In Love with a Monster

Charlotte Oakley was a normal adopted 14 year old when she was kidnapped by a group of guys. But these boys weren't exactly human. They were werewolves (like twilight wolves). But one of them, Matt, is a hybrid. Will Matt fall for Charlie? Or is he incapable of being loved by her?

Some cursing and fight scenes. And maybe a few make out scenes ��


3. Chapter Three

Matt's P.O.V.

"Matt, she has to go back to her family eventually." Cameron told me. I glared at him. "She is staying here until she is safe." I growled at him. "She won't be safe here, Matt!! Ryder and his gang are eventually going to take her away from us and they will kill her." Cameron yelled. Just when I was about to respond, I heard a scream.

I ran up to the guest bedroom to see her on the bed scares shitless. "I see you've waken up." I teased. She looked at me, fear in her eyes. "Where the fuck am I?!?!" She yelled. "Not at your house, that's for sure." I said.

"I want to go home." She said. "This is your home now." I told her. She froze. "Nononono. This can't be happening. You're kidnapping me!!" She yelled, holding back tears. It hurt me seeing her like this.

"I can't. I would explain, but you wouldn't believe me." I said. She ran to me and tried to punch me in the face, but since I was abnormally strong, I held her wrists and watched as she struggled to pull away from me. "I hate you!!!" She yelled, letting the tears fall. I sighed and closed the door behind me. I walked downstairs and sat next to Cameron.

"How'd it go?" He asked. "Just like you said." I muttered. "You realize that we have to get her new clothes, right?" Cameron asked. I sighed. "Let her use those clothes for a month or so." I sighed.

"A month?!? Matt, that's insane." He said. "I know." I muttered.

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