stupid,' mumbled Breeze.

'Oh yeah?'

'Okay then,' replied Breeze. She sighed. 'I- I don't wanna live underground. I wanna see the sky, feel the wind in my hair and meet more people. I'm sick of living underground, in the dark, like I'm hiding.' There was a pause. Her father then laughed. 

'You're kidding, right?' He laughed. Breeze sighed and looked at the ground. 'You're not?' He stood up. 'Breeze, you know you can't go into the real world. It tradition.' Breeze stood up.

'I don't care about tradition. We are just hurting ourselves, by staying underground. It's stupid.' Her father glared at her. 

'Now Breeze, stop being so selfish. You can't just-'

'I'm not being selfish!' Breeze yelled, 'I won't hurt anyone by doing what I want! And I will do what I want. And you can't stop me!' She stormed off. Why did she always have to live underground? It wasn't fair. She didn't choose to live underground. And she wasn't going to. Not anymore. She was going to break out, come up to the surface of the world, and see it for what it is. 


Meanwhile, Breeze's father, Josh, was worried. This was the first time Breeze had shown any resistance to living underground. He thought that she would be okay with it. He was always so sure that she liked it. Well, she couldn't come up from living underground. He couldn't let her. Not after what had happened.

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