In Love with a Monster

Charlotte Oakley was a normal adopted 14 year old when she was kidnapped by a group of guys. But these boys weren't exactly human. They were werewolves (like twilight wolves). But one of them, Matt, is a hybrid. Will Matt fall for Charlie? Or is he incapable of being loved by her?

Some cursing and fight scenes. And maybe a few make out scenes ��


10. Chapter Ten

Charlotte's P.O.V.

"We're here." Taylor whispered, picking me up. We drove all the way to who knows where and it literally took 3 days. "We're staying here?" I asked. We were in a huge forest, but staying in a huge mansion instead. They smiled.

"Pick out a room." Cameron said. I ran up the stairs to walk into a beautiful bedroom. "Guys, I found my room." I called softly. Aaron pumped his fist in the air. "I'm across from her." He said, walking to his room.

Shawn got the room next to me, and Cam chose the one next to Aaron's. "Where are you staying?" I asked Matt. He smirked. "You chose my room. So we're sharing." He said. I felt my cheeks heat up and I nodded.

I've never shared a bed with someone, let alone a boy. This was going to be fun.

Matt's P.O.V.

"You ok?"

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