Lovely mysteries

Matthew turns the world around when his secret is revealed...


1. intro


Jordan is my name. I am 14. My hair is blonde.

I was at first period in school. There were many kids in my class but there was one boy who never said anything and always looked at me. He seemed really smart. I was at my locker and when I vended over a pervert smacked my ass. A man walked up to this pervert and told him off. He came up to me and his exact words were "I'm Matthew, nice to meet you". Of course I remember bc of what has happened with him and me after. I was gonna faint from his breath. It smelled sweet and manly. I dropped my books and just realized it. Matthew picked them up, I swear to god I was gonna die right then. He started staring at me while his eyes turned yellow. Although the yellow seemed soft like a pillow. It was calming. They suddenly turned back to normal. He ran away right after he realized what he had done right in front of me. What was that all about? I thought to myself... Well I won't be seeing him around. He probably hangs with many other girls who are way better looking.


I looked around my room because I could sleep. What happened today was to intense. I wanted to know what that was all about. I heard a knock at my back door. When I opened the door he was staring at me again.. "Hello sweetie" Matthew said. I stood there in shock at what he just called me... "Hey, what's happening?" I asked. "I was just wondering if u know anything about what happened before in school...". Well of course I didn't know so I asked about it, "yeah what was that about?". He looked at me concerned.. His eyes turned yellow but this time it wasn't as soft. He seemed as if he was gonna pass out. I asked what was wrong. He hadn't answered. He just walked towards my couch. "Well I guess u can come in" I said in sarcasm. He ended up staying the night. I woke to find him hovering right over my face. When he noticed I saw him he backed away. What the fuck just happened?! This made me so confused. Was he about to kiss me?.... I asked. He just smacked his lips into mine. I felt as if I was in heaven and I didn't want to let go. He then disappeared in the blink of an eye. He wasn't human. Some type of vampire? No way, what was I thinking. I must be going crazy..

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